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Millions of Americans at Risk of Gut Dysbiosis Without Knowing It

Millions of Americans are at Risk of Gut Dysbiosis Without Knowing It

Gut dysbiosis has so many symptoms it’s impossible to spot in a routine exam.

There’s no test that can be done in a doctor’s office to diagnose it…

And the triggers are so common nearly everyone has it to some extent.

The symptoms of gut dysbiosis include:(1)

X Painful gas, belly bloat and rumbling bowels that trigger frantic charges for the bathroom before explosive bouts of diarrhea

X Chronic fatigue that drains all joy from the day

X Brain fog so thick it makes it impossible to get anything done

X Poor digestion that results in a toxic belly fat buildup 

X Raging inflammation that’s a breeding ground for chronic ill health

X Allergies and food intolerances

X Skin breakouts and patches of red, blotchy skin

X Regular colds and flu due to a weakened immune system

If you know someone with these symptoms, they may be a victim of gut dysbiosis.

Here’s a short story to illustrate what living with gut dysbiosis is like…

And why reversing it is vital for digestion… immunity… all round health… and getting more enjoyment out of life.

Every Day Was a Gruelling Test of Endurance

From morning until night Mary struggled with rumbling bowels… 


achy joints… 

brain fog… 

erratic blood sugar… 

skin breakouts… 

and a long list of niggling issues.(2)

The evenings were the worst.

Within an hour of putting down her fork, “gastric attacks” would hit her like a truck. 

A triple whammy of bloating… 

painful gas… 

and a race to the bathroom before an explosion of diarrhea.

Mary felt like she was rotting inside.

Her bowels rumbled so much it kept her awake for hours…

Forcing her partner, Troy, to sleep in a spare room… killing off their love life in the process.

But making love to her husband wasn’t top of Mary’s mind.

Her health had been so bad for so long, she couldn’t remember what it was like to feel healthy. 

Why didn’t she go to see a doctor?

She did.

She saw plenty.

Mary spent hours in waiting rooms… 

Put up with awkward questions about her bowel movements… 

got prodded and poked. 

But all they could do was diagnoze her symptoms… 

Suggest she had IBS…

and send her on her way with a shopping list of anti-inflammatories, sleeping pills and antihistamines.

But being medicated to the eyeballs was NOT the answer Emily wanted.

She wanted to feel HEALTHY!

Not clogged up with chemicals that masked the rotting inside.

Sadly, Emily’s not alone.

Whole generations now grow up with:(3)

X Food intolerances and food allergies

X Digestion problems like irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut

X Chronic fatigue and brain fog

X Uncontrollable weight gain

X Raging inflammation that’s a breeding ground for chronic ill health

ALL symptoms of gut dysbiosis!

And ALL a result of the huge changes to our lifestyles over the last fifty years.

Because you see…


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