My name is Matt Ambrose.

For years I struggled with cramps, bloating and indigestion

I also battled with low energy…

And feeling mentally wiped out by mid-afternoon.

Despite going to bed exhausted…

I struggled to sleep for more than a few hours straight.

I also suffered from ugly patches of eczema…

And I’d struggle with a layer of belly fat despite regulat cycle rides.

The good news is I finally made a breakthrough.

I discovered my indigestion problems… low energy… problems sleeping… and other health issues weren’t due to bad genes or not taking the right supplements.

They were due to MODERN FOOD!

Modern foods are loaded with processed sugars… fast carbs… gluten… MSG… additives… preservatives… and all sorts of chemicals invented in Big Food’s labs to improve taste and shelf life…

But ingredients that wreck TERRIBLE damage to people’s guts.

In fact, millions of people now struggle with health problems due to the gut damage wrecked by processed foods.

This includes:

● Cravings for sugary, fatty foods that result in lethal belly fat
● Nutrient deficiency that leave us drained of energy
● Inflammation that can trigger erratic blood sugar and
rocketing cholesterol
● Sleeping problems, resulting in chronic fatigue
● Increased risk of autoimmune disorders, like lupus, multiple
sclerosis, psoriasis and arthritis
● Skin conditions like acne outbreaks, eczema and psoriasis
● Food intolerances and allergies
● Higher vulnerability to colds, flu and toxic invader

The good news is ALL these symptoms can be REVERSED…

And without expensive supplements or stepping foot in a doctor’s office.


By eating HEALING FOODS instead

When we eat healthier food it helps to heal and strengthen the gut…

To improve our digestion and nutrient absorption…

And it releases a FLOOD of health benefits throughout the body.

In fact, after I switched to a diet rich in gut healing foods…

Within a few short weeks I experienced:

  • Twice daily bowel movements like clockwork
  • Being able to enjoy my favorite foods again
  • Fewer allergies and clearer skin
  • Improved sleep, so I can leap out of bed bursting with energy
  • My patches of eczema VANISHED to reveal healthy skin underneath
  • Getting fewer colds and flu than I used to

In fact, I’ve never felt so energized and happy in life!

My transformation has been so remarkable…

I made it my mission to help MORE people experience the health benefits of GUT HEALING foods.

So on this website I share my favorite gut healing recipes.

And to get people started on their adventure to a healthier gut… fewer inflammatory symptoms… and feeling more energized in daily life…

I created a…

FREE ‘7 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan + 11 Recipes’ guide…

To introduce more people to the benefits of clean eating.

Its recipes includes:

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