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A Study of Probiotics that Could Imperil the Profits of The Multi-billion Dollar Supplement Industry

A Study of Probiotics that Could Imperil the Profits of The Multi-billion Dollar Supplement Industry

The study into the healing powers of probiotic supplements was recently completed by the Weissman Institue in Israel.

And their findings were so alarming they were a lead feature in New Scientist.(1)

In the study, 19 volunteers took a probiotic supplement containing 11 strains of “good” bacteria.

A tube shaped video camera called an “endoscope” was then shoved down their throat and into their gut.

When the camera reached their small intestine, the researchers gathered around the screen… 

looking intently for signs the probiotic pills had taken hold inside the gut. 

What did they find?

Not much.

Only 8 of the 19 volunteers showed ANY signs they’d taken a probiotic at all.

In fact, MOST of the evidence was found in the toilet bowl afterwards.

In other words..

even the probiotic pills that had survived a pounding from the stomach’s walls… and a bath in its gastric juices… had been shoved through the gut before they could take hold.

Study author Eran Segal sagely said in a statement, “The benefits of the standard probiotics we all take can’t be as universal as we once thought.”

But the study did prove something.

It proved the skeptics had been right all along:

Probiotic Supplements are NOT a Miracle Cure for Gut Health

But let’s say for the sake of argument…

A supplement company invents a super-duper capsule.

A capsule so tough it’s able to survive a pounding from the stomach walls…

An acid bath in the stomach’s gastric juices…

And can convince the existing gut bacteria to give it room to thrive.

EVEN then it’s unlikely to do much to reverse gut dysbiosis.

Why not?

Because like I said, supplements are like a band-aid.

Unless ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis are addressed it can NEVER be reversed:(2)

  1. Eating too many processed foods loaded with sugars and fast foods loaded with unhealthy fats
  2. Chronic stress and struggling to sleep 
  3. Regular use of antibiotics as a quick fix for things as mild as a cold
  4. Too many alcoholic beverages after work
  5. The buildup of toxins from pesticides, household chemicals and air pollution
  6. Gluten, GMOs and other artificial ingredients our guts can’t digest properly and are thought to punch holes in the gut wall

Bottom line: There is no magic pill.

Even spending hundreds of dollars on probiotics… detoxes… weird smoothies and all sorts of wacky sounding treatments won’t work…

Unless ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis are reversed.

On the next page, I share how this can be done.

First, I’d like to quickly explain why reversing gut dysbiosis is no longer needed just to relieve gas, cramps and bloating…

Reversing Gut Dysbiosis is VITAL to people’s SURVIVAL!

This was the warning of 120 of the world’s leading scientists.

In a letter they signed and delivered to health officials, they said the evidence is compelling that “gut microbiome status can influence health outcomes in patients”.(3)

In other words, gut health was found to be the #1 deciding factor in whether symptoms from ill health go from mild to severe.

The evidence the 120 scientists are referring to is a HUGE study recently completed in China.

A study of 990 patients in hospitals due to the recent outbreak.

After assessing all their characteristics, a team of scientists found that gut dysbiosis was a bigger risk factor than “other typical markers, including BMI, blood pressure, sex, and age.” (4)

In fact, gut dysbiosis was found to trigger as much as a “57 percent higher risk of progression to a clinically severe phase”.

So if someone has poor gut health, they have more than a 50/50 chance of ending up on a ventilator.

And once on a ventilator, only 1 in 2 survives.(5)

So the evidence is clear…

Improving gut health isn’t just beneficial for digestive issues, allergies, energy, clear thinking, weight control, sleep, blood sugar and cholesterol…

It’s VITAL for protecting against the risk of severe ill health in the months and years ahead.

I know this is all alarming stuff.

And I havent yet answered the question: How can gut dysbiosis be reversed?

Allow me to answer it for you now…

I have two solutions to share with you:

The first is the 5 minute gut health hack I mentioned at the start of this article…

A five minute hack that replenishes the gut with 3 key nutrients…

Nutrients that are vital for a strong, healthy gut… yet are tough to get enough of in a normal diet:

  1. Probiotics – To support digestion, immune system and wiping out the bad bacteria
  2. Prebiotics – These are food for good bacteria that help them multiply and spread
  3. Digestive enzymes – To digest the carbs and sugars our guts struggle to digest as we get older, and cause so many digestive issues

Nutrients people spend hundreds of dollars on supplements every month to top up on…

But supplements that studies now show often go straight through the gut and into the toilet bowl.

After everything I’d read on my mission to fix my own gut issues…

I knew I had to find a better solution than supplements.

A way of topping up on all 3 nutrients in a form that’s better absorbed by the gut and for pennies on the dollar…

Through FOOD!

Because you see, after countless hours of research into the most potent NATURAL sources of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes…

I struck GOLD.

I found a collection of fruits, roots and seeds that offer a more POTENT  source of the three vital gut enriching nutrients than supplements.

And for a darn sight cheaper too!


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