Erudite Lifestyle is the creation of natural health researcher Gareth Churchill.

Our motto is ‘Life is Best Lived Intelligently’. And was born from Gareth’s passion for spreading awareness on health topics and information rarely covered by mainstream medicine.

Gareth’s journey towards becoming a natural health expert started when his doctor tried to prescribe him beta-blockers for mild anxiety – medications normally prescribed for high blood pressure.

Gareth wasn’t convinced this was the best solution.

After doing his own research, and discovering anxiety can be relieved naturally through exercise, diet changes, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Gareth decided he didn’t want to leave his health in the hands of a system focused on prescribing medications for symptoms rather than addressing root causes.

Sadly, Gareth is not alone.

More people than ever seem to be suffering from problems with anxiety, erratic blood sugar, unbalanced cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, and all manner of chronic illnesses.

And like most people, Gareth…

didn’t give his health the attention it deserved until things started breaking down.

Gareth wanted to ensure both himself and his wife, Helen, would have the energy, independence, and mental capacity to enjoy the fruits of their life’s labor.

But sadly, he found it hard to get answers.

Much like in the US, when you go to see a doctor in the UK they just look up your symptoms on a computer, write out a prescription, and send you off to buy some meds. 

But anyone with a basic grasp of biology knows, the human body is a marvel at healing itself from within. 

It doesn’t NEED most of these meds.

What it NEEDS is the correct nutrients, daily exercise (for the body AND brain), and healthy lifestyle habits.

Gareth recently discovered this after reading some alarming books on the mainstream medical machine (including Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre and The Health Delusion by Glen Matten and  Aidan Goggins).

And found out that if we rely on advice from an industry driven by the pursuit of profits ahead of cures, we may be putting our long-term health in jeopardy. 

But the natural health world isn’t a paradigm of virtue either.

There’s all sorts of quackery, poorly researched articles, and hypey marketing you’ve got to navigate to find the truth on what health remedies really work.

So to help more people find their way to better vitality and fewer visits to the doctor’s office, Gareth launched the Erudite Lifestyle website and newsletter.

Along with natural health, one of Gareth’s passions is taking part in medieval battle re-enactments.

Helen thinks he’s nuts getting dressed up as a Saxon from the dark ages or an Elizabethan round head.

But charging through muddy fields in the rain to repel an imaginary invasion is what makes Gareth feel ALIVE!


And may share some of his (imaginary) war stories in his newsletter.

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