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High Protein Blueberry Pancakes

According to the Environmental Working Group…

We’re now surrounded by 80,000 chemicals in our daily lives.😬

This means that – whether from household cleaning sprays, car fumes or an endless list of other sources – we’re ingesting a daily ‘drip drip’ of toxins into our bodies.🤢

We still don’t know exactly what this means for our long-term health. 

But some studies show that the ‘toxic load’ we’re carrying is getting locked into our fat cells and may be increasing the risk of chronic inflammation…🔥

Which in turn can cause blood sugar issues… rocketing cholesterol… and all sorts of chronic symptoms.

So it’s a good idea to help your body detox to reduce all the chemicals we ingest daily.

How can this be done?

One way is to sit in a sauna every day and sweat the toxins out.😅

Another way is through food!😋

One of the most potent antioxidant foods around are blueberries.

As well as helping to flush out toxins…

Blueberries may reduce DNA damage to protect against aging…

Protect health cholesterol levels…

And lower blood pressure.

So it’s no wonder blueberries are regarded as one of the top ‘superfoods’.

And my blueberry pancake recipe allows you to get a delicious daily dose of blueberries…🥞

With an optional added scoop of whey protein for an every boost.🏃‍♀️

While being gut healthy, as it contains ZERO sugar!

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