If you’re among the one million Americans with high blood sugar, this could  turn your health around…

Doctors Stunned After 64 Year Old Security Guard CRUSHES His High Blood Sugar with Breakthrough “3 Pronged” System

  • 60 second living room exercise lowers blood sugar faster than dreary hours on a treadmill

  • Local food store herb dubbed the “destroyer of sugar” found to lower blood glucose 17% after a meal (and help reverse the addiction of gut microbes to sugar)

  • Diet that allows you to eat your favorite foods while putting the body into a state of “ketosis” that burns fat instead of carbs

  • Mindset hack enables perpetual “yo-yo dieters” to finally cut the string of their weight loss struggles and keep healthier eating habits for good

Lowering your blood sugar is best achieved when you tackle all the unhealthy habits that cause it.

If you’re among the 1 in 2 Americans who suffers from high blood sugar and are in the “danger zone” of prediabetes or have been diagnozed with type 2 diabetes, there’s a 64 year old security guard you need to know about.

      Geoff Whittington nearly lost his life to diabetes.

       It had already taken his energy, enthusisasm for life and nearly his foot. And it got so bad that he wrote his will, fearing diabetes would soon claim his life.

      But luckily for Geoff, his sons were dertermined to stop diabetes from taking their beloved dad’s life. So they staged an intervention and begged Geoff to pursue a strategy they’d devised to fix his diabetes for good. Not wishing to die in front of the TV, Geoff agreed.

      Did their intervention work?


       Or, as often happens, did Geoff slip back into old unhealthy habits after just a few weeks?

      Well, the transformation in his health and fitness was so remarkable that it was made into a BBC documentary. Because not only did Geoff manage to lower his blood sugar naturally…he stunned doctors after he CRUSHED the symptoms of his diabetes to a point where it was “fixed”.

      In this article I reveal what Geoff’s “3 pronged” strategy was and you can implement it yourself to lower your blood sugar, even if you’ve tried countless diets and exercise regimens in the past without success.

       Geoff’s system has a vital component that allows it to succeed where all others fail. When you follow the steps I share with you, you can look forward to:

  • Losing weight without restrictive dieting (let’s face it, “diets” where you deprive yourself of your favorite foods NEVER work)
  • Improving your fitness and cardiovascular health in as little as 22 minutes exercise a week (if an overweight 67 year stroke survivor can do it, you can too)
  • Get your blood sugar to a safe level so that your body’s insulin resistance reverses and you can manage glucose levels naturally (just imagine being able to go through theit  day without worrying about blood sugar spikes)
  • Avoid a lifetime of swallowing a handful of expensive medications every morning with awful side effects
  • Reduce the risk of losing your eyesight, having a foot amputated or having a heart attack
  • Regain your energy, enthusiasm and joy of living from the clutches of high blood sugar

Our Food Addiction is KILLING Us!

       Future generations will look back at this time and shake their heads in disbelief.

       They’ll be shocked at how we ate so much toxic “frankenfood”. Filled out plates with processed garbage that’s making us obese, to have heart attacks, dementia and type 2 diabetes in our hundreds of thousands.

  • Rates of type 2 diabetes have rocketed 60% in the last decade.
  • The number of people with diabetes worldwide has almost quadrupled from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014.(1)
  • 1 in 2 American adults now has high blood sugar.(2) And at current rates, by 2030 1 in 3 will be diabetic.(3)

        America’s war with high blood sugar could even bankrupt the nation.

        It costs $14,000 a year to treat diabetes.(4) Multiply that by the 100 million Americans who are now prediabetic or type 2 diabetic and you can see how we are heading for both a healthcare and economic crisis.

       And the substance many nutritionists blame for all this pain and suffering?



The evidence is mounting that sugar is toxic to our health. That it causes:

  • Chronic inflammation that spreads through our bodies like wildfire and is the main cause of most life threatening diseases
  • Lethal belly fat that encases our vital organs and stops them working properly, resulting in kidney failure, strokes and deadly heart attacks
  • Clumps of beta-amyloid “brain plaque” caused by the effect of glycation and too much of a toxic protein the body can’t process properly
  • Just one soda a day TRIPLES your risk of a deadly stroke and dementia…(6)
  • Our gut microbes to mutate and send messages to our brain BEGGING to be fed more toxic sugary snacks and sodas.(7)
  • Weird hunger cravings found to be more addictive in rats than cocaine.(18)

   Faced with the evidence on the damage it causes, you may wonder why the government doesn’t do something to get our addiciton to sugar loaded processed foods under control?

       Why doesnt it impose a sugar tax?

       Or force the food giants to make the health dangers of their “Frankenfood” more obvious?

        Well, it may have taken decades.

       But finally the truth is coming out. The sugar industry’s deviousness is being exposed.

       The fight back to protect our health has begun. People are educating themselves on the damage sugar does and how to lower blood sugar levels. Even better, they’re discovering how to do it WITHOUT relying on expensive medications that can have side effects and, in many cases, are unnecessary.

        Because if we’re learned anything up to now it’s that…

Medicating Ourselves to the EYEBALLS is Not the Solution!

       Got a headache? Take a pill!

       Can’t sleep? We’ve got a pill for that!

       Feelling a bit down? Don’t worry! Swallow this and you’ll be right as rain in no time!

         Ever since we were kids we’ve had it drilled into us that medication is the answer. That whatever our health problem, there’s a magic pill that can make it disappear.

        And the result of this giant science experiment?

  • Nearly 3 in 4 Americans now taking daily prescription drugs(8)
  • America has only 5% of the world’s population but now takes 50% of all pharmaceutical drugs (9)
  • Prescription painkillers are sending once respectable middle class folks to heroine dealers to feed their newly found addiction.
  • Rates of heart disease and diabetes are rocketing year after year even though we’re swallowing more and more drugs(19)

       And here’s the worst part: All these drugs do is treat the symptoms. They do NOTHING to resolve the underlying cause.

         It’s like walking down the street and getting a stone in your shoe. The sensible thing to do would be to take your shoe off and get rid of it. But instead mainstream medicine’s best solution is to tell us to keep walking and take painkillers to numb the pain instead. The stone then just keeps digging into your foot, making the problem worse and worse, until you can’t even walk no matter how many painkillers you take.

        But why doesn’t your doctor tell you different?

       Why don’t they help you address the underlying cause of high blood sugar, rather than prescribing pills like they’re candy?

        It’s because the system has made…

Your Doctor is a Victim Just Like You!

       They do their best and their heart is in the right place.

        They just simply don’t have the time to address all the lifestyle habits that may be driving your high blood sugar in the first place.

        On average they can only spend 8-12 minutes with each patient. This is largely due to the “fee for service” model of the insurance companies.(10) While they see a lot of patients, they only have enough time to check what prescriptions you’re on and whether to make changes.

       They’ve very little time to discuss nutrition, exercise or mindset. If they did, we may not find ourselves heading towards healthcare apocalypse like we do now.

        Doctors are also overworked and exhausted by the end of the day. They’re not about to spend the few hours they have left with their families to jump online and start researching the latest breakthroughs in functional medicine.

       Instead, they get a lot of their information from the studies and brochures produced by you know who: The pharamaceutical companies.

       Prescription insulin is a $48 billion industry.(11) 

      Can you imagine how their profits would be impacted if a safe, natural way of fixing type 2 diabetes was discovered?

       A solution that helps you to lose weight and KEEP it off, without endless hours sweating on a treadmill…

       A solution that helps you switch to a healthier diet without cutting out all your favorite foods or feeling hungry all the time…

        And, most importantly of all, a solution you can STICK with for good. And without having to go through the PAIN and ANGUISH of dieting or workout routines you find IMPOSSIBLE to follow for more than a few weeks.

       Well, I’ve got AMAZING news for you. Because…

Many people are discovering how to lower their blood sugar and CRUSH their diabetes – safely and naturally


      My hope is that as awareness spreads of the steps you need to take to lose some weight, get the blood pumping so it cleanses glucose from your body’s cells, there may come a day when we can finally say:

“Type 2 Diabetes is ERADICATED Forever!”


 But before we get too carried away, I need to make one thing clear…

     If you’re hoping for a magic bean or miracle cure that will balance your blood sugar overnight then you’d best stop reading. I know we live in a culture that’s taught us to expect shortcuts, hacks and instant results.

       But improving your health isn’t like that in the real world.

       It’s only through commitment over the long-term that you can expect improvement.

       With that being said, what I can say is that if you follow the steps I show you then within 60 days I GUARANTEE that your blood sugar will be lower, you’ll have lost some weight and you’ll have more energy and joy in life than you do now.

       I’ll explain what I mean when I say “guarantee” later on.

       Now, before we continue, you’re probably wondering…

Who Am I and Why Did I Write this Article?

       My name’s Gareth Churchill. I’m not a doctor, medical expert or health professional of any kind. I’m just someone who found out the hard way the folly of trying to medicate ourselves to perfect health all the time.

       Through a painful personal experiencec I discovered that we’re medicating ourselves towards disaster…why mainstream medicine’s solution isn’t always the best one…and how, in many cases, it be making health problems WORSE!

       Ten years ago I was going through a hard time. I was struggling with a few personal problems and felt really down. It felt like I’d fallen down a black hole and I’d be stuck down there forever unless I could find a way out.       

       So I went to my doctor for help.

       After I arrived in his office, I sat down, took a deep breath and opened up all the troubling thoughts and feelings I battled with every day. My doctor nodded in understanding. He then scribbled down a note and passed it to me…

       It was a prescription for beta blockers to help “calm me down”.

       Now, I don’t blame my doctor. He was doing what he was trained to do: To medicate the symptoms.

       But spending a lifetime on blood pressure medication wasn’t the solution I was looking for. It just made me feel subdued, withdrawn and like a robot. What I wanted was to be free of my depression and to live a life filled with energy, enthusiasm and joy.

        So I did my own research.

        I looked into the causes of anxiety…

  • How depression can arise from a lack of endorphins and negative thought processes…
  • How exercise can boost your endorphins naturally….
  • How dietary changes can feed your brain with nutrients and minerals that also lift your mood….
  • And how undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy can rewire your brain so that thinking in a happier, positive way becomes natural.

       So I developed my own solution to overcoming depression. A system comprising of daily exercise, nutrition and mindset.

The Body is Amazing at Healing Itself from Within

        It took a while. But over time, following this system started to change the way I thought, felt and how I reacted to the world around me.

         Gradually, the gloom lifted.

        I saw a light where there had been only darkness. And I climbed a ladder to a happier more fulfilling life.

        Ever since I’ve been motivated to help others in the same situation. I want more people to discover that submitting yourself to a lifetime of expensive, habit forming and sometimes dangerous drugs is not the answer to many health problems.

       Because, when properly nourished, exercised and trained, the body is INCREDIBLE at repairing itself from within.

        Let’s Do a Deal

        I promise that by the end of this article I’ll have proven 3 things you may not think are possible right now:

  1. You can lose weight and keep it off while still enjoying your favorite foods
  2. You can lower your blood sugar and improve your cardiovascular health from just 24 minutes exercise a week (this isn’t brutal high intensity exercise. In fact, it’s so easy that a 67 year old stroke survivor used it to get off his diabetes meds for good).
  3. You CAN adopt healthy habits for LIFE no matter how many times you’ve failed in the past

       If, by the end of this article, you believe I’ve proven these 3 things can you do me a favor?

       Can you share this page with someone you know who’d benefit?

       Someone who may have high blood sugar, are prediabetic or have already been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic?

       Because whatever stage they’re at, I’d love for them to discover that it’s never too late to improve your health. And the answers to these 3 claims will show them how.

 Claim 1 – How You Can Lose Weight and Keep it Off While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods

One of the keys to lowering your blood sugar and keeping it at a safe level permanately is to lose weight. Typically 10% of what you weigh now.

        Knowing this is one thing. Actually losing the weight and keeping it off is the hard part. 

        Diets typically pan out like this:

  •  You manage to stick with a new diet for a few weeks or months
  • You lose weight quickly and feel overjoyed when you look in the mirror
  • But then did you find you’d have a bad day at work or be stressing out about something and you REBEL
  • You throw away your meal plan, box of salad or soup and find yourself munching into the foods you craved
  • You gorge on the foods you’d denied yourself for so long, and had been fantasizing about eating the entire time
  • You find yourself back to your old unhealthy habits and put on weight with a vengeance

      Sounds familiar?

        If a diet feels like punishment, then it’s doomed to fail. If it feels like you’re depriving yourself of your favorite foods or leaves you feeling hungry, you’ll never stick to it over the long-term.

       Instead, the key to eating more healthily is BALANCE.

       Rather than go cold turkey and living on brown rice and salad, you need to allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods as well.

       Just in moderation.

Case Study – How DeVaugn Lost Weight Without “Dieting”

        DeVaughn King came from a big family with a long history of obesity.(12) To him being big seemed normal. And food was one of life’s pleasures to be enjoyed.

         This rosy view of being overweight was shattered when his family members started dropping dead around him.

         After FOUR of his uncles and aunties died from obesity, DeVaughn realized how toxic their diets had been. How they were digging their own graves with each fork of fried food and slurp of soda.

       DeVaughn didn’t want to go the same way. He didn’t want to die from what was in his dinner plate. 

        When his doctor told him he had type 2 diabetes, DeVaugn knew the clock was ticking. Unless he made some changes, he knew he was doomed to spend his remaining years on injections and heart medications until his body admitted defeat.

        So he did some research.

       He educated himself on how fatty fried foods lead to heart disease. How sodas and sugar loaded snacks cause glycation, insulin resistance, ruined blood circulation and death.

       Gradually, he swapped his drive thru dinners for eating clean at home…he replaced the fried steaks and burgers in his fridge with nutrient packed plants…and instead of soda he’d drink water with a twist of lime.

       What allowed DeVaugn to succeed in this journey where most fail is that he….

Switched to a Healthier Diet GRADUALLY…


       By taking it slow, DeVaugn found it much easier to stick to healthier eating habits over the long-term. And by allowing himself to eat his favorite fried fast food once in awhile, it didn’t feel like punishment or that he was depriving himself.

         Since eating more healthily, DeVaughn can see the results in the mirror. He’s now in the best shape of his life, full of energy, optimism and hopes for the future.

N.B. If you’d like to know how you can adopt a healthy diet like DeVaughn’s, which allows you to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation while adapting to eating more fruit and vegetables, I have a special report to share with you later in this article.

Claim 2 – How to Lower Your Blood Sugar and Improve Cardiovascular Health from 24 Mins Exercise a Week

       Does the idea of daily exercise fill you with dread?

       Can you imagine nothing worse than going to a gym and working out in front of all those gym bunnies and bunch bros?

       I dont blame you. I was the same.

         If you don’t exercise regularly, the idea of jiggling in front of strangers in yoga class or sweating buckets on an exercise bike can seem like your worst nightmare.

        It can seem so horrifying that it may stop you from even getting started.

        However, the good news is that you don’t even have to step foot in a gym to lower your blood sugar and lose a few pounds.

       The fitness industry may spend millions trying convince you that long hours spent using expensive machines is the only way to get in shape.

        But this is simply not true.

        And I’ve got the science to prove it.

         A team of researchers at Canada’s McMaster University discovered that just 60 seconds of intense exercise actually lowers blood sugar FASTER than long hours on a treadmill.(13)

       In a study of 8 people they found that just cycling for spurts of 60 seconds 10 times repeated 3 times per week can:

  • Lower blood sugar over a 24 hour period
  • Reduce blood sugar spikes after meals
  • Increase levels of mitochondria in the body’s cells (which act like tiny batteries)
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness and heart health
  • Improve ability to clear glucose from the blood after meals

       Gaining all these benefits from just 30 minutes sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

       This is a fifth of the 150 minutes per week recommended by mainstream medicine. If you don’t exercise regularly, 150 minutes per week can seem daunting, and too much hassle to stick with over the long-term.

       But I bet you can manage a total of 30 minutes!

“These findings are intriguing because they suggest that exercising very strenuously for short periods of time may provide many of the same health benefits as traditional exercise training. This is the first study to show that intense interval training may be a potent, time-efficient strategy to improve glycemic regulation in people with type 2 diabetes” – Martin Gibala, PhD, professor in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster and supervising author of the study.

        A followup study by McMaster University of 14 overweight people found that doing 3 x 10 minute sessions on an exercise bike lowers blood pressure, strengthens the muscles and provides better blood sugar control.(14)

       Combined, these studies suggest we’ve been approaching exercise for blood sugar and cardiovascular problems WRONG all along. Instead of long hours on the treadmill, we should be doing short, intense exercise sessions instead.

       This type of exercise gets the blood pumping and oxygen flowing so it can pull sugar from the body’s cells to be burned off as energy or excreted as waste.

        Intense exercise also helps to reduce INFLAMMATION which, at a molecular level, is to blame for practically every disease known to man.

Case Study – 67 Year Old Stroke Survivor Reverses His Diabetes with Just 22 Minutes Exercise Per Week

        If you think study findings are one thing and gaining the same results in real life is another matter, you’ll be interested to know about a 67 year old who’d had a stroke, was overweight and had type 2 diabetes.

        He undertook a training regimen involving just 22 minutes exercise. And the results left doctors STUNNED.(15)

       John Hall, a retired council worker from Coventry, England, had been told that he was at risk of being struck with a heart attack or second stroke at any second. His health was so bad he feared falling asleep in case he never woke up.

       His doctors told him that, while his health rotted away, all he could do was take his medication and pray.

        Luckily for John, his local community centre had started running short, intensive workout sessions for people that needed to exercise but hated gyms.

       So John thought “heck, what have I got to lose” and joined.

       All he needed to do was two intense 12 minute workouts a week of 60 second exercises, with 90 second rests in between. A fraction of the 2.5 hours he’d been ordered to do by his doctor.

        Well, his doctor was STUNNNED when John’s glucose and cholesterol levels HALVED within just four months.

        His blood sugar also fell to a level where he only needed to test his glucose once a day. And even John’s doctor admitted that he may not need his medications any more.

“The exercises might only be for 12 minutes but my metabolism keeps working hard for the next 24 hours. I noticed an improvement in the first month. When I went back to the doctors two weeks ago, they were absolutely astounded. They said ‘what on earth have you been doing?’. I don’t consider myself to be a diabetic any more. I feel free to enjoy my life. I can’t believe the difference in myself.” – John Hall

       Do you think you’re too old, too unhealthy or just too darned lazy to get in shape?

       Well, if a 67 year old who’d had a stroke can do it, so can you!

       Even if you hate gyms or working out, 12 minutes should still seem doable. And as the studies show, it can help lower your blood sugar, improve your cardiovascular system, boost your energy levels and improve your all round health.

        Later on, I’ll share a report with some exercises you can do at home in your living room, and gain the same improvements in cardiovascular health and blood sugar John gained.

      Who knows, they may even reverse the symptoms of your diabetes too.

Secret 3 – How You CAN Adopt Healthy Habits for LIFE No Matter How Many Times You’ve Failed in the Past

          If you’ve ever tried changing your dieting or starting new exercise habits in the past, you’ll be familiar with this pattern:

         At the beginning you’re filled with enthusiasm…

        You follow your new diet precisely…

You set the alarm clock an hour earlier to exercise. And jump out of bed ready to finally CRUSH your blood sugar problems once and for all….

        Maybe you stick to your healthier habits for a few days…  

        Maybe a couple of weeks…

        But then you start to struggle…

       You’re not seeing instant results like you’d hoped…

       Your blood sugar is the same…

       The scales haven’t moved….

       And hitting snooze on the timer seems far more appealing than doing burpees in your bedroom.

       Then you give up altogether. It’s your genetics. Your body type. Exercising and eating healthily isn’t for you. You’ll take your chances and roll the dice on health problems down the road instead.

        This is the same pattern millions of people go through. And many millions more will in the future.

        The reason so many people fail to adopt healthier habits is because our brain and body can play all sorts of tricks on us.

      They want us to stay the same.

       It’s like a bar has already been set on what your brain and body are comfortable with and if you try go any higher your brain and body will find ways to pull you down.

        This is why claim # 3 is so important because I want to show you how you can make your healthy habits STICK over the long-term. And the answer is to:

Set Yourself a Plan


       You need to mark a date in the calendar, to have a special event to aim for and a mission to complete if you are to successfully rewire your brain and body to accept your new healthier habits as part of who you are.

Case Study – Former Security Guard “FIXES” His Diabetes by Setting a Timetable for Lowering his Blood Sugar, Losing Weight and Regaining His Health from Death’s Clutches

       This now brings me to the security guard I menioned at the start of this article:

       Geoff Whittington.(16)

        He has his sons to thank for his near miraculous turnaround from death’s door. 

       When they were growing up Geoff’s sons, Anthony and Ian, remembered their dad as being happy, energetic and active.  How he always loved playing sports with them and going on adventurous day trips.

        But this all changed when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At the time, Geoff thought “no big deal. I’ll take my pills and it will be manageable”.

         Geoff is not alone in making this mistake. The fact is that medication does nothing to heal the root cause of high blood sugar. It can only delay further deterioration.

        Despite swallowing his daily cocktail of drugs, Geoff’s health went from bad to worse.

       His weight ballooned to 20 stone. His feet started to freeze from the lack of blood circulation. By 2014 his foot ulcers got so bad he was on crutches because he couldn’t walk anymore. Soon he’d need to have his foot amputated and be at risk of kidney failure.

       Geoff fell into a deep depression.

        He gave up on life. He drew the curtains and spent his days collapsed on the sofa in front of the TV haunted by dark thoughts.

       His health got worse.

       Fearing he’d soon be knocking on death’s door, he wrote his will.

       But while Geoff may have given up on life, his sons hadn’t. They took it upon themselves to help their dad get better.

        First they convinced Geoff to come with them on holiday. They then staged an “intervention”where they showed him old photos and recounted their memories of how much more energetic, happy and full of life he’d been in the past. They told him how much he meant to them and how desperate they were to see him get well again.

        They wanted him to rediscover his old self. More importantly, they wanted him to regain his will to live.

        Along with the photos, they showed him a contract. This contract was a commitment to follow a “3 Pronged” strategy exactly as they told him. It comprised of 3 key elements:

  1. Eating a healthy diet
  2. Getting more exercise
  3. Changing his mindset from one of defeat to one of victory.

       The contract would only be completed once they’d all competed in a 100 mile London to Surrey cycling event.

       Did he succeed?

       Did Geoff do as they asked? Did he improve his diet? Start cycling and complete the event with his two sons?

       Well, Geoff’s recovery was so incredible that it was the subject of a BBC documentary called “Fixing Dad”.(17)

       He lost seven stone of weight, completed the cycling event and “resolved” his diabetes to the point where he became drug free.

       The secret to Geoff’s success in turning his health and life around wasn’t just that he cycled all the time and ate better food.

        It’s because of the contract he signed that committed him to achieving his health goals. Thanks to his son’s, he didn’t just say he wanted to lose weight or to get in shape. He set a specific date and an event to aim for.

       Without this goal driven strategy, Geoff may not have succeeded.

         There would have been many times when he stumbled and fell.

         When he didn’t feel like getting up early enough to go cycling, or fell back into eating sugary snacks istead of potassium packed bananas.

         But because he had a set goal and time frame, he always got back up again and carried on. Until he finally crossed the finish line a changed man and a winner from being on the brink of death’s door.

 Get Step-by-step Guidance on Achieving All 3 Claims in My

“Blood Sugar CRUSHING System”

        Earlier in this article I promised to prove how to do 3 things you may have thought were impossible: 

  1. How you can lose weight and keep it off while still enjoying your favorite foods
  2. How you can lower your blood sugar and improve your cardiovascular health from just 24 minutes exercise a week
  3. How you can adopt healthy habits for LIFE no matter how many times you’ve failed in the past

        Did I deliver on my promise?

        If not, you’re free to stop reading. I apologize if you feel I wasted your time. I hope you can find the answers to crushing your high blood sugar problems elsewhere.

        If, however, you DO think I delivered on my promise, I’m hoping you can stick to our deal and share this article with other people you know who may be suffering from high blood sugar, are prediabetic or already have type 2 diabetes?

     I want them also to discover how they can improve their health naturally and avoid a lifetime on medications with horrible side effects.  

        I’d also like to ask you a question…

        I have an offer I’d like to share with you. And I’m only sharing it with you because I hope I’ve earned some of your trust…and as you’ve read this far it shows you’re motivated to turn your health around.

         Now, I know I’ve taken up a lot of your time already…

         So I’d like to just quickly share with you a set of reports I’ve created that detail how you can gain the same life transforming health benefits as DeVaugn, John and Geoff.

         It’s a system that covers everything you need to know about adopting a natural, holistic and healthy way of getting your blood sugar under control once and for all. I’ve called it my “Blood Sugar Crushing System” because of how it can guide you on losing weight, getting in shape and lowering your blood sugar without any of the struggles you may have faced in the past.

         By following my system, my hope is that you can snip the string on yo-yo dieting, lower your blood sugar from exercising in your living room for just 30 minutes a week and gain a success driven mindset that will help you stick to healthier lifetyle habits for good.

         Here’s what I’ve got for you: 

  1. Sweet and Dangerous – Everything you need to know on the dangers of sugar. How it’s linked to cancer, why it’s so addictive and how to end your cravings 
  2. Ketogenic Dieting – How to adopt the keto low carb way of eating to lose weight with fewer sugar cravings and burn fat through “ketosis”
  3. Mindful Eating – A system that helps you avoid overeating, to end your junk food addiction and adopt healthier eating habits 
  4. At Home Workouts – A complete set of exercises you can do in your living room that help lower your blood sugar in just 30 minutes a week
  5. Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom How to set goals, create a roadmap and develop a success driven mindset for adopting new healthier lifestyle habits over the long-term 
  6. Managing Stress – Stress relief tactics so you can find other ways of releasing tension instead of succumbing to sugar cravings 
  7. 7 Blood Sugar Destroying Herbs and Minerals – Natural ingredients with a long history in alternative medicine for lowering blood sugar

         As you can see, it’s a comprehensive approach to lowering your blood sugar that goes further than any other out there. It covers every aspect from diet to exercise to mindset and how supplementation can all play a part in getting your blood sugar under control.

         If you’ve struggled to lose weight or to improve your diet in the past, it’s likely because you were missing a key part of the puzzle.

       Maybe you didn’t know how to manage your sugar cravings?

       Perhaps your stress levels caused you to abandon your healthier ways of eating?

        Or you found exercise impossible to stick to over the long-term?

        My Blood Sugar Crushing System is designed to address all these challenges while showing you exactly what to do to stay on track and to CRUSH your blood sugar problems forever.

1. Sugar – Sweet and Dangerous

        Everything you need to know on the link between sugar and our diets. There’s still a lot of confusion on whether all sugars are bad for you, and its link with cancer, dementia and type 2 diabetes. You’ll find all the answers in this report.

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only
  • The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners
  • Is the Sugar Content in Fruit Unhealthy?
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Different Sugars and Our Health
  • Why Sugar is Addictive and How to Stop Sugar Cravings
  • How Sugar Consumption Can Cause Anxiety and Depression
  • How Sugar Damages Your Brain
  • The Link Between Sugar and Cancer

The value of this report is $27.

3. Ketogenic Dieting for Burning Fat through Ketosis

       The first part of the program is a report on the Ketogenic Diet – A way of eating that’s exploded in popularity due to the way it puts your body into a state of “ketosis”.

        Ketosis is when your body starts to burn fat naturally as an energy source, instead of carbs. The keto diet is also healthy and nutritious, and will help to give you energy and lift your mood.

       This comprehensive report on the ketogenic diet reveals:

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only
  • What is the Ketogenic diet and how it turns UP your body’s natural fat burning hormones
  • The dramatic impact Keto can have on blood insulin levels (after reading this you’ll immediately see why so many diabetics are going keto)
  • The vital difference between simple and complex carbs (get this wrong and you could make your blood sugar problems WORSE without even knowing it)
  • Key considerations for adding fiber and carbs to your diet
  • What are healthy fats and why these fats can help LOSE weight
  • Extensive low carb food shopping list (following this alone will make a massive improvement to your diet)
  • How to replace bad carbs with healthy foods when eating out (save this to your phone’s home screen so you can always stay on track, no matter where you eat)
The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

       Along with the report, you get a further 6 reports for making keto part of your daily life:

  1. 1. The Keto Diet and Eating Out
  2. 2. Keto at the Gym 
  3. 23 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Low Carb Food
  4. 148 Low Carb Foods Shopping List
  5. 100 Low Carb Swaps Cheatsheet
  6. 1,000 Atkins Diet Recipes

        If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also included a Keto Low Carb Diet Food Pyramid infographic to print out and put on your fridge door so you can quickly see what foods to eat to stay on track.

       The value of this complete set of reports is $47.

3. Mindful Eating – Avoid Overeating, End Your Junk Food Addiction and Banish Cravings

        Now, I know you’ve likely tried diets and food plans in the past.

        Maybe you managed to stick to healthier eating habits for a few weeks or months. But then had a bad day at work or something stressful happened in your life, and you went back to eating all the sugary snacks, breads, pastas and desserts you’d been depriving yourself from eating.

        This is a problem everyone faces when trying to eat right and lose weight, and why so many people can never break free of yo-yo dieting.

       Well, if you remember, the key to dieting successfully is BALANCE.

        Instead of going cold turkey, allow yourself to continue eating your favorite foods in moderation, and gradually eliminate them from your diet over time.

       I know that even this can be easier said then done.

       So I’ve included another report on how to do it: Mindful Eating – Avoid Overeating, End Your Junk Food Addiction and Banish Cravings. 

 Its highlights include:

  • 4 ways to fight against binge eating
  • 6 addictive foods to cut from your diet
  • Why your emotions are tied to eating habits
  • How to learn to love fruit and vegetables
  • How to train your brain to HATE junk food
  • Why crash diets don’t work (if you didnt know already
The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

You also get these 7 bonus reports:

  1. 7 Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food
  2. Everyday Guide to Mindful Eating – Foods to Avoid and Foods to Choose Instead
  3. How to Train Your Brain to HATE Junk Food
  4. Mindful Questions
  5. Top 10 Things to Do Instead of Emotional Eating
  6. Mindful Vs Mindless Eating Worksheet
  7. Mindful Questions to Ask When You Want to Overeat

The value of Mindful Eating and the 7 bonuses is $37.

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

       So that’s replacing sugar loaded processed food with healthier ways of eating. On to exercise.

4. 30 Day Weight Loss Exercise Plan With At Home Home Workout Videos

       Remember the story I shared with you about John Hall? He’d had a stroke, been diagnozed with type 2 diabetes and was worried about sleeping at night, fearing he die before the morning.

       Well, despite being overweight and on the brink of death, he was able to turn his health around by just doing 24 minutes of exercise a week. He even lowered his blood sugar and reversed the symptoms of his diabetes to a point where his doctors said he no longer needed his medication.

       I want you to experience the same health transformation as John.

       So in my Blood Sugar CRUSHING System I’ve included a complete 30 exercise regimen for you to follow.

       Now, even if you HATE exercise, I’m sure you can manage the routines in this program. Because they’re designed for complete beginners. The exercises can be as simple as you can manage, and you need only do 20 minutes exercise a week to begin with.

     Just start with 5 exercises a day 4 days a week. If you spend 60 seconds doing each exercise, this amounts to a mere 20 minutes a week total. Then aim to increase your workouts over time.

Here’s what you get:

  • 10 workout videos
  • 30 total workout variations
  • 5 weight loss workout plans, covering 30 days.
  • Daily motivational articles
  • 5 Weight Loss Mistakes report
  • Home Workouts – Getting Started report

       Even if you’re out of shape, are overweight or have even had a stroke like Richard, this set of exercises and videos is the perfect way to get started with none of the hassles of going to the gym.

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

       The value of 30 Day Weight Loss Exercise Plan With At Home Home Workout Videos is $27.

        So that’s nutrition and exercise covered, next is mindset…

5. Mindset – Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom

         The key to Geoff Whittington’s success in sticking to his weight loss and exercise goals to the point where he could complete a 100 mile cycling event and “resolve” his diabetes was MINDSET.

         Having a goal driven mindset is vital if you’re going to stick to your new healthier way of eating and exercise over the long-term. In fact, I’d say that mindset is ultimately what decides whether you’ll continue suffering from low energy, low moods and other blood sugar problems or finally get healthy.

        Geoff succeeded in crushing his diabetes because he set himself the goal of getting in shape in time for a special race. This kept him on track and motivated him to keep getting up even when the going got tough.

        So to help you replicate his success, I’ve included a report on mindset: Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom.

        It’s a full blown course in its own right, including mindmaps, print outs and motivational wall plans.

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

It’s topics include:

  • Goal visualization and the life you want for yourself
  • The secret to setting goals you can achieve
  • Embracing your desires so you stay commoted to your diet and exercise habits]
  • Designing and achieving your dream lifestyle
  • Energy management for pushing yourself to achieve more in life
  • The power of appreciation to stay motivated

       Following the steps in this guide will help you to set your own date or event for when you intend to have lost some weight, got your blood sugar under control and and perhaps even “resolved” your diabetes to the stage where you no longer need medication.

       Along with the report you get two bonuses:

  • Printable checklist you can put on your bedroom wall or saved on your smartphone as a reminder.
  • A mindmap to keep you refreshed on all the major points.
  • Resource Cheat Sheet for further learning
  • 10 motivational videos on pursuing your goals

       The value of this Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom and all its bonuses is $37.

6. Finding Stress Relief


       When you feel tired and stressed what do you do to make yourself feel better? Indulge in  your favorite foods?

        If you’re going to successfuly switch to a healthier way of eating and help your gut microbes wean themselves off craving sugar, you’ll need better ways of managing stress.

        In this report “Finding Stress Relief” you’ll find guidance on relaxation, lifting your mood and feeling happier without the reward of comfort eating.

It’s highlights include:

  • Acute vs chronic stress
  • Why not all stress is bad
  • Stress hormones and your health
  • Warning signs of chronic stress
  • How unmanaged stress ruins your health
  • The intrinsic links between stress and mental health
  • 18 risk factors for chronic stress
  • 14 ways to reduce work related stress
  • 27 effective stress management techniques
The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

You’ll also get these bonus reports and videos:

  • 101 Stress Busting Techniques
  • Stress and Your Diet
  • Stress Resilience – Turning Stress into An Asset
  • Setting Personal Boundaries
  • Stress Self Assessment Test
  • Stress and Symptoms Checklist
  • Chronic Stress Management Checklist
  • Relief Routine Demonstration Video
  • 7 Healthy Coping Skills for Chronic Stress Video
  • 10 Ways to Manage Work Related Stress video
The product is digital and the image is for visualization only
The value of this report and all the bonuses is $47.

Bonus Report – 7 Blood Sugar Destroyers


Switching to the keto way of eating will certainly help you lose weight in a safe, gradual way you can stick to.

        Eating more fruit and vegetables instead of processed “Frankenfood” will help to lower your blood sugar on its own.

         However, you can also give it a boost.

        There are a number of herbs, minerals and other natural ingredients which some studies suggest can help to lower blood sugar naturally.

The product is digital and the image is for visualization only

        This includes gymnema sylvestre, also known as the “destroyer of sugar”.

       This is believed to help lower your blood sugar by as much as 17% after a big meal.

          And banana skin. Yes, something as common as banana skin.

        These are just two of the many herbs and minerals you can also add to your diet to lower and maintain your blood sugar at a healthy level.

       To share more of them with you, I’ve created a special report that reveals the 7 best herbs and minerals to add to your diet.

         The value of this guide would probably be about $9, but I’m including it for free as a bonus.


Do You Risk These Symptoms?

        If you’ve been suffering from high blood sugar for a long time or have been diagnozed as a type 2 diabetic, you may already be suffering from:

  • Unquenchable thirst and endless trips to the bathroom
  • So drained of energy all you can do is lie on the sofa all day
  • Blurry vision, making it impossible to read or focus on tasks
  • Painful head aches and head stabbing migraines
  • You feel sick to your stomach and even throw up
  • Terrible skin rashes and skin infections
  • Cuts and sores start appearing all over your body
  • Nerve damage that makes your feet like blocks of ice
  • Lost mojo and problems performing in the bedroom
  • Chronic constipation and diarrhea

  And these are just the mild symptoms…

        If left to fester, high blood sugar can result in:

  • Loss of eyesight completely
  • Kidney failure
  • A foot or other limb amputated
  • Heart attack or stroke (20)

        Despite spending thousands of dollars on medications and treatments, 1.6 million people died from diabetes in 2015.(21) This vast number is expected to rocket as millions more people progress from high blood sugar to prediabetic and then full blown type 2 diabetes.

       So forget about any notions you had of diabetes being “manageable”. It can be a death sentence, and a slow, ill health plagued death at that,

       Is this the future you want for yourself?

       To see how a lack of energy and frequent bathroom breaks progresses to being collapsed in the sofa all day…

        having vision problems…

        a foot amputated to then….

         writing out your will thinking you won’t survive another day?

         I know this sounds bleak. And maybe you think I’m being overdramatic.

        But I just want to help you understand how bad diabetes can get if all you do is rely on the medications to keep you alive.

        But medications are little better than a sticking plaster over a festering sore. What you need to do is FIX the underlying health problems driving your diabetes in the first place.

What is Fixing Your Blood Sugar Worth to You?


        It’s been calculated that on average it costs $14,000 per year to treat diabetes. If you live another 20 years this amounts to $280,000!(22)

       If you don’t have medical insurance, it can cost you personally up to $500 per month on medications and injections to treat diabetes. That’s $6,000 per year. $120,000 over 20 years.(23)

       And this is just on managing the symptoms.

      You can spend all this money and not be any healthier than you are now. In fact, you’re more likely to be in much worse health if you continue on the path you’re on now, and don’t take any steps to change the habits causing your high blood sugar.

        This is why I urge you to consider investing in my “Blood Sugar Crushing System”. Instead of just focusing on diet or weight loss, it contains all the information I believe you need to lower your blood sugar and improve your health over the long-term.

       It is a complete program that may help you to:

  • Finally break free of the chains of your sugar addiction (a substance that’s more addictive than cocaine)
  • Lower your blood sugar naturally and avoid a lifetime on expensive medications that do NOTHING to resolve your blood sugar problems
  • To achieve ketosis and natural fat burning from switching to the Ketogenic diet
  • Exercise in your living room at a pace even a 67 year old stroke surivivor can manage (yet can help lower your blood sugar and improve your cardiovascular health)
  • Gain a success driven mindset for cutting the string of yo-yo dieting and gain healthier lifestyle habits you can follow for the rest of your life

Just imagine what a difference this could mean to your life?

  • You may be able to stop living in dread of whether your energy levels will suddenly crash
  • You may find your brain fog starts to fade away. With more glucose going to your brain, you may find you can concentrate for longer periods and perform better at work
  • Your muscles may feel like they have more power and energy than before
  • Your mindset may improve, and you may feel happier from increased energy and the feel good endorphins released by exercise..
  • With more energy, you can take up cycling, go for long walks with your partner and enjoy a more active lifestyle
  • You may become more productive at work and more natural energy, instead of loading up on sugary snacks to keep you going
  • Play with the grandkids without wondering when you can go to collapse again in your armchair.
  • With your blood sugar in the safe zone, you can put your fears of losing your vision or a limb from chronic inflammation behind you.

       Most importantly of all, you may avoid your blood sugar progressing to type 2 diabetes, and all the terrible health problems this entails along with a lifetime on medications, which do NOTHING to heal the inflammation driving your high blood sugar in the first place.

        Allow me to quickly run through what my Blood Sugar Crushing System comprises of:

1. Sweet and Dangerous – Everything you need to know on the dangers of sugar. How it’s linked to cancer, why it’s so addictive and much more. – Value $27

2. Ketogenic Dieting – How to adopt the keto low carb way of eating to lose weight with fewer sugar cravings, hunger pangs or missing your favorite foods – Value $47

3. Mindful Eating – A system that helps you avoid overeating, to end your junk food addiction and banish sugar cravings – Value $37

4. At Home Workouts – A complete set of exercises you can complete in your living room that help lower your blood sugar in just 30 minutes a week – Value $27

5. Goal Setting to Live a Life of Freedom How to set goals, create a roadmap and develop a success driven mindset for adopting new healthier lifestyle habits over the long-term – Value $37

6. Managing Stress – Stress relief tactics so you can find other ways of releasing tension instead of succumbing to sugar cravings – Value $47

7. 7 blood sugar destroying herbs and minerals to add to your diet – A FREE report on natural ingredients with a long history in alternative medicine for lowering blood sugar

In total, my Blood Sugar Crushing System amounts to:



All of these products are digital and the images are for visualization only

       This set of reports provides everything you may ever need to improve your weight, blood sugar and all round health.

        Do you think avoiding a lifetime on medications is worth $202 to you?

        Remember that treating diabetes can cost you $6,000 per year. So $202 is a drop in the ocean in comparison (or less than one week’s worth of medications and health costs). And the eating habits, exercise routines and mindset hacks you’ll gain will be with you for the rest of your life. Potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the years to come.

        Do you think $202 is a price worth paying to enhance your energy, health and enjoyment of life?

       After all, money replenishes. Yet you can’t put a price on what a difference being  healthy means to your enjoyment of life. 

       Well, I’ve got some great news for you.

       To gain my Blood Sugar Crushing System you wont need to pay $202…

       In fact, you wont even need to spend half that amount….

       Because you’ve read this article to this point, I know you’re serious about escapiing the chains of sugar addiction and the clutches of type 2 diabetes. So you can gain the complete Blood Sugar Crushing System for a single payment of:   



       That’s it.

       No monthly membership fees or staggered payments. Just a single $97 will get you every special report, video and bonus in my complete system for CRUSHING blood sugar safely and naturally..

       This is a $105 discount on the program’s total value.

      To get the Blood Sugar Crushing System simply click on the button below.

       You’ll then be taken to a checkout page to enter your payment details. This page uses the latest encryption methods to ensure any information you enter is completely secure.

       After completing your purchase, the complete set of reports will be immediately sent to you by email.

If You Don’t Lose Weight and Lower Your Blood Sugar in 60 Days, I Will Refund Your Purchase

As someone whose personally overcome health problems through nutrition, exercise and mindset, I believe having a holistic system to follow is vital for balancing your blood sugar.

Simply exercising or changing your diet in isolation isn’t enough. You also need to be able to develop a goal driven mindset, to be able to manage stress, avoid comfort eating and to understand how to wean your gut’s microbes off their sugar addiction.

       I believe my Blood Sugar Crushing System provides all of this and can help you finally improve your health, no matter how many diets or exercise routines you’ve tried in the past. 

       However, I want you to feel confident in giving it a try, and that you’re not risking your money. So your investment is protected with a 60 day guarantee.

       If after reading all the reports, adopting the keto diet, exercising for 24 minutes a week in your living room and addressing your mindset, you think the program isnt working for you then you simply need to send an email to Clickbank (the payment provider). Your purchase will be refunded without any back and forth.

       All that I ask is that you give it a fair try before admitting defeat and asking for your money back.

       So I’d like to do a deal…

      Start a Diary on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop to Track Your Progress, or Mark it in Your Calendar


       How will you know whether following the advice in my system is improving your health? The best way is to keep a diary.

       On day one I’d like you to check your blood sugar, record your weight and take a photo of yourself in the mirror. Mark these details down on day one.

       Then I’d like you to simply follow the advice in the reports. This includes switching to the keto way of eating (while allowing yourself to eat your favorite foods in moderation), exercise 2 or 3 times a week following the routines and exercises in the home workouts report and using stress relief exercises when you feel like comfort eating.

       Then I’d like you to record your blood sugar, weight and to take a photo once a week and record them all in your diary.

        I’m confident that if you follow these steps you’ll have more energy, can think clearer, have a better mood and many other health benefits from my Blood Sugar Crushing System, benefits which continue to build over time.

       However, if your weight doesn’t reduce, your blood sugar is the same or you DON’T notice any improvement at all then I dont want you to think the system has been a waste of money.

       Simply send Clickbank (the payment processor) an email and your purchase will be refunded. No questions asked or proof that you’ve not made any progress required. 

Which Future Will You Choose?

       You can close this page and continue the path you’re on now.

       You can continue to worry about the damage high blood sugar is doing to your health…

        Continue to suffer from feeling drained of energy, having problems concentrating and suffering from low moods…

       If your blood sugar stays at chronically high levels then you risk developing type 2 diabetes and all its awful health complications…

        This includes the risk of poor blood circulation, losing sight in one eye or even having a foot amputated.

      You’ll also be putting yourself at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.

       Unless you can lower your blood sugar naturally, your only other option is a lifetime on pharmaceutical drugs.

       Remember that these drugs just treat the symptoms. They do nothing to heal the inflammation that’s causing your high blood sugar in the first place. And they may cost thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

       You’ll also have to take them for the rest of your life, during which your health problems will likely get worse, leading to more hospital visits and a lower quality of life.

       Like I said before, relying on medications alone is like having a stone in your shoe. Rather than address the problem, you’re forced to hobble along with the stone rubbing into your foot. Pharmaceutical drugs may dull the pain. But the damage the stone does to your foot will only get worse the longer you leave it.

       Whereas my Blood Sugar Crushing System is like taking your shoe off to get rid of the stone altogether. You can then be on your way without it digging into you, or spending a fortune on medications that only dull the symptoms.

       By following the steps in my reports, my hope is that you’ll discover how to improve your nutrition, to harness ketosis to burn fat, to be able to exercise and to balance your blood sugar in just 24 minutes exercise a week, as well as address all the thought patterns and sugar cravings that have kept you a prisoner to food cravings.

       You may be wondering…

How Can I Be Sure Your Blood Sugar Crushing System Will Work for Me?

       Dduring this video I shared with you the stories of DeVaughn King , John Hall and Geoff Whittington.

       People who were dangerously overweight, had suffered strokes and were worried their high blood sugar would claim their life.

       All 3 of them could have chosen to give up.  To accept their health problems as a bad roll of a dice, and premature death as their fate.

       But instead they took a stand.

       Rather than feel sorry for themselves and to allow themselves to be victims of their sugar addiction, they took control of their lives.

       They educated themselves on healthy eating.

        They got out of the sofa and started moving, getting their blood flowing and burning off the sugar from their system.

        They also set themselves goals and kept going, even if they did slip sometimes and eat fried food or missed a training session.

        All three of them are now in the best shape of their lives. They’ve all succeeded in lowering their blood sugar.

        And you only need to look at the grin on their faces to understand what improving their health has meant to them.

       I want the same transformation to happen to you.

       Remember that your investment in the Blood Sugar Lowering program is protected by a 60 day money back guarantee.

       All I ask is that you give it a try. That you invest the small amount of money my system costs along with your time and energy into turning your health and life around.

       Just imagine what life could be like a few months or years from now if my system works for you. You could be in better shape, free from sugar cravings, eating smart and with the energy to enjoy life. Isn’t it worth investing $97 to find out?

Click the “Add to Cart” Button Right Below to place your order for my Blood Sugar CRUSHING System and take action to support your overall health, right NOW!

You’ll Be So Happy You Did When You
Start Seeing The Results!

Gareth Churchill

P.S. If you’ve struggled to lose weight, eat properly and exercise up to now it’s likely because you were missing a piece of the puzzble. My Blood Sugar Crushing System  addresses all the areas of your lifestyle you need to improve to succeed, so you get a complete picture on how to improve to your all round health and get your blood sugar out of the danger zone.

P.P.S. Without insurance, it can cost up to $500 per month on medications to treat type 2 diabetes. That’s $6,000 per year and $120,000 over 20 years. Whereas I believe my Blood Sugar Crushing system has the potential to save you these costs and reduce future hospital bills from all the damage it can do to your health. Do you think $97 is a small price to pay to get your health under control? Remember that you are protected by a 60 day guarantee. So if your health or blood sugar doesn’t improve at all, your purchase can be refunded in full.

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