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Secrets to Brighter Brain Health is for anyone experiencing brain fog, ‘tip of the tongue’ syndrome, losing their keys, or just feeling their brain isn’t as focused as it needs to be.Secrets to Brighter Brain Health reveals the dangers and bad lifestyle habits that can age the brain and make it slower. Yet it also reveals steps people can take to look after their brains and experience clearer thoughts, greater focus, and mental energy at any age.

Here’s what to covers…

✔ Little known benefits of quiet time for boosting brain power

✔ The vital role of sleep on brain health (you may be going to bed early tonight after reading this)

✔ Warning signs of chronic mental fatigue (you may be experiencing 1 or 2 of these already)

✔ Why stress wrecks havoc to short-term memory and speed of thought

✔ Under reported effects of cell phones and wireless waves on the brain (these SHOCKING details explain the fears over 5G) 

✔ How sugar ROTS brain cells (and how to sweeten your food safely)

✔ Brain enhancing exercises you can do in minutes each day

✔ Why everyone over 60 should meditate for at least 20 mins daily (and how to do it the RIGHT way to stay focused)

✔ Amazing yet inexpensive brain foods you can find in your local food store

✔ Essential vitamins for brain health missing from most diets

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