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5 Steps to a Happier, Healthier Tummy

5 Steps to a Happier, Healthier Tummy

PLUS discover a scientifically proven diet for healing the gut… releasing a flood of health benefits… and even slowing the aging clock.

Indigestion has become like a modern day plague.

As many as 1 in 3 adults now suffer from symptoms like explosive gas… painful cramps… heartburn… and blowing up like a toad after meals.(1)

For some, the symptoms can be so bad they’re scared to leave the house… worried a gastric attack will hit them at the worst moment.

For others, the symptoms can be so embarrassing they’re too afraid to get help from a doctor…

Causing them to suffer in silence for years. 

But gas, bloating and acid reflux may be the least of people’s worries.

The gut is the body’s engine for absorbing nutrients and wiping out invaders. 

When the gut is out of whack it can’t feed the brain, muscles and other vital organs with what they need to be strong and healthy.

The result is an avalanche of terrible health problems: (2)

  • Cravings for sugary, fatty foods that result in lethal belly fat
  • Nutrient deficiency that drains the brain, muscles and other organs of energy
  • Inflammation that can trigger erratic blood sugar and rocketing cholesterol
  • Sleeping problems, resulting in chronic fatigue
  • Increased risk of autoimmune disorders, like lupus, multiple sclerosis,  psoriasis and arthritis
  • Skin conditions like acne outbreaks, eczema and psoriasis
  • Food intolerances and allergies
  • Higher vulnerability to colds, flu and toxic invaders

Now here’s the good news… 

The common causes of digestion problems are well understood. 

And in many cases…

Gut health can be improved at home without swallowing handfuls of pills, or getting prodded on an exam table.


By REVERSING the triggers of poor gut health. 

And it gets better…

Because when people do reverse the triggers of poor gut health…

It can release a FLOOD of  health benefits throughout the body!

Here are five steps on how to do it:

1. Keep a food diary 

Common trigger foods for indigestion include spicy foods, fatty foods, dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, corn, soy and peanuts. 

If people track what they eat each day and when they suffer bouts of indigestion, they can quickly identify their trigger foods. 

Then all they need to do is cut out these trigger foods for a few weeks.

Once their symptoms have reduced and the gut has healed…

They can reintroduce their favorite foods slowly.

2. Reduce sugar intake

This is easier said than done.

Firstly, because sugar is SUPER addictive.

Secondly, sugar is hidden in almost ALL processed foods under chemical sounding names. 

The good news is that once sugar intake is reduced…

The cravings can recede in a matter of days.

And there are far healthier alternatives to sugar people can eat to get their ‘sweet fix’ instead. 

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3. Adopt a gut healthy diet 

Eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and organic meat is vital for healing the gut… relieving indigestion… and releasing a flood of health benefits throughout the body. 

As Dr. Mercola says:

A healthy diet is able to influence your health is by the fact that it helps create an optimal environment for beneficial bacteria in your gut, while decreasing pathogenic or disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and yeast.”(3)

The benefits of a healthy diet were recently demonstrated in a HUGE study by the European NU-AGE project.

The scientists gave 612 people a Mediterranean style diet to follow, rich in fruits, nuts, healthy oils and organic meats.(4)

The scientists were STUNNED to disover that within ONE YEAR people experienced:

✔ A huge reduction in inflammatory markers

✔ Improved memory and brain function

✔ Slowed signs of physical aging, such as walk speed and hand grip strength

✔ Reduced bone loss

✔ Improved blood pressure and healthier arteries

✔ Sustainable weight loss

✔ Lower risk of erratic blood sugar, low moods and serious ill health

As the study authors concluded:

“Our findings support the feasibility of changing the habitual diet to modulate the gut microbiota which in turn has the potential to promote healthier aging.” 

So you see…

Healthy eating isn’t just great for relieving indigestion…

It’s like a magic pill for all round better health and longevity.

4. Eat NATURAL probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes

Supplement companies LOVE to promote their cold pressed pills as a miracle cure for gut health. 

But few studies have proven they’re effective…

While plenty of skeptics say supplements don’t survive long enough in the gut to work at all.

One of the most vocal critics of probiotic supplements is Matthew Ciorba, a gastroenterologist at Washington University.(5)

In an interview with Scientific American, he said:

“probiotics are pure hype. The majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any benefits”.

This view that probiotics are pure hype was recently backed up by a study by the Weizmann Institute.

After studying the guts of people who’d recently taken probiotics…

They could only find evidence of the probiotics in 1 in 2 subjects.

Most of the evidence was found in the toilet bowl.

The good news is there’s no need to take supplements to get a daily dose of probiotics.

There are lots of fruits, roots and fermented foods that are rich in probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. 

What’s more, they cost pennies on the dollar from most food stores… and are far better absorbed by the body. 

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5. Reduce stress and get more sleep

Many people are struggling with high levels of stress right now.

This in turn is ruining their sleep… weakening their guts… and lowering their immune defenses as well.

So implementing daily stress reduction strategies is vital. 

This could include meditation, 30 minutes exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy to address negative thought patterns.

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Get 30 Days Support in Implementing all Five Steps

Following these five steps is the best way to PERMANENTLY heal and strengthen the gut…

And put a stop to indigestion misery once and for all.

Even better…

Following these steps can also result in more energy… enhanced immunity… and all round better health as well.

But implementing these steps can be easier said than done.

People need to overcome challenges like:

  • Knowing which foods to ELIMINATE and which foods to fill their fridge and cupboards with
  • How to adjust to healthier eating GRADUALLY, so it’s sustainable long-term
  • What meals to cook that are delicious, filling and feed the gut with enriching nutrition
  • Steps for identifying TRIGGER foods and then adapting a diet to suit every individual (because everyone’s guts are different and so the foods they should eat need to be different too)
  • How to END cravings for sugary, fatty foods (this is the KEY to making healthy eating a success)
  • Methods for tracking progress and staying motivated to make their transition to healthy way of eating a success

What’s more, people need support, accountability and a sense of community on their journey.

Because feeling like part of a community all workng towards better gut health is one of the best ways to stay motivated.

The good news is that such a system exists!

It’s a 30 day course that provides recipes… step-by-step guidance… and 1-to-1 support every step of the way. 

So it’s like working with a functional health expert, yet for a tiny fraction of the price.

What is this course?

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