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Stress is the #1 cause of food cravings and comfort eating. If you want to sustain healthy eating habits over the long haul, you need a system for relieving stressful thoughts and emotions without reaching for a tub of ice cream or your favorite bagel.

The Stress Soothing System provides a complete stress reduction solution. Simply implement what it teaches you, and you’ll feel your stress fade away to be replaced with a new peace and serenity. Your new healthier eating habits will be much easier to sustain as a result.

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

– A complete system for understanding why stress occurs, why it’s terrible for your body and your brain, identifying your stress triggers, and a whole heap of tools and strategies for relieving it.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO CHRONIC STRESS – Everything you need to know about better understanding stress and how to relieve it (Discover how to use stress as a source of energy, rather than a threat)
101 STRESS BUSTING TECHNIQUES! – Over 100 ways of relieving stress and lifting your spirits so you can avoid comfort eating when you’re feeling down, but gain a more happy, positive outlook instead (Just a few of these tactics can help you break free of emotional eating for good)
18 MINUTE HYPNOSIS FOR RELIEVING FOOD CRAVINGS – Whenever the cravings strike, simply pop on some headphones, lie back, and allow this guided meditation take the stress away (It’s like having a one to one session with a hypnotist, every day of the week, without the cost or leaving the comfort of your own home).
Gain a complete system for finally breaking the chains of emotional eating and cravings for foods that ruin your gut, stifle your metabolism, and sabotage your ability to lose weight long-term.

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NO reduction in your stress levels…

NO reduction in your food cravings…

NO reduction in emotional eating…

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