Here’s Your Report on the Dangers of Statins

and natural ways of lowering cholesterol without side effects

Are you currently taking cholesterol lowering drugs?

Have you experienced memory loss?

Muscle pain?

Low sex drive?

Then you’ll find the answers in this report. You’ll also discover how to replenish the nutrients statins may deplete and a doctor endorsed natural solution for getting your cholesterol to a safe ratio

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If you’re currently suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure, it’s impossible to know when a heart attack may strike.

For a guy called Dan it happened 35,000 feet in the air. In a plane over the Atlantic.

He felt like he’d been stabbed, as pain shot through his arm. He was dripping with sweat. And thought his heart would pound a hole out of his chest.

Too often, this story ends in someone’s funeral.

Yet luckily for Dan he had a chance encounter with a German doctor, after his flight was diverted.

German Doctor Shows Dan a Simple Strategy for Avoiding Heart Attacks

This doctor happened to be on the cutting edge of cardiology. And he’d developed a system for helping people avoid a second heart attack, or to help avoid them in the first place.

His system focuses on getting rid of the #1 cause of heart attacks: LETHAL belly fat.

Because when your gut is encased with a layer of fat, it can wreck havoc to your liver, kidneys and other vital organs. It also causes chronic inflammation, that leads to high blood pressure and arteries being squeezed until they burst.

The doctor’s advice included:

  • Eating a few special foods found in most grocery stores
  • Adding a few natural herbs and spices
  • Doing 5 body shape exercises every day

The best part about this system is it DOESN’T involve expensive diet pills, gruelling gym routines or starvation dieting. Instead it focuses on simple lifestyle changes that help burn away fat which you can stick to long-term.

>>>Watch Dan’s presentation on what the German doctor told him that got his weight under control and avoided a second heart attack

You’ve probably encountered unbelievable weight loss stories like this before. Yet in this case, it’s recommended by a doctor, and not some random weight loss guru.

Why not watch Dan’s video and hear what he has to say?

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