Hidden Vegetable Oil Wrecks Gut and Brain Health – UCLA study

PLUS a ‘five minute gut health hack’ for repairing the damage in a few short weeks. No, it’s not an overpriced supplement or any ‘band-aid’ solution

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Canola used to be regarded as the least healthy vegetable oil.(7)

But there’s a new contender to its crown.

A vegetable oil used for fast food frying… to make tinned foods… and in many foods labelled ‘heart healthy’.

In fact, it’s the most widely eaten vegetable oil in America.

But according to scientists from California University (UCLA), this vegetable oil isn’t healthy at all.(1)

More Fattening than Processed Sugar

Previously, the scientists had found that this vegetable oil wrecks such terrible damage to the gut that it’s more fattening then processed sugar.(2)

As study author Poonamjot Deol warned in 2015, this vegetable oil is “causing more obesity and diabetes than fructose.”(3)

And now in an updated study, the UCLA scientists found it triggers “genetic changes in the brain” as well.

What are the results of these genetic changes?

Increased risk of memory loss… nervousness… and dark moods.

All symptoms lots of people are struggling with right now. And symptoms which the studies shows are being made worse by people’s diets.

Commenting on the second study, Poonamjot Deol said, “If there’s one message I want people to take away, it’s this: reduce consumption.”

What is this brain rotting vegetable oil?

In a minute I’ll reveal:

What this vegetable oil is and how people can eliminate it from their diet

Which vegetable oil the UCLA scientists found to be a FAR healthier alternative

A five minute ‘gut health hack’ for repairing the damage to the gut and brain in record time

This gut health hack isn’t a supplement… choking down weird fermented foods… antacids… enzymes or any ‘band-aid’ solution.

Yet it’s like…

3 supplements in 1 for a tiny fraction of the price

My name is Matt Ambrose. I’m the founder of Erudite Lifestyle.

A little over a year ago my diet was giving me SEVERE gut issues.

I’d blow up like a toad after meals…

I’d get cramps so painful I could barely move…

And I had to make mad dashes to the bathroom before my bowels exploded.

But worse of all, I’d get VILE gas.

One bout of gas was so EMBARRASSING I thought it had RUINED my career.

I knew I had to find a PERMANENT solution to my gut issues.

So I spent countless hours researching to find out which inflammatory foods were wrecking havoc to my boweks…

And the BEST foods that would heal and strengthen my gut in record time.

A journey that led to me discovering my ‘Five Minute Gut Health Hack’.

A hack that doesn’t involve… 

X Platefuls of weird fermented food

X Calorie restriction or starvation dieting

X Choking down fistfuls of supplements

Yet it helped me gain:

✔ Twice daily bowel movements like clockwork

✔ Being able to enjoy my favorite foods again

✔ Relieved my allergies and blotchy skin

✔ Improved my sleep, so I now jump out of bed bursting with energy

✔ Stronger immune defenses against colds, flu and toxic invaders

What is my ‘Five Minute Gut Health Hack’?

One lady I shared it with said she’d happily pay $10 for it.

Yet, I decided to give it away for FREE.

So later in thie article, I’ll reveal…

How to make it from simple ingredients for pennies on the dollar.

Ingredients that are POTENT sources of gut enriching nutrients…

yet will save people hundreds of dollars on what supplements containing them cost.

But before that… 

In this article I’m going to expose why antacids, laxatives and other chemical remedies are little better than ‘band-aids’. 

Because they do NOTHING to heal the ROOT cause of gut health issues.

And if taken for too long they can even make digestive issues WORSE.(4)

Taking enzymes and expensive probiotic supplements isn’t much better.

Because a team of Israeli scientists were SHOCKED to discover probiotic pills don’t work for 1 in 2 people.

I’ll share full details of this study later in the article…

Along with something else I read that’s ever MORE disturbing…

That 120 of the world’s leading scientists have warned there’s a common gut condition that’s the #1 threat to people’s immune systems.(6)

That’s right!

A BIGGER threat than being overweight, elderly or having underlying health issues.

Yet I also have good news to share.

Because I’m going to reveal how to reverse this common gut condition in 30 days or less from the comfort of home.

So lot’s of fantastic info on achieving optimal gut health coming up.

And information that can be life transforming for anyone yearning to gain regular bowel movements…

A strong, healthy gut so they can feast on their favorite foods again…

A happier, clearer brain…

A stronger immunity shield…

and more vim and vigor in daily life!

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