Finally, Medical Scientists Find a Safe Way of Lowering High Cholesterol

Could this Groundbreaking ‘White Wire Defusing’ Therapy Be the Answer to America’s High Cholesterol Problem and Replace a Lifetime on Medication or Expensive Surgery?

Some studies suggest this non-invasive therapy may help flush cholesterol, plaque and toxins from the arteries, help lower your blood pressure, boost your energy levels, and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke

“The buildup of plaque and its effects will be the cause of death of about half of all people in the United States.” – Steven Nissen, M.D., Cleveland Clinic

Nearly half of heart attack victims have cholesterol in the ‘normal’ range

From the desk of Gareth Churchill,

Do you suffer from high cholesterol?

Do you worry that it’s increasing your risk of heart disease and turning your heart into a ticking time bomb?

Then you might be interested to know that there is a type of therapy that some studies suggest could help flush cholesterol, plaque and toxins from the arteries and lower the risk of heart attacks for 4 out of 5 people.(1)

According to the The American College for Advancement in Medicine this therapy:

“is a safe and effective treatment for atherosclerotic vascular disease, as it consistently improves blood flow and relieves symptoms associated with the disease in greater than 80% of the patients treated.”(2)

This finding is supported by the Journal of Advancement in Medicine, which found that in studies of over 23,000 patients nearly 9 out of 10 showed improved heart health and functioning.(3)

This therapy, long ignored by mainstream medicine but fast gaining recognition as a safe, effective way of combating heart disease, focuses on defusing the ‘white wire’ to the ticking time bomb in your chest. The white wire is a risk factor some studies suggest may be more LETHAL than cholesterol at triggering heart attacks.

In this article I reveal:

  • What the ‘white wire’ is that mainstream doctors typically fail to medicate against despite actively looking for it as an early warning sign of heart disease
  • The emerging research that’s revealing why cholesterol may not be the main cause of heart disease
  • Why the ‘low cholesterol low fat’ mantra repeated on TV, in magazines and even by our doctors has led to us potentially mistreating heart disease for decades
  • Why cholesterol lowering medication may not be as safe as we’re led to believe (you may never taken them again after finding out why)
  • Why it isn’t the BIG pieces of plaque you need to worry about but microscopic ‘vulnerable’ plaque that’s invisible on X-rays – but when it RUPTURES it can trigger a heart attack or stroke
  • Why some doctors now recommend a special therapy that may help flush the arteries of plaque and may help avert the apocalyptic scenario of HALF of all people eventually dying from heart disease (up from 25% now).

If you suffer from high cholesterol, a family history of heart attacks or strokes or if you’re worried that someone you care about may be at risk of heart disease, you need to know that:

A type of therapy that may help brush cholesterol, toxins and fatty plaque from your arteries and flush it from your system is available, which some studies suggest may help 90% of people lower their risk of heart disease or stroke.(5)

Is cholesterol really the #1 cause of heart disease? I decided to find out

Gareth Churchill - Natural Health Researcher
Gareth Churchill – Natural Health Researcher

I’m Gareth Churchill, Editor-in-Chief of Erudite Lifestyle Magazine and a natural health researcher.

There’s a lot of confusion around cholesterol and heart disease. Should you be eating fat, or is it now healthy? What happens if you lower all your cholesterol, and not just the LDL type?

I looked into the latest scientific research and medical understanding on why heart attacks are rising so fast and why the obsession with lowering cholesterol may be ignoring a key trigger.

Half of heart attack victims have ‘normal cholesterol’

Have you already cut fat from your diet, get regular exercise, quit smoking and lost weight, yet your cholesterol is still in the danger zone?

You are not alone.

Heart disease is now America’s #1 killer and leading cause of health problems, claiming 1 in 4 deaths, with someone having a heart attack in the US every 42 seconds.(6)

Up to half of Americans have at least one of the three recognized risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking.(7)

But ONE of these risk factors may not be as deadly as we once thought.

A recent analysis of nearly 136,905 hospital records found that HALF of heart attacks victims had “normal” cholesterol levels.(8)

And despite the huge push to cut the amount of cholesterol and fat in our diets, the number of deaths from heart attacks is expected to rocket 46% in the next decade.(9)

Clearly, the current approach to treating heart disease isn’t working.

However, there is now hope that it may be possible to help millions of people avert the risk of a heart attack or stroke thanks to the therapy I mentioned at the start of this article.

If you suffer from:

  • Low energy
  • Low libido
  • Shortness of breath
  • High blood pressure
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Chest pains

Has high blood pressure taken away your energy?

you need to know that there may be a way of alleviating these problems without a lifetime on pharmaceutical drugs or undergoing $48,000 bypass surgery.

If you’ve had to give up active hobbies you used to enjoy due to your breathlessness and lack of energy…

Feel like you can no longer play with the grand-kids in the garden anymore without worrying about chest pains…

If you spend your days walking around as though the Sword of Damocles is dangling above your head, and a heart attack or stroke could strike at any second…

Or you’ve had to watch your grandparents or parents succumb to the ravages of heart disease. And seen how it took away their energy, health, freedom and happiness, day by day…

You need to read this article in its entirety.

What would lowering your risk of heart disease mean to you?

If you decide to undergo the safe, inexpensive therapy I’ll be sharing with you, it may lead to you scrubbing some of the toxic plaque from your arteries and then flushing it from your cardiovascular system.

At the same time, it may help balance your cholesterol to a healthy level, safely and naturally.

With your arteries unclogged, oxygenated blood can flow freely again…

The pressure on your heart can be released…

Your your energy levels improve. You’re no longer gasping for breath all the time, and can go back to playing golf, taking up jogging or cycling with fewer worries about chest pains.

Just imagine what it would mean to you and your partner to get your health back? To know you may have years ahead of you, instead of months.

Wouldn’t that be something? Then read on to find out how it may be possible based on the advances in our understanding of heart disease and how to treat it..

This information has yet to reach mainstream science

The information in this article is not yet mainstream knowledge.

It goes against the ‘low cholesterol – low fat’ mantra repeated in magazines, on talk shows and even by our doctors.

Because emerging research now suggests we may have been approaching heart disease wrong for decades.

Based on the new evidence, even ‘cut it out now and ask questions later’ heart surgeons may be rethinking whether going under the knife is the best answer to stopping America’s heart attack epidemic.

In fact, some researchers are now finding so many holes in the ‘cholesterol fat’ mantra that it may soon be debunked.

Because it appears that, in the rush to draw a line under what causes heart disease, we may have been too eager to accept easy answers to what is a complex problem.

Blaming it all on fat and high cholesterol was a simple solution. The link with heart disease looked obvious and irrefutable. It was convenient, easy to understand and even easier to medicate against.

But we now know the causes of America’s rampant heart attacks and strokes is more complicated than that.

Many countries eat HIGH fat diets yet have LOW rates of heart disease

There are many countries where they eat a lot of saturated fat, like France and Switzerland, yet their rates of heart disease are nowhere near the epidemic levels of the US.(10)

For decades cholesterol has been painted as this evil nutrient. That it’s only purpose is to clog our arteries. This is simply not true.

Many countries eat high cholesterol diets but have low rates of heart disease

For a start, cholesterol doesn’t just come from unhealthy food. Our bodies produce it naturally. We need it for

  • The formation and maintenance of cell walls
  • Insulate nerve cells
  • Help digestion of fats in the liver
  • Creation of vital hormones, including sex hormones
  • Helps improve the immune system by improving t-cell signaling
  • Helps absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A,D, E and K)
  • A precursor for cortisol and aldosterone which help regulate of circadian rhythms, weight, mental health and more
  • Uptake of serotonin in the brain
  • It may have antioxidant properties
  • Repair cell walls, including the cells in the gut
  • Repairs inflammation and tissue damage in the liver(11)

Your body even sends cholesterol to our arteries on purpose to repair the walls.

Obsessing about ‘lowering cholesterol’ often doesn’t take into consideration that there are two types:

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) – This carries cholesterol away from the cells and back to the liver to be  passed out of the body. HDL is referred to as “good cholesterol”, and higher levels are better

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – Carries cholesterol to the cells that need it. But if there is too much in the bloodstream it can get stuck to the artery walls. This is why it’s known as “bad cholesterol”.

So only sensible approach needs to increase your GOOD HDL while lowering BAD LDL cholesterol to get a healthy balance.

Currently the two most widely prescribed treatments for high cholesterol are a lifetime on pharmaceutical drugs or expensive surgery. Neither of which provide a long-term solution to the plaque that may be clogging up your arteries and putting you at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Do cholesterol lowering medications cause side effects?

If you are currently taking pharmaceutical drugs for high cholesterol never stop taking them without speaking to your doctor first. They may be protecting you from the risk of heart disease, a heart attack or stroke. The information in this article is not a replacement for professional medical advice.

Cholesterol lowering medications are one of the most widely prescribed in the world for blocking the production of cholesterol in the gut. While they are highly effective at lowering cholesterol, up to a fifth of people who take them have complained of side effects.

According to WebMD, common side effect complaints include:(12)

  • Headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Flushing of the skin
  • Muscle aches, tenderness, or weakness (myalgia)
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping or pain
  • Bloating or gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Rash

Statins may block other key nutrients, and not just cholesterol

However, a recent controversial study claimed that these symptoms are in people’s minds. That it is a reversal of the placebo effect, and there’s no medical basis to people suffering from side effects.(13)

The study’s conclusion is hotly debated.

However, other research has suggested that these medications:

don’t just block the production of cholesterol. They may also block the production of CoQ10, vitamin K2, testosterone and other key nutrients.(14)

CoQ10, in particular, is essential for giving our body’s cells energy, so they can repair and rejuvenate themselves. The reduction in CoQ10, and other key nutrients, could explain why some people suffer side effects from cholesterol lowering medication.

So if you are currently taking cholesterol lowering medication, consider taking a CoQ10 supplement to replenish your levels of this key nutrient your prescription may be reducing. 

1 out 5 surgery patients have clogged arteries within 10 years

Surgery can cost $70,000 upwards with no guarantee of success

If your arteries get over 80% blocked with plaque, and a heart attack or stroke seems unavoidable, currently your only option is risky heart bypass surgery.(15)Costing $70,000 or more, heart surgery is one the most widely performed surgeries in America.(16) Yet if more people switched to the type of therapy I will soon share with you, these operations may be avoidable.

Bypass surgery also doesn’t guarantee long-term survival. In fact, 1 out of 5 patients are liable to have clogged up arteries again within the next 10 years.(17)

The reason for such a poor success rate could be because it’s not cholesterol alone that’s causing all the heart attacks and strokes.

Heart disease is far more complex problem than just counting cholesterol levels. The lack of success in lowering heart attacks and strokes (actually RISING every year) shows that attempting to fight heart disease by addressing cholesterol levels alone is ineffective.

Currently hundreds of thousands of people die each year from heart attacks so suddenly that their doctors had no clue they were at risk. According The American Medical Association, over half of  people who suffer heart attacks have “normal” cholesterol levels.(18)

Many of these lives could have been saved if we looked beyond high cholesterol. If we instead focused on getting rid of the plaque that’s clogging up people’s arteries – and getting rid of one component of plaque in particular.

The ‘white wire’ to the ticking time bomb in your chest

Calcium may be a lethal cause of heart attacks and strokes, largely ignored by mainstream medicine

What is the ‘white wire’ to the ticking time bomb I mentioned at the start of this article that may be more LETHAL than high cholesterol? And potentially the cause of the rapid rise in heart disease?


Calcium has always been praised as a purely healthy mineral. It’s vital for healthy teeth and bones, our heart, muscles, and nerves. In fact, calcium supplements are promoted as one of the best ways of relieving joint pain. But there’s a problem.

Our bodies can have a hard time absorbing excess calcium.

This is believed to be due to a vitamin D or vitamin K deficiency (needed to absorb it) from spending too much time at our desks and not enough in natural sunlight.(19) The calcium not absorbed into our bones, muscles and hair is then left floating in the bloodstream.(20)

Over time, this excess calcium can ‘calcify’ into lumps. These lumps can appear as  wrinkles. Even worse, the calcified calcium can make our arteries harden and go from bendy hoses to rigid pipes. The medical term for this is ‘arteriosclerosis’.(21)

If your arteries calcify, and can no longer expand or shrink to manage the blood flow, you may experience:

Low energy
Shortness of breath
Sweating and anxiety
Numbness, weakness
Loss of speech
Difficulty swallowing
Wounds stop healing properly
Chest pain
Kidney failure
Heart attack
Congestive heart failure
Abnormal cardiac rhythms
Paralysis of a part of the body

Calcification turns arteries from bendy hoses into rusted pipes

With calcification linked to so many health problems it’s baffling why more isn’t being done to spotting it early and taking steps to medicate against it. It’’s even more curious when you consider the direct link with heart attacks and strokes…

Calcium levels are often HIGH in heart attack victims

The link between high calcium levels in the bloodstream, calcified arteries and heart attacks and strokes is no theory. It has been evidenced in multiple studies.

A 2013 study of 260 patients by the National Institutes of Health, reported on Radiology website, concluded that heightened calcium levels for men led to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular diseases.(23)

“The amount of calcium in the coronary vessels, as measured by CT, is of high predictive value for subsequent serious or fatal heart attack in these patients, independent of the patient’s age, sex and other coronary risk factors,”

“We found that coronary calcium seems to play an important role in predicting subsequent heart attack or sudden cardiac death, and adds prognostic value to SPECT findings,” said co-author Christopher Uebleis, M.D., member of the research unit for nuclear cardiology at Ludwig Maximilians University.(24)

Another study by the Hypertension and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Unit of the University of Leuven in Belgium of 1,982 people found that those with high blood pressure typically had elevated amounts of calcium in their blood.(25)

“Why does everybody know about the risks of high cholesterol while the risks of high calcium are often ignored even though high calcium is considerably more dangerous?  Could it be that the big drug companies have educated us about high cholesterol, but since there is no drug for high calcium nobody has bothered to teach us? “ Dr James Norman.(26)

Calcification can’t be ‘cut out’ by surgery

Calcification can’t be cut out by surgery

What makes calcification hard to treat by surgery is because it may not be limited to a specific part of the miles of arteries in your body. It can affect the WHOLE system.(27)

This may explain why people who have triple heart bypass surgery still die of mysterious heart attacks weeks later, as simply removing a small section doesn’t solve the problem.(28) It’s like replacing a single pipe in an old house where the entire system has rusted.

So what can be done?

Forget about cholesterol and cut out calcium from your diet instead?

If only life was that simple.

Whether taking calcium supplements can cause a higher risk of heart attack is a subject of hot debate (although it is largely refuted).(29)

Rather, it’s the calcium plaque that’s accumulated over the decades that’s the problem.

If you are concerned about calcium plaque, your doctor can perform a coronary calcium scan (also called cardiac calcium scoring), using a special X-ray test. Finding calcium plaque in the coronary arteries is a red flag warning sign of heart disease.(30)

But this scan can only check for large lumps of HARD calcium plaque.

It can’t see the soft ‘vulnerable’ plaque that can be more lethal. So, as with cholesterol checks, a scan may give ‘normal’ results even if you’re in the danger zone for suffering a heart attack or stroke.(31)

Is it ‘vulnerable plaque’ that triggers heart attacks?

We used to think that the large lumps of plaque in the arteries were the biggest threat and cause of heart attacks.

However, researchers were recently shocked to discover that it may not be the BIG lumps of plaque that are the most lethal. It may, instead, be tiny specks of seemingly invisible and undetectable plaque called ‘vulnerable plaque’.(32)

“Trying to understand plaque by looking at an angiogram is like trying to understand a doughnut by looking at the hole,” – Dr. Peter Libby of Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston.(33)

This micro-plaque is known as ‘vulnerable plaque’ because of its tendency to burst.(34) It is so small that it often doesn’t even show up on X-rays. So you can see the doctor and be given a full bill of health but still be at risk of this silent killer – a deadly assassin that causes no obvious symptoms until it explode.

According to Dr Steven Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic:

The rupture of a plaque will be the cause of death of about half of all of us in the United States. Understanding why they rupture is probably the most important question today in cardiology, and even the most important question in the country.”(35)

So what causes these vulnerable plaques to cause such massive damage, like a hand grenade going off in a hallway?

The trigger is high blood pressure.

When the pressure in your blood gets high enough it’s like hands gripping onto a balloon. The plaque gets squeezed tighter and tighter until it explodes. This can release a toxic sludge of calcium, cholesterol and blood-clotting agents flooding into your bloodstream.(36)

It is these clots that some doctors are now blaming for the surge in heart attacks and strokes, which previously had them baffled.

“Under the wrong set of circumstances, that plaque may rupture, and its walled-off contents can come into contact with blood and trigger a blood clot formation. This combination of plaque and blood clots causes the majority of heart attacks and certain types of stroke, if the blood clot obstructs blood flow to the heart or brain.” – Deepak Bhatt, M.D.(37)

Can ‘Chelation Therapy’ offer a safer alternative to a lifetime on drugs or expensive surgery?

If calcium is the ‘white wire’ of the ticking time bomb and a critical cause of hardened arteries, blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, clearly waging war on cholesterol alone may not be the answer.(38)

So what is the solution?

Many doctors and medical scientists are hailing ‘chelation therapy’ as a safe, effective way of combating the rapid rise in heart attacks and strokes because of how it helps to address the root cause: lethal lumps of vulnerable plaque.(39)

Chelation therapy was first invented in the 1950s for treating heavy metal poisoning, such as from mercury, lead or iron. These metals can get in your bloodstream for all many of reasons, including inhaling from lead based paints, mercury tooth fillings and air pollution if you work in a factory.(40)

Chelation therapy involves injecting an amino acid, called EDTA, into the bloodstream using an intravenous drip.(41) 

Chelation therapy was first developed to flush heavy metals from the arteries

EDTA then acts as a “chelator” that sweeps through the arteries like a scrubbing brush. It also draws in metal particles like a magnet before clamping onto them and flushing them out harmlessly in urine.

Doctors surprised by the drop in heart disease risk

Chelation has been found in some studies to be an effective way of combating heavy metal poisoning.(42) It also has been found to provide another unexpected benefit: Doctors were amazed to discover that chelation therapy patients also showed a lower risk of heart disease.(43)

Why is this?

It is believed that EDTA binds with calcium plaque and other toxins in the arteries in the same way as with metals. It then draws them out so they can be flushed away in urine, appearing as white specks when you pee.

It’s believed that EDTA binds with calcium within the arteries, helping reduce plaque build-up and deposits that can cut off blood flow. Once bound to calcium, EDTA can help carry the molecules out of arteries so circulation improves. In a similar way, EDTA might help control high inflammation and cholesterol levels, which also pose a risk for heart disease. In the future, we might see chelation therapy used a less risky and more affordable alternative to heart surgery and complicated medications that have many side effects.” – Dr Axe(44)

If chelation therapy is effective at flushing out calcium plaque and other toxins from the arteries it can offer a much safer and less costly alternative to bypass heart surgery or a lifetime on pharmaceutical drugs for treating heart disease.

Study findings on Chelation Therapy

“Published research and extensive clinical experience shows that EDTA chelation therapy helps reduce and prevent arteriosclerotic plaques, thus improving blood flow to the heart and to other important organs…The scientific evidence indicates that EDTA chelation therapy might eliminate the need for bypass surgery.” – Two-time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling(45)

“[This form of oral therapy] is a safe and effective treatment for atherosclerotic vascular disease, as it consistently improves blood flow and relieves symptoms associated with the disease in greater than 80% of the patients treated” – The American College for Advancement in Medicine(46)

The Journal of Advancement in Medicine conducted the largest review of its kind of studies of over 23,000 patients nearly 9 in 10 showed improved heart health and functioning after undergoing the same type of oral therapy.(47)

The results of the largest ever Chelation study

The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), completed 2012, was the first large-scale clinical trial on chelation therapy in 1,708 people who had had heart attacks.(48)

It concluded that:

“A combination of up to 40 infusions with intravenous (IV) disodium EDTA plus oral multivitamins and multiminerals (OMVM) compared with intravenous and oral placebo led to a significant reduction in the time to first recurrent cardiovascular event in patients with prior myocardial infarction, age 50 or older, already treated with standard evidence-based medical therapies.”

In diabetics chelation therapy was found to be even more beneficial:

  • 41% reduction in the risk of any cardiovascular event
  • 40% reduction in the risk of death from heart disease, nonfatal stroke, or nonfatal heart attack
  • 52% reduction in recurrent heart attacks
  • 43% reduction in death from any cause
  • Taking high-dose vitamins and minerals in addition to chelation therapy produced the greatest reduction in risk of cardiovascular events versus placebo.

Based on the positive outcome, a larger follow-up TACT2 study is currently underway.(49)

What this could mean to your health and happiness

Based on the evidence, chelation therapy has enormous potential as a mainstream medical solution to brushing the clot forming plaque from people’s arteries. By flushing the plaque out harmlessly through the bloodstream, it may dramatically improve the health of the cardiovascular system.

Less plaque means your arteries can function like slick network of clean bendy hoses again instead of crud encrusted pipes that could seal up at any second.

With blood able to flow freely, the pressure is released on your heart. Instead of pounding like a jackhammer, it can slow to a gentle, rhythmic beat.

And when that happens, you may be able to gain all sorts of improvements in your health:

Your energy may improve…

You may be able to chase your grand-kids around the garden again, and be more like the fun loving grandpa they remembered…

Going for long romantic strolls with your partner will be an option again, instead of days spent slumped in front of the TV…  

What would improving your health mean to you?

You may be able to go back to the active hobbies you enjoyed, or take up new ones, like hiking in the mountains or scuba diving in the Bahamas, with fewer worries of shortness of breath or chest pains…

With the heart able to pump blood where it’s needed, you may find you get your mojo back in the bedroom too.

Possible benefits of chelation therapy

  • Defuse the calcium ‘white wire’ of the ticking time bomb
  • Cleanse LDL cholesterol, toxins and plaque from your arteries
  • Arteries may become bendy and flexible again
  • Blood may flow freely and take pressure off your heart
  • You may regain energy and stamina from a smoother flow of oxygen rich blood
  • You may enjoy a more active lifestyle without running out of breath
  • Potentially fewer sexual problems from more blood flow to the penis
  • A possible lower risk of a heart attack or stroke due to the reduction in clot forming vulnerable plaque
  • Possibility of fewer wrinkles and eye bags from reduced calcium deposits
  • Potentially improved kidney function from healthier, smoother blood flow

Can you wait for mainstream medicine to catch up?

While chelation therapy has huge potential for replacing operations and long-term pharmaceutical drug use, it has a long way to go before gaining mainstream approval.

One fear is that some experts think EDTA could remove calcium from healthy bones and muscles, as well as from diseased arteries (this could be addressed through supplementation).(50)

And while the FDA  has approved chelation therapy for lead poisoning, it’s still yet to give it the green light for coronary heart disease.(51)

So while ongoing research is underway, you may have to wait a long time until your doctor offers chelation therapy to scrub and flush the plaque from your arteries and defuse the ‘white wire’ that may be a bigger health risk than high cholesterol alone.

However, despite the reluctance of mainstream medicine to embrace it, there’s still widespread hope that one day chelation therapy may offer a safer and more affordable alternative to heart surgery or a lifetime on medications to lowering the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

A natural form of ‘oral’ chelation therapy that’s available now

Until chelation therapy becomes a mainstream treatment for clearing calcium and toxic plaque from your arteries, there are natural alternatives that may do a similar job.

There are a number of natural chelators which some doctors suggest may help to remove toxins and plaque from your arteries.(52)

One notable study was conducted by the Russian government to assess how natural chelation therapy could cure the heavy metal poisoning in 350 workers at metal foundries. The one million dollar study, led by Dr. George Georgiou, found that when natural substances are combined they work as effectively as synthetic chelators.(53)

Popular natural chelators include:

  • Glutathione
  • Amino acids
  • Cilantro
  • Selenium
  • Chlorella
  • Lipoic acid
  • Garlic
  • Milk thistle(54)

Milk thistle is one of many natural chelators

If you want to add these to your diet to potentially lower the calcium, vulnerable plaque and other toxins in your arteries the best way is through food.

However, many of them can also be taken as easy to swallow supplements.But rather than swallow a handful of pills each morning, it may be preferable to take a supplement that combines multiple chelators in one pill.

18 year track record with average 4.5/5 stars in reviews

A popular supplement containing multiple natural chelators is Dr Sam Robins’ CholesLo. He first formulated his all-in-one supplement to help his parents lower their risk factors for developing heart disease.

It offers seven benefits in one:

  1. Natural chelators that may help flush calcium plaque and other toxins from the arteries
  2. Promotion of healthy cholesterol levels
  3. Potentially optimized HDL/LDL ratios
  4. Possibility of lower fatty triglyceride’s
  5. Works to improve homocysteine levels
  6. May help to cleanses & repair the liver
  7. Helps replenish CoQ10 levels which cholesterol lowering medications may reduce

Find out more about the benefits of CholesLo

18 year track record of balancing cholesterol safely

Over the last 18 years over 112 million pills of CholesLo have been sold.

From over 427 reviews, earning over 4/5 stars average, the feedback from verified purchasers include:

“By using choleslo, eliminating dairy and refined sugar from my diet. Taking omega excel and a probiotic. Then having a smoothie most mornings made apple, avocado, a frozen fruit, almond milk and flax seed oil. My cholesterol changed from 267 to 211 in 3 mo. My numbers are currently in the normal range. Great product and ZERO SIDE AFFECTS.”– Carol NightingaleI started taking this when my doctor wanted to put me on a Staten which i didn’t want to take. My cholesterol went from 232 to 194 in just 6 months with no side effects. This is a great product” – Thomas LFantastic product been taking it about 5 years after the first two I take it for three months then off it for three. When I started it my cholesterol was 216 after 6 months it was 135 now it’s around 120 and stays there. I would have given it 5 stars but the dosage on the bottle is not correct and it’s quite expensive.” – CrystalWhen I go for my next test, it will be clear that it’s the CholesLo and not anything else that I’m doing because I have not changed my diet or any other part of my life style. So, all I can say is if you’re having problems with cholesterol medication and you’re in terrible pain from it, try the CholesLo. It will definitely bring your cholesterol down, triglyceride’s down and everything within normal ranges and my doctor was pleased and I was thrilled!” – Name not provided Read more CholesLo reviews

Customer reviews should not be interpreted as typical results and personal experience may vary. The images are stock photos and not the real reviewer. Supplements are not magic pills and are not a replacement for healthy diet choices, exercise and quitting smoking.

Why Live in Fear of the ‘Silent Killer’?

Remember, heart disease is now the #1 cause of premature death in America, and heart attacks and strokes are rising every year.

Unless you take steps to balance your cholesterol and reduce the plaque in your arteries you may be at risk. Over half a million people fall victim to the ‘silent killer’ of rupturing vulnerable plaque every year without displaying any prior symptoms.

Do you want to spend your life living in fear of what could happen?

Or would you rather take steps to get your cholesterol to a healthy ratio and potentially reduce the plaque in your arteries at the same time?

Just imagine what it would mean to improve your cardiovascular system and overall health…

It can mean going back to jogging or cycling again without worrying about chest pains…

To enjoy an active retirement of hiking in the mountains…

Days spent snorkeling or scuba diving without struggling for breath…

Playing with the grand-kids again, rather than watching from the sofa…

And knowing you likely have years ahead of you instead of months.

Clearer arteries can help give you the energy to live a more active life

Improved health in 30 days or your money back

CholesLo is supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t lower your LDL cholesterol, lower your fatty triglycerides and get your LDL and HDL into a healthy ratio, your purchase will be refunded.

So if you want to both balance your cholesterol to a healthy ratio and potentially flush vulnerable calcium plaque and toxins from your arteries and regain your energy, health and happiness, CholesLo is worth a try.

All you have to lose is your high cholesterol and heightened risk of heart disease:

>>>Watch a two minute video of Dr Sam explaining how CholesLo works and how it is helpful at getting cholesterol into the healthy ratio and potentially cleansing the arteries of plaque

If you give CholesLo a try I’d love to know if it works for you.

Gareth Churchill

P.S. 600,000 Americans are expected to die of a heart attack or stroke this year (that’s 1 in 4 deaths).(55) Emerging research is revealing that a lifetime on cholesterol lowering drugs or expensive bypass operations may not be the best answer. CALCIUM may also need to be cleansed from your arteries, along with cholesterol, fat and other toxins, to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Studies have suggested that oral chelation therapy can be effective at cleansing the arteries of toxic vulnerable plaque and help return your blood pressure and energy levels to a healthy level.

P.P.S. Dr Sam’s CholesLo supplement contains key nutrients, natural chelators, antioxidants and minerals that may help cleanse your arteries and veins of plaque as well as get your cholesterol to a healthy ratio. It has an 18 year track record of balancing cholesterol safely, amassing an average 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews. It is supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee. So you get your cholesterol down to a healthy ratio or your money back, making it a no risk way of helping improve your energy, health and happiness.

Disclaimer – CholesLo does not treat, cure, or prevent any disease, including heart disease. There is no ONE solution that can prevent heart disease, this includes drugs or supplements. Supplements should only ever be taken in combination with healthy lifestyle changes, including wholesome natural foods, daily exercise, proper rest and stress management. Supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet. Statements made in this article have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. You should never make changes to your medication without speaking to your doctor as some natural ingredients may interfere with them. Erudite Lifestyle has a monetary relationship with Dr Sam Robbins and will be compensated for purchases made via the links in this article. 



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