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Probiotic Supplement Claims are Waaaaay Ahead of the Proven Science

Probiotic Supplement Claims are Waaaaay Ahead of the Proven Science

Not one large study has clinically proven taking probiotics in a cold pressed pill reverses gut dysbiosis.

Not one.

And gut health experts have long been critical of an industry they see as generating massive profits from pseudo science.

“The average healthy person should not be taking a daily probiotic,” says popular internet Dr. Mike Varshavski. “It hasn’t been proven to give enough benefit to warrant the risks, and especially spending money on a supplement that may not give you any benefit whatsoever.”(1)

While Matthew Ciorba, a gastroenterologist at Washington University, said in an interview with Scientific American, “probiotics are pure hype. The majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any benefits in individuals who are already healthy.”(2)

Pretty scathing, don’t you think?

Yet when I reveal what happens when you take a probiotic, you’ll understand why.

Because for a probiotic supplement to work it’s got to survive a long, hard journey.

This includes a pounding from the stomach walls…

An acid bath in the stomach’s gastric juices…

And then it has to convince the microbes already living inside the gut to give it room to spread and colonize. 

Quite an adventure, to say the least.

And no wonder most probiotics don’t survive long enough to work.

This has been demonstrated in a mounting weight of studies too.

One of the most alarming studies was done by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

A Study of Probiotics that Could Imperil the Profits of The Multi-billion Dollar Supplement Industry

The findings were so alarming they were made a lead feature in New Scientist.(3)

In the study, 19 volunteers took a probiotic supplement containing 11 strains of “good” bacteria.

A tube shaped video camera called an “endoscope” was then shoved down their throat and into their gut.

When the camera reached their small intestine, the researchers gathered around the screen… 

looking intently for signs the probiotic pills had worked. 

What did they find?

Not much.

Only 8 of the 19 volunteers showed ANY signs they’d taken a probiotic at all.

In fact, MOST of the evidence was found in the toilet bowl afterwards.

Study author Eran Segal sagely said in a statement. “The benefits of the standard probiotics we all take can’t be as universal as we once thought.”

But the study did prove something.

It proved the skeptics had been right all along:

Probiotic Supplements are NOT a Miracle Cure for Gut Health

But let’s say for the sake of argument…

A supplement company invents a super dooper capsule.

A capsule so tough it’s able to survive a pounding from the stomach walls…

An acid bath in the stomach’s gastric juices…

And it can convince the existing gut bacteria to give it room to thrive.

EVEN then it’s unlikely to do much to reverse gut dysbiosis.

Why not?

Because like I said, supplements are like applying a lick of paint to a rusted car.

If the engine is rusted through, the car is not going to run.

In other words, you’ve got to address all the TRIGGERS of gut dysbiosis if it’s to be reversed:(4)

  1. Cutting out processed foods loaded with sugars and fast foods loaded with unhealthy fats
  2. Relieving chronic stress and improving sleep 
  3. Keeping use of antibiotics to a minimum
  4. Cutting down on alcoholic drinks
  5. Flushing out the buildup of toxins from pesticides, household chemicals and air pollution
  6. Eliminating gluten, GMOs and other artificial ingredients our guts can’t digest and may punch holes in the gut wall

Bottom line is there’s no magic pill.

Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on probiotics… detoxes… weird smoothies and all sorts of wacky sounding treatments…

Unless ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis are reversed it NEVER goes away.

And remember, as the 120 scientists said in their letter, gut dysbiosis is the #1 threat to our immune systems and survival chances.

Gut dysbiosis can also cause:(5)

X Painful gas, belly bloat and gurgling bowls that trigger daily charges for the bathroom

X Chronic fatigue that drains all joy from the day

X Brain fog so thick it makes it impossible to get anything done

X Poor digestion that results in a toxic belly fat buildup 

X Raging inflammation that’s a breeding ground for chronic ill health

X Allergies and food intolerances

X Regular colds and flu due to a weakened immune system

So gut dysbiosis is not something people should put with… or hope will go away on its own.

But if probiotics, powders and detoxes can’t heal gut dysbiosis, what can?

Here’s how…

What you need is an approach that disarms all six of the triggers at the same time.

A step-by-step system that guides you in eliminating inflammatory foods… 

replacing them with gut enriching dishes… 

Adopting simple daily habits for relieving stress…

Easy ways of lifting energy and burning fat…

And simple hacks for flushing the toxic buildup from the body.

Before I share my step-by-step system for achieving ALL of these goals…

Allow me to quickly reveal the 5 minute hack I promised at the start of this article for gaining a revitalized gut.

This 5 minute hack is a smoothie recipe.

But no ordinary smoothie.

It’s what I call my… 


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