How to Relieve Cramps, Gas, and Bloating without Pills or Supplements 

Includes 2 x Meal Plans and 29 x Gut Enriching Recipes

“All Disease Begins in the Gut”

– Hippocrates,  father of medicine, 431 B.C. 

       If you often suffer from gas, bloating, cramps  other digestive problems, poor gut health is likely to blame.

        When your gut is in poor shape you can struggle to digest food properly. This then triggers indigestion problems.

        Thankfully, your gut health can be improved through healthy diet changes. This is what Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut is all about.

This is not a physical book but a downloadable digital product

        This easy to read yet thorough guide reveals all the key facts about what causes digestive problems. It also includes two meal plans and 29 delicious, gut enriching recipes to provide a clear pathway to a healthy gut and relieving of digestion problems naturally through food.

A Healthy Gut is the Key to Improved Digestion and All Round Health

A healthy diet is able to influence your health is by the fact that it helps create an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria in your gut, while decreasing pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and yeast.Dr Mercola
“80 percent of your immune system is in your microbiome, your body’s bacteria, which help your body with just about every process, including helping you to digest your food, think clearly and even maintain a healthy weight.”  Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Find out what this natural probiotic food is you make at home

What You’ll Discover

Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut is packed with digestive health secrets and tips on gaining and sustaining robust gut health. This includes:

 The #1 reason why 1 in 4 people now suffer from chronic digestion problems (p.8)
The little-known danger of taking too many probiotic supplements (p.10)
4 clever “dinner table” eating habits relieving bloating (p.11)
#1 nutrient found in a common vegetable that improves digestion, muscle function, and relieves constipation on its own (p.12)
How long after quitting processed food you should expect results (p.15)
Who should never eat bran for constipation (and what to eat instead) (p.17)
 3 worst foods that murder your digestive system (p.18)
Why high-stress rockets the danger of long-term intestinal fatigue (p.21)
2 little-known natural ways of relieving heartburn naturally (p.23)
Best way to cook broccoli to reduce stomach bloat (p.26)
6 foods everyone should eat to avoid leaky gut (p.28)
How to boost levels of digestive enzymes through food rather than expensive supplements (p.32)
7 spices for bulletproofing your gut (you likely have 3-4 of these in your cupboard) (p.34)
7 probiotic superfoods for rebalancing your gut microbiome (p.38)
 2 x meal plans (repair and maintenance) (p.42)
29 x gut enriching recipes with ingredients, cooking instructions (p.46-69)

The foods you eat have a direct impact on the health of your gut

29 Gut Enriching Recipes

Choose from easy to make breakfast meals, delicious lunch dishes, and mouth watering dinner recipes all made from gut healthy ingredients: 

– Probiotic Superfood Burger that’s healthy to eat
– Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Fried Capers
– Broccoli Stalk, Kimchi & Zucchini Salad
– Mango, coconut and chia seed pots
– Chicken goujons with walnut & red pepper spread

…and more all with ingredients lists, easy-to-follow instructions, and most with photos.

Smoothies are a great way of boosting your gut with natural probiotics


60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

         Read all the information and follow the meals plans for 60 days.

        If you notice no change in your gut health, don’t get round to implementing the meal plans, or just aren’t impressed with the quality of the information, just send an email to support with your order number to get every cent refunded.

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