Man Reverses His Diabetes and Gets off Prescription Drugs Following THIS Contrarian Diet

A freight train of chronic disease is hurtling towards us and we can’t seem to get out of the way!

Already in the US:

And the stats on degenerative diseases just get worse year after year.

It’s clear that mainstream medicine’s solution of medicating the symptoms isn’t working.

So until we get rational planning from the powers that be, we’re on our own. And eveyone has to take responsibility for their own health.

This is exactly what one man, called Jeff Cyr, did.

His story sounds traumatic. Like something out of a brutal soap opera. Yet what he went through is a daily reality for millions of people.

Not being educated on nutrition had led to Jeff weighing 345 pounds as a teenager

His bad eating habits continued to compress over the years. He had back surgery twice, and was declared permanately disabled before his 40s.

His poor diet and lack of exercise then resulted in type 2 diabetes and liver disease. All his doctors could do was prescribe him a daily cocktail of drugs. Even then, they still told him he had only 8 years to live.

By this point, most people would admit defeat. They’d collapse in front of the TV, binge on Netflix and await the grim reaper’s arrival.

But not Jeff.

He fought back. And adopted a contrarian diet that went against the advice of his doctors, his dietician and the mainstream medical establishment.

Yet it resulted in him:

  • Losing 163 lbs in 14 months
  • Dropping his fasting blood sugar to 72-83 while his A1C dropped to 4.4.
  • His diabetes was declared resolved
  • His triglycerides fell from 200 to 38.
  • His LDL dropped from 100 to 64, while his HDL went from 29 to 105,
  • He was declared CLEARED of liver disease
  • He STOPPED taking daily painkillers

And all without the pills, injections and medications he’d been taking daily for as long as he could remember.

Jeff now weighs  a healthy and stable 195 lbs, and has stayed there for years. He’s even regained the muscle and bone density he lost from misguided attempts at crash weight loss diets. And feels he’s in his best shape in decades.

“I am 55 years old but I can honestly say I feel like I was 30 years old. I am full of energy and have very clear thinking. I now feel good about my life for the first time in a long time. I feel that I have many many more years ahead of me!” – Jeff

The Secret to Jeff’s Life Transforming Diet

If you’d like to know how Jeff shredded toxic visceral fat without stavation dieting, miser or rebound weight, I’ve written a special article about it in which I also reveal a food program I’ve developed that can help you replicate Jeff’s success.

I also reveal:

  • How the same diet helps Halle Berry maintain a tight, toned body in her fifties
  • The shocking reason why a huge 5 year government study was buried for decades after it failed to prove dietary fat causes heart attacks
  • Why functional doctors, like Dr Mercola, believe Jeff’s diet could be the answer to America’s obesity epidemic
  • Studies published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Pediatric Journal and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism which prove Jeff’s diet can provide effective long-term weight loss

If you’re suffering from heart disease, type 2 diabetes or any other type of chronic disease, the main cause is probably your diet. And adopting Jeff’s contrarian way of eating could be the answer to losing toxic visceral fat and improving your health and longevity.

Find out what Jeff’s contrarian diet is and how it can help you lose weight without the food cravings, pain and misery of traditional dieting


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