Erudite Lifestyle is the creation of natural health researcher Gareth Churchill.

Gareth’s journey towards becoming a natural health expert started when his doctor tried to prescribe him beta-blockers for mild anxiety – medications normally prescribed for high blood pressure.

Gareth wasn’t convinced this was the best solution.

After doing his own research, and discovering anxiety can be relieved naturally through exercise, diet changes, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Gareth decided he didn’t want to leave his health in the hands of a system focused on prescribing medications for symptoms rather than addressing root causes.

Gareth’s experience of mainstream medicine’s prescription obsession led to him researching the latest science on all manner of health conditions. And he discovered that conditions like erratic blood sugar, high cholesterol, and brain fog can all be relived through healthy lifestyle changes.

Rather than keep what he discovered to himself, Gareth decided to share them on the internet.

And so, Erudite Lifestyle was born.

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