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If you suffer from indigestion, bloating, gas or other symptoms, Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut offers a natural pathway to a happier, healthier digestive system through the power of nutrient dense foods

Here’s a fraction of what it covers…

✔ The little known danger of taking too many probiotic supplements (p.10)

✔4 clever “dinner table habits” for smoother digestion (p.11)

✔ The “super hero” nutrient found in a common vegetable for improved digestion, muscle function, and relieved constipation (p.12)

✔ Who should never eat bran for relieving constipation (and what to eat instead) (p.17)

✔ 3 foods that murder your gut health (p.18)

✔ Why high stress levels increase the risk of long-term intestinal fatigue (and how a healthy gut helps lower stress on its own) (p.21)

✔ 2 little known ways of relieving heartburn naturally (p.23)

✔ Smart way of cooking broccoli to reduce stomach bloat (p.26)

✔ 6 common grocery store foods everyone should eat to avoid leaky gut (p.28)

✔ How to boost levels of digestive enzymes through food, rather than expensive supplements (p.32)

✔ 7 kitchen spices for bulletproofing your gut (you likely have 3 of these in your cupboard) (p.34)

✔ 7 probiotic super foods for rebalancing your gut bacteria you can find in your local grocery store (p.38)

✔ 1 x gut repair meal plan (p.42)

✔ 1 x gut maintenance meal plan (p.43)

✔ 29 gut enriching recipes with ingredients, cooking instructions and photos (p.46-69)

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