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Join a 30 Day Gut Healing Challenge with the Accountability and Support for Making Healthy Eating a Success

For Helen every day was a gruelling test of willpower.

She battled with a list of inflammatory symptoms as long as her arm:

Achy joints…

Itchy skin rashes…

Brain fog so thick she barely felt present…

Low moods that sapped her motivation…

Clingy fat on her thighs, stomach and upper arms…

Erratic blood sugar that left her drained of energy…

High cholesterol that made her dread every doctor’s appointment…

And if that wasn’t enough…

Helen also had indigestion symptoms like:


Leaky gut…

Cramps and a bloated belly after every meal.

Helen had done her research. She knew her diet was to blame.

That too many microwave dinners… sugary snacks… and not enough fruit and veggies were to blame for her ever worsening health.

But all that knowledge did was make her feel guilty, ashamed and blaming herself.

Because no matter how hard she tried…

She found it IMPOSSIBLE to stick to healthy eating habits for long.

She tried eating keto, paleo, Weight Watchers and even joined the vegan tribe.

But her cravings for sugary, carb loaded foods always took over. So that all it took was a stressful day and she’d be back gorging on her favorite Hawaiian pizza.

Helen was angry at the Big Food companies for making their foods so addictive. 

And for loading their processed ‘Frankenfoods’ with hidden sugars…

Starchy carbs…

GMOs like gluten…

And all sorts of chemical additives that did a number on her insides.

Helen was desperate to change her diet and finally be HEALTHY

She yearned to wake in the morning and leap out of bed brimming with energy…

To feel happy, light and motivated when she arrived at work…

Rather than irritable, drained of energy by 11am and so moody she avoided her colleagues in the break room.

Helen also longed to be healed of the bloating, achy joints and brain fog that blighted her day.

But Helen felt like she was TRAPPED.

That there was no way to overcome these barriers:

X Eating healthy is expensive. I can’t afford it

X Cooking healthy food is too time consuming

X My cravings are too overpowering to ignore

X I can’t switch to healthy eating on my own

The good news is that Helen found a way to overcome ALL these barriers.

She found a way of switching to a diet rich in healthy, nutritious foods.

A diet that healed her gut…

Soothed her achy joints…

Gave her a clearer, sharper brain…

Released flowing all day energy…

Got her cholesterol and blood sugar under control…

And led to her feeling the most vibrantly healthy in years! 

Because you see, as Helen discovered…

The barriers to healthy eating are easy to clear!

When you count the cost of medications and sickness from eating sugar loaded, fattening junk foods…

Eating healthy can save thousands of dollars a year!

Sure, cooking healthy meals takes longer than throwing a pre-made dinner in the microwave…

But cooking can provide a time to relax, unwind and do something more fulfilling than cramming in another episode on Netflix.

It’s also possible to cook healthy meals in 20 minutes or less…

And from recipes so easy to follow a 5th grader could cook them. 

And when your taste buds get used to healthy, nutritious foods…

Cravings for sugary, fatty foods VANISH within 2 weeks

In fact, after switching to healthier foods, you may wonder why you enjoyed such sugary snacks in the first place.

And here’s the best part…

There’s no need to feel alone on your journey to eating healthy food and healing your body.

Because there’s now a way to get all the support, guidance and accountability you need ONLINE!


Through a 30 day gut healing foods a program.

A program I created to help more people experience the JOY of seeing their health TRANSFORM as they throw out the processed garbage…

And eat simple, easy to prepare healthy meals instead.

And a program you can join on this page.

My name is Matt Ambrose.

For years I struggled with cramps, bloating and indigestion misery.

I also battled with feeling drained of energy all the time…

Feeling mentally wiped out by mid-afternoon…

And struggling to sleep for more than a few hours straight.

I also had ugly patches of eczema on my hands…

And an ugly layer of belly fat that refused to budge.

The good news is that I reversed ALL these symptoms…

And without super restrictive dieting….

Expensive supplements…

Or stepping foot in a doctor’s office.

How did I do it?

From a diet rich in GUT HEALING FOODS!

Why is eating gut healing foods so powerful?

Because as any functional health therapist will tell you…

All health starts with the gut.

The gut is the core of all health in the body.

Because you see…

The role of the gut goes far beyond digestion and nutrient absorption.

A healthy gut is vital for producing hormones and enzymes…  

The gut is where we create white blood cells to fight colds, flu and toxic invaders…

And a healthy gut is vital for a healthy liver…

So our body can eliminate all the toxins now impacting people’s heath on a massive scale.

For this reason…

When the gut is out of whack, health throughout the body suffers.

Whereas when the gut is strong and healthy…

It releases a FLOOD of health transforming benefits throughout the body!

In fact, after I switched to a diet rich in gut healing foods, within a few short weeks I experienced:

Twice daily bowel movements like clockwork

 Being able to enjoy my favorite foods again with painful bloating and cramps

Getting to sleep faster and staying asleep, so awake BURSTING with energy and eager to seize the day

✔ My patches of eczema VANISHED to reveal clear healthy skin 

I rarely get colds and flu, or get sick at all

In fact, I’ve never felt so energized, healthy and happy in life!

My transformation has been so remarkable…

I made it my mission to help MORE people experience the health transforming benefits of GUT HEALING foods!

Because on my journey I also discovered how HARD eating healthy can be without a plan to follow.

The challenges that block many healthy eating attempts include:

1. Finding the time to prepare and cook healthy meals

2. Overcoming the cravings for sugary, fatty foods get 

3. Avoiding snacking between meals

4. Feeling supported when nobody else is eating healthy

So you know what I did?

I created a 30 day gut healing challenge that guides people in how to overcome these challenges.

A 30 day journey that provides: 

  • Done-for-you weekly shopping lists
  • Recipes for easy and quick to make gut healthy meals
  • Meal plans for guiding people on what to eat each day to achieve their nutrition and health goals
  • A private community that provides support and accountability
  • 1-to-1 guidance every step of the way

The goal is that after 30 days you will have eliminated the sugars, chemicals and toxins in processed ‘Frankenfoods’ from your diet…

And be eating nutritious meals that heal, detoxify and strengthen the gut…

And act like medicine for the body.

So that after 30 days, you can look forward to health transforming benefits that include:

  • Being able to enjoy your favorite foods without painful cramps and bloating
  • Flowing all day energy from increased nutrient absorption
  • Clearer, smoother younger looking skin
  • Slimmer thighs, slender arms and a deflated tummy
  • No more cravings for sugary junk foods… but instead cravings for nutrient rich fruit and veggies
  • A clear, sharper brain for staying alert and productive all day
  • Calmer, happier moods thanks to increased production of feel good hormones in the gut
  • More blissful hours of rejuvenating sleep from reduced stress and calmer moods
  • Fewer aches and pains thanks to increased amounts of fatty acids in your diet
  • Healthier blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Reinforced immunity defenses against colds and flus

That’s a heck of a lot of health benefits, don’t you think?

Yet all are possible due to the simple fact that processed junk foods WRECK the gut and trigger a chain reaction of health problems…

Healthy, nutritious foods act like medicine for healing the gut and body.

As Eric Rimm, professor at Harvard School of Public Health, says:

“It’s clear that people who are coached on how to eat a Mediterranean diet high in nuts or olive oil get more benefit than we’ve found in similarly conducted trials.”

Want to know the best part?

My 30 Day Gut Healing Challenge is NOT A DIET!

There’s no rigid food restrictions, calorie counting or hunger involved.

Instead, you get to eat your favorite foods in moderation. And adjust to a healthy diet at a pace that suits you.

Had a stressful day and craved a slice of sugary chocolate cake? Go ahead!

The reason eating your favorite foods in moderation is allowed is because if you try to go cold turkey and switch too fast you risk feelng deprirved.

You’ll then inevitably rebel and totally derailing your healthy eating attempt.

So the goal over 30 days is to instead…

Making the switch to healthy eating as easy, hassle free and comfortable as possible.

Another reason most people fail to stick to healthy eating habits is because they don’t feel supported…

They lack the motivation to continue cooking healthier meals…

Or they don’t feel like there’s any accountability.

Or anyone to keep them on track.

Well, those are all problems my 30 day gut healing challenge solves.

It comprises of 3 pillars.

Pillar 1: Gut Enriching, Anti-inflammatory and Immunity Boosting Foods

This is a digital product sent by email. Not a physical book

The key reason why so many people now suffer from inflammatory conditions…

Like leaky gut, SIBO, candida and IBS…

Is due the ultra processed foods in modern diets.(8)

The typical modern diet is filled with foods loaded with preservatives, additives, and hidden sugars.

All ingredients that wreak havoc to the gut’s delicate balance of healthy bacteria.

And foods that punch holes in the wafer thin layer between the gut and bloodstream (don’t worry if you don’t know about this. I explain ALL in the course).

So Pillar 1 of The Gut Health Transformation is all about transitioning to a healthier way of eating in a gradual way.

But like I said…

It’s NOT a DIET.

There’s no calorie counting or rigid food restrictions involved.

Instead we follow the 80/20 rule where cheat meals are allowed.

All that matters is you make the transition to healthy eating at a gradual and SUSTAINABLE pace.

Yet, when you see some of the foods we’ll be eating, I think you’ll embrace healthy eating with gusto.

Because the recipes have all been carefully selected to be delicious and filling…

And to feed your gut with the nutrients it needs to repair itself and thrive.

This includes:

Spicy Thai Red Curry with Brown Rice

Broccoli Stalks, Kimchi & Zucchini Salad

Mango, Coconut and Chia Seed Pots

Herb-Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Carrot & Turmeric Soup

Beef Goulash with Brown Rice

You get a full list of ingredients and exact cooking instructions with every recipe.

But you aren’t just handed a bunch of recipes and left on your own.

Because you ALSO get guidance, accountability and support every step of the way.

This is what the second pillar is all about:

Pillar 2: Action Steps for Implementing Gut Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

Eating a diet high in gut healing anti-inflammatory foods is vital for a healthy gut, no doubt.

But so is: 

  • Flushing toxins from your body and home
  • Relieving cravings for sugary, carb loaded foods
  • Adopting habits that relieve stress, improve sleep and boost your mood

So along with the recipes and meal plans, you also get:

  • 20 x short videos (3-5 mins) which discuss a key gut health topic in an easy to understand and ACTIONABLE way.
  • 30 x daily emails with small action steps that will have a BIG impact on your physical and mental well being.

Through the videos and emails, you get a complete education on how the gut works…

And why eating gut healing foods is vital for your gut and all round health.

But let’s be clear…

The information in both the videos and emails isn’t the wishy washy advice you find in health magazines or blogs.

This is information on the cutting edge of gut science.

Information I gleaned from countless hours of research into achieving optimal gut health.

So it’s information that challenges what you’ve been told before…

Read in poorly researched health blogs…

Or even heard in a doctor’s office.

But with a strong gut so vital to people’s health…

I think it’s VITAL that more people understand the direct link between gut health and inflammatory symptoms, like brain fog, erratic blood sugar and high cholesterol.

So in pillar 2 I share EVERYTHING I discovered.

Information that could be transformative for your gut… immune system… and chances of enjoying robust good health today and long into the future.

Information that’s under reported and still hotly debated among scientists.

But information that exposes the root cause of the EXPLOSION in inflammatory symptoms over the last 50 years.

What You’ll Discover in the Videos

✔ Why sugar loaded, chemically, GMO laced ‘Frankenfoods’ are toxic to our health. And the nutriotus, delicious foods to eat instead.

✔ How to take a ‘Gut Health Check’ at home and test your current gut health, so you can track your progress over 30 days.

✔ Why ALL autoimmune conditions are linked to gut health. And how to relieve ALL of them at the same time, rather than a long list of medications for every symptom.

✔ Why inflammation is normally healthy, and how modern lifestyles have sent the inflammatory response haywire, increasing the risk of chronic disease as result.

✔ A journey through the gut to see the small intestine, with its millions of nutrient ‘brushes’… the wafer thin wall with the blood stream… the gut’s ‘toxic flush tank’… and the legendary microbiome, home to 1-2 kg of tiny life forms.

✔ The ugly truth on why millennials suffer from higher rates of allergies, asthma, and food intolerances than any previous generation… and why it’s linked to how they were born. 

✔ Why taking antibiotics for minor things, like a cold or sore throat, makes the long-term risk of ill health WORSE. And how antibiotics have infested the food supply, and are now impossible to avoid.

✔ Why artificial ingredients invented in Big Food’s labs are wreaking havoc to our health… and may even be jeopardizing the health of future generations.

✔ The bottom line on whether gluten is to blame for leaky gut… why today’s gluten isn’t the same as that eaten by our ancestors… and why thousands may be suffering from leaky gut without realising it.

✔ How our exposure to 80,000 chemicals every day is impacting our health, and 3 steps for flushing them from the body without having to step foot in a doctor’s office.

✔ Why relying on medications alone for GERD and heartburn means it NEVER goes away. And how to permanently eliminate GERD and heartburn the natural way.

✔ The latest science on why gut health plays a vital role in getting cholesterol to a healthier balance… and how a healthy gut can eliminate the need for cholesterol medications altogether.

✔ The latest cutting edge science that explains why we have sayings like Trust your gut’ and “Gut instincts’. And how bad bacteria can hijack this connection and make us feel anxious or even depressed.

✔ Why having too many fat spreading bacteria in our bellies causes us to crave sugar and carb loaded foods… why this means the ‘calories in, calories out’ mantra of weight loss is flawed… and how to attain a healthy weight by replenishing levels of good bacteria instead.

✔ The links between poor gut health and the EXPLOSION in hormonal imbalances. Imbalances that make women feel run down, anxious, and suffering from aches and cramps.  And why problems like Hashimoto’s aren’t purely down to genetics but due to a gut imbalance.

✔ How ‘poop in a pill’ may be the greatest cure ever discovered for  infections and chronic diseases. And what to do until ‘poop in a pill’ is available on prescription.

✔ How stress MASSIVELY increases the risk of gut health issues and chronic disease. And simple daily lifestyle habits for relieving stress naturally.

✔ Why taking sleeping pills can make sleep problems worse. And why deep, refreshing sleep is one of the best ways to support your gut and immune system.

✔ The latest studies on the impact of modern farming on the nutrition in food.  And four steps to telling the difference between high quality supplements and cheaply made junk for filling the gaps.

That’s a heck of a lot of content, don’t you think?

Yet I think it’s vital you get ALL of this information so you understand WHY having a strong, healthy gut is so important for your all round health.

Understanding WHY gut health is so important will also motivate you to complete the 30 day challenge.

Only then can you look forward to the wealth of health benefits a strong, healthy gut provides.

In addition to the videos…

I’ll also be emailing you daily throughout the 30 day challenge with advice on which video to watch and a daily health action step.

Yet, that’s not all..

Because to ensure you can implement all the information and feel supported every step of the way, I provide pillar three:

Pillar 3: Motivation, Support and Accountability

One of the key challenges in adopting healthier eating habits is feeling accountable and supported.

If you’re the only person in your house trying to eat healthier meals…

Staying committed to gut healing meals rather than heating up a ready meal can be hard.

So I’ve created a way for you to get all the support and accountability you need in a private Facebook group.

It’s in this group the REAL magic happens.

Because inside the Facebook group you’ll be able to:

  • Watch all the videos
  • Be guided throughout the 30 days 
  • Ask me lots of questions
  • Share your gut health challenges
  • Post photos of your gut healthy meals
  • Get support from me and other members on a shared journey towards a healthy gut and vibrant health

The support and accountability in the private Facebook group is what can make all the difference.

It can ensure you stay on track and complete the 30 day challenge.

The private Facebook group is also what makes my 30 day gut healing challenge BETTER than any other gut health book or course you may have tried.

Because if you’re like me…

You may have already bought tons of courses and books over the years…

But never finished reading them…

Or never got round to putting their advice into action. 

That’s NOT what I want to happen with my 30 day gut health challenge. 

I want it to be truly life changing for you, and everyone that takes part. 

I want you to gain knowledge, skills, and habits that last a LIFETIME.

So by running most of the course in a private Facebook group it becomes more interactive, actionable and accountable.

And your chances of gaining a revitalised gut and more robust health by the end DRAMATICALLY improve.

After you sign up to the 30 day challenge, you’ll gain instant access to the course guide, shopping lists and recipe books.

This is so you can start organizing your fridge and planning your meals for the weeks ahead.

The first day of your 30 day gut healing challenge will then start the following Monday.

This is to ensure you can start with a bunch of other folks at the same time.

Because I believe that what truly makes The Gut Health Transformation superior to other courses is how interactive, actionable and accountable it is.

So that by the end of the 30 days, anybody suffering from:

X Chronic cramps, gas, and bloating after meals

X Uncontrollable cravings for sugary foods

X Indigestion problems like leaky gut, SIBO and IBS

X Struggling through the day with brain fog and low energy

X Dreading hearing their doctor read off their health markers like it’s their obituary.

X Living in fear of colds and flus that always seem to escalate

Can FINALLY gain a revitalized gut, improved absorption of nutrients, and strengthened immunity.

Along with:

✔ Being able to enjoy your favorite foods without routine bouts of gas and bloating

✔ Flowing energy from increased nutrient absorption

A clear, sharper brain for staying alert and productive

Calmer, happier moods thanks to increased production of feel good hormones in the gut

More blissful hours of rejuvenating sleep from reduced stress and calmer moods

Fewer aches, healthier blood sugar and relief from other inflammatory symptoms

Reduced risk of colds and flus

With its actionability, interactivity and ongoing support…

I believe my 30 day gut healing challenge is the best way possible of being able to gain all these benefits…

No matter what states your gut may be in right now.

When You Can Expect Results

Everybody’s guts, symptoms and current health are different.

So it’s impossible to say when you’ll notice the benefits a healthier can provide.

Some people may notice a change in a few weeks.

Others it may take a couple of months.

Yet what matters is that you’re able to stick to the food guidelines, recipes, and lifestyle habits I show you for the long haul.

So that one day, a remarkable transformation in digestion, immunity and all round health can occur

Just imagine waking one day, and feeling like you’re BURSTING with newfound energy and motivation to seize the day.

You’re no longer struggling with brain fog that makes you feel like you’re still half asleep…

But feel more alert and present in daily life.

Instead of craving sugary junk foods you know are terrible for your waistline and health…

You’re eating nutritious foods that feed your body with what it needs to be fit and healthy with every spoonful!

For the first time in years, you’re able to enjoy meals without painful cramps and embarrassing bloating.

And rather than living in fear of your health going downhill…

Falling victim to colds and flus…

Or ending up in a nursing home…

you’re filled with optimism for what the future has in store!

Because when you’re healthy, everything else in life gets better.

Rather than endless doctor visits, it could mean going for hikes in the mountains…

Spending sunny afternoons gardening…

Devoting your time to looking after the family or charity work…

Or spending your retirement on cruises around Europe.

I know such a future may sound like a fairytale.

But it all comes down to one simple fact:


When the gut can digest and absorb food properly…

When it can repair the gut wall…

and the immune system is better able to eradicate inflammation, along with flus and pathogens…

It can trigger remarkable health transformations throughout the body.

What You’ll Need to Invest to Join

My 30 day gut healing challenge costs a fraction of what you’d spend to see a functional health expert to get the same guidance.

And it costs far less than similar courses.

Yet it offers SUPERIOR interactivity, actionability, and accountability.

All of which I consider VITAL to achieving the end goal.

Because like I said, I’m not just handing you a bunch of downloadable PDFs and leaving you to struggle through on your own.

When you join, you also join a community of people supporting each other towards more robust gut health.

People unwilling to accept deteriorating health as the price of aging…

and people who are DETERMINED to gain better health so they can live life on their terms.

When developing my course, I wanted to ensure mine was the BEST.

So I took a deep dive into what other gut health courses covered…

What support they offered…

And how they kept people motivated towards achieving the end goal.

I soon discovered that many offer the same information you can easily find in books on Amazon.

Or even worse, for free in health blogs, in YouTube or after a few searches in Google.

I also discovered that taking a gut health course online is not cheap.

In fact, they can cost as much as…


While those with Facebook group support cost nearly $1,000.

I also looked into what seeing a functional health therapist would cost.

And it’s an eye watering $350 for a single session!

That’s waaaay more than what most folks can afford.

And it’s often the folks who need the help most who can’t afford to get it.

So I knew charging $350 for the The Gut Health Transformation was a non-starter.

That would put it out of reach of too many people.

So you won’t need to invest $350 to get:

The digital course guide packed with info on gut health

28 x gut healthy recipes + 2 x meal plans + shopping lists

✔ 30 x daily emails

✔ 20 x gut health videos

Planner and Progress Tracker

✔ Access to the private Facebook group

✔ Ongoing support and guidance throughout the program

(This is a digital product, not a physical product)

You won’t even need to invest half the amount other courses cost. 

To make it as affordable to as many people as possible…

I’ve calculated that to take part in my 30 day gut healing challenge you need only make a small one time investment of….

$350 > $147

That’s right, just $147.

Less than half what similar courses cost, yet with higher quality content… more interactivity… and ongoing support.

With the guidance provided in the private Facebook group…

You also have a much better chance of achieving the desired end goal of:

✔ Enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients

✔ Boost in energy levels, and the vim and vigor to seize the day

✔ Strengthened immunity for repelling colds, flus and toxins

Relief from inflammatory symptoms, like achy joints, brain fog, blood sugar and cholesterol issues

✔ Solid foundations for robust health long into the future

and a springboard to gaining optimal health for enjoying the active life you deserve.

Because ultimately, this is what your investment of $147 gets you.

Not a bunch of recipes and videos.

It gets you REAL change in your gut health, immunity, and long-term health.

So if you think $147 is a fair investment for a springboard to robust health you can sustain long into the future…

I believe my 30 day gut healing challenges is a great investment that pays for itself many times over.

FREE Bonus – 2 Cookbooks with 78 Gut Healing Recipes

You’re already getting a recipe book with 28 gut healing recipes.

But I know that there may be some recipes you don’t like, and it’s better to have more options…

So when you join today…

You get a FREE bonus of 2 extra gut healing recipe cook books.

Combined, they provide an extra 78 gut healing recipes!

This includes:

  • Herby breakfast sausages
  • Tropical gluten free granola
  • Asian scrambled eggs
  • Zucchini fries
  • Smoke salmon and strawberry salad
  • Easy Greek zoodle salad
  • Healthy coronation chicken salad
  • Jerk chicken with cauliflower rice
  • Tomyum soup with shrimps
  • Sesame & ginger beef with zucchini noodles
  • Strawberry protein muffins
  • Greek chickpeas on toast
  • Carrot pancakes with almond caramel
  • Green pea and mint dip
  • Baba ghanoush
  • Potato sundried tomato salad
  • Red sweet potato curry
  • Sesame tempeh stir fry
  • Veg & tahini tray bake
  • Roasted aubergine & tomato stew
  • Vegan nutella
  • Matcha energy balls
  • Lemon and berry cheesecake
  • Low carb banana & strawberry cake

How to Secure Your Spot

To join The Gut Health Transformation, simply click the ‘But Now’ button below.

This will take you to a checkout page to complete your one time purchase using Clickbank. The checkout screen looks like this:

Clickbank is a third party credit card processor.

This means your transaction is protected with the latest internet security. And at no point do I get access to your card information.

After you complete your purchase you will be taken to a download page to download the course guide, recipe book, diary & planner and a link to join the private Facebook group.

On this page you’ll need to enter your email address to get the daily emails.

I like to start groups together at the same time.

So your 30 day program will start the next Monday after you complete your order.

When the course starts, I’ll email you daily with reminders on which video to watch, and action steps for implementing a gut healthy lifestyle.

You can reply to any email if you need help or advice during the course. Or message me in the private Facebook group.

Like I said, I’ll be supporting you every step of the way through the course. And are there to help you in any way I can.

I’m also going to take all the risk so you can give my 30 day gut healing challenge a try.

Because it comes with…

‘A Better Gut or Your Money Back’ Guarantee

If you’re still on the fence, I’d like you to know you can try The Gut Health Transformation at ZERO risk.

I want to GUARANTEE that you gain the program’s desired goal of: 

✔ Enhanced digestion and absorption of nutrients

✔ Boost in energy levels, and the vim and vigor to seize the day

✔ Strengthened immunity for repelling colds, flus and toxins

Relief from inflammatory symptoms, like achy joints, brain fog, blood sugar and cholesterol issues

✔ Solid foundations for robust health long into the future

…and all the other remarkable health benefits I’ve claimed.

So if you experience none of these benefits…

If you feel your gut, immunity or overall health hasn’t improved…

You aren’t impressed by the quality of the course material or my answers to your questions…

Or you just don’t get round to implementing it…

All you need to do is contact Clickbank’s customer support team and your purchase will be refunded.

No questions asked.

What matters to me is that you feel comfortable giving The Gut Health Transformation a try.

Because like I’ve said, I truly believe that with the action steps and ongoing support I provide, it’s the BEST gut health coaching program on the internet.

And I want to remove all the risk for you to give it a try.

Another reason I’m offering this guarantee, is because I know…

It may not be the magic bullet for everyone.

For some people, going on a restrictive diet, like GAPS or Low FODMAP, may be their only option.

In which case, I’d rather you get your money back so we can part as friends.

Another reason I’m willing to offer this guarantee is because I think most people are honest.

And most people will be happy to…

Invest $147 for the chance to potentially lower their risk of chronic ill health in the future.

And when you compare $147 to the time and cost of endless doctor visits…

Choking down fistfuls of expensive medications… 

Visting a functional health therapist in person…

or succumbing to ill health down the road due to the allergens and inflammatory foods in modern diets…

It’s a small investment that may save tens of thousands of dollars in the years ahead.

So if you’re ready to make an investment in your future health and happiness…

click the button below to join me and other members in The Gut Health Transformation:

Take a Step Towards Gaining the Health and Happiness You Deserve

Remember, The Gut Health Transformation comes with a 60 day ‘a healthier gut or your money back’ guarantee…

And you can keep ALL the recipe books, shopping lists and meal plans.

So there’s ZERO RISK in giving The Gut Health Transformation a try.

The ONLY risk is allowing gut health to deteriorate.

Because as you’ll discover in the videos…

A weak gut is directly linked to inflammatory symptoms and the risk of long-term ill health.

Gas, cramps, and bloating may be just early warning signs that something’s not right down below.

And the symptoms can worsen the longer gut health problems are left to fester.

A healthy gut is also vital to warding off colds, flus and toxic invaders.

So let’s work together to ensure you’re giving yourself the best fighting chance of a healthy gut… strengthened immunity… and robust good health long into the future.

I’ve already invested hundreds of hours into creating this course…

And I expect to be investing hundreds more answering questions and supporting members on their journey.

I hope YOU’LL be among them. 

Because I truly believe The Gut Health Transformation offers the best path to gaining a springboard to living the healthy, active life you deserve.

I’ll now finish with my two favorite sayings:

‘Food is Medicine’


‘Health is Happiness’.

Secure your spot right now and let’s discover why those sayings are true together:

P.S. The Gut Health Transformation is a one-of-a-kind 30 day program that guides in implementing a gut healthy diet and lifestyle. Along with recipes, meal plans, daily action steps and videos, you get accountability and support, so it’s like working with a functional health expert for a few minutes each day. Through supporting you every step of the way, The Gut Health Transformation DRAMATICALLY increases your chances of success in gaining a strong, healthy gut, reinforced immunity and more vim and vigor in daily life.

P.P.S. You can try The Gut Health Transformation RISK FREE. If you notice no improvement in your gut health within 60 days EVERY cent will be refunded. Simply contact Clickbank’s customer services by email or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I experience terrible cramps, gas, and bloating after EVERY meal. How do I know this will work for me?

Everybody’s guts are different. Along with the diet, lifestyle habits, and other factors that may have led to them developing indigestion symptoms.

So it’s impossible for me to guarantee the The Gut Health Transformation will work for everyone. 

However, all it’s recipes, meal plans, action steps, and other content is all based on proven science on gut health. So following the course will give you a good shot at relieving most indigestion symptoms.

I need to be clear that The Gut Health Transformation is not a replacement for professional medical advice. So if your symptoms are chronic and more than mild, you should always speak to a doctor.

There may be an underlying condition only they can diagnose. And for which you may require medication.

Why is this better than books on gt health I can get on Amazon or videos I can watch for free on YouTube?

There are lots of great books on gut health on Amazon. I read tons of them when creating the course.

The problem is that many are written by doctors. So they’re written at a level of complexity that can be hard for many people to understand. 
They also don’t present the information in a course format so it’s actionable. So you can read the book but still have no direction for putting its advice into practice.

The same issue applies to YouTube.

Sure, there’s lots of content you can find for free.

But you’re going to have to work out for yourself how to put their advice into action, and a way of making yourself accountable for sticking to the plan.

This is ultimately what makes The Gut Health Transformation superior, and a better investment of your time and money.

You get complex information on the gut broken down into an easy to understand format.

And you get it presented in a private Facebook group. This makes it more interactive and actionable. 

And when you post questions, share your challenges, and interact with me and other members, you naturally feel you need to be accountable, and stay the course.

The result is that your chances of implementing all the recipes, meal plans, and action steps dramatically improves. 

And you have a much better chance of achieving the course’s end goal:

– A revitalised gut
– Strengthened immunity
– A reduction in inflammatory symptoms, like low energy, erratic blood sugar, and brain fog.

…and a springboard towards gaining robust health for enjoying the active, fulfilling life you deserve.

What if it doesn’t work. Can I get my money back?


I want you to feel comfortable in giving The Gut Health Transformation a try.

So if you aren’t impressed with the quality of the content, don’t gain the health benefits I’ve claimed, don’t get round to implementing it, or for any reason at all, simply email me your receipt within 60 days to get a full refund.

Is it good value for money?

The Gut Health Transformation costs a third of what similar online courses cost. It’s also less than a third of what you’d pay for a single hour with a functional health expert, despite running for 30 days.

The Gut Health Transformation may be more cost effective yet it still provides higher quality content and information you won’t easily find elsewhere. This includes the latest breaking science on leaky gut and controversial theories that are still being hotly debated.

Yet more importantly, The Gut Health Transformation is run LIVE in a private Facebook group. What this means is that it’s more interactive, actionable and accountable than other courses. So you’re more likely to complete it and implement it’s advice to gain the wealth of health benefits of a revitalised gut and strengthened immunity.

Is it yet another restrictive diet that leaves me hungry and unfulfilled, like the GAPS diet?

The GAPS diet is one of the most popular diets for people with gut health problems.

In fact, versions of GAPS are promoted by natural health leaders like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Axe, and Dr. Gundry. And there’s no doubt the GAPS diet has helped many people. But many struggle to stick to GAPS for long.

It’s just too rigid. And it deprives people of too many of their favorite foods.

Instead, The Gut Health Transformation makes the transition to healthy eating habits smooth, gradual, and sustainable. 
It’s not about going cold turkey on your favorite foods, but moderation and a gradual reduction of the worst foods for your gut. 

Because if a diet is too rigid or unfilling, you’ll never stick with it long-term.

So in The Gut Health Transformation there’s no calorie counting.
No portion size control.

And no RIGID restrictions of any kind.

All that matters is you keep making progress towards giving up processed junk foods in the long run, and at a pace you find comfortable and sustainable.

However, with that being said, The Gut Health Transformation can provide is a great stepping stone to complete before moving onto these more restrictive diets.

If you still have unasnwered questions, send me an email and I’ll reply faster than lightning strikes the tree.


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