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6 Triggers of Gut Dysbiosis

6 Triggers of Gut Dysbiosis

There are six key triggers that can lead to bad bacteria taking over and running amok in our guts.

All are tied to modern lifestyles.

This includes:(1)

  1. Highly processed diets loaded with sugars and additives but with near ZERO nutrition
  2. Chronic stress, anxiety and poor sleep 
  3. Frequent use of antibiotics
  4. Downing too many beers and wines for stress relief
  5. Pesticides, household chemicals and air pollution
  6. Gluten, GMOs and other ingredients our digestive systems struggle to digest and punch holes in our gut wall

With these triggers so common…

It’s easy to see why millions have gut dysbiosis without realizing it.

Yet the good news is the damage can be reduced and reversed.

And you don’t have to endure…

X Choking down foods that taste like cardboard

X Calorie restriction or starvation dieting

X Gruelling workouts

…to do it.

You also don’t need weird detoxes… expensive supplements…  platefuls of fermented foods… or weird juice cleanses neither.

Good thing too.

Because at best these are ‘band aid’ solutions.

At Worst They’re a TOTAL Waste of Money

Because you see…

Supplements, detoxes and weird powders are all short-term solutions.

They DO NOTHING to reverse the 6 triggers of gut dysbiosis long-term.

They’re like adding a new lick of paint to a rusted car.

Unless the engine works properly, the car won’t run for long… if at all.

In other words, supplements, detoxes and powders can FEEL like they’re doing our guts good.

But unless all 6 of the triggers of gut dysbiosis are reversed… 

the gut will continue rotting inside.

There’s one trigger in particular that 4 in 5 Americans are setting off nearly every single year.

And it’s so devastating to our gut health that no supplement, detox or restrictive diet will ever work.

Here’s how Mary found out about it when hunting for answers to her gut health problems.

She read through countless health blogs… 

scanned through hundreds of posts in gut health Facebook groups… 

And then finally plucked up the courage to share her symptoms online.

Within minutes she got an alert ping that someone had replied.

What they said made her crumple inside.

“Honey, I hate to break this to you. But it sounds like you’ve been taking FAAR too many antibiotics. For gut health, antibiotics are death.”

At first this didn’t make sense.

“Aren’t antibiotics what we take to get healthy?” Mary thought.

Mary had been taking antibiotics for one ailment or another for years. 

She’s not alone.

The CDC reports as many as 4 in 5 adults take antibiotics every year.(2)

And like the commenter on Facebook said…

For our Gut Bacteria, Taking Antibiotics is Like Setting off a Nuclear Bomb

Antibiotics have one purpose: To wipe out infections.(3)

And they’re very good at it.

A little too good.

Because inside the gut, antibiotics WIPE OUT all the microscopic life living down there.

As Science Daily reports, antibiotics kill off both the good bacteria and the bad.(4)

But it gets worse…

Because it’s often the bad guys who recover first.

They then multiple… spread… and start causing havoc to our digestion, immune system and all round health.

Gut dysbiosis soon follows.

When Mary discovered this, she felt sick.

The thought of her insides being infested with nasty bacteria made her queasy.

Bacteria that made her: 

X Crave fattening junk foods

X Suffer ‘gastric attacks’ that sent her charging for the bathroom

X Unable to absorbing the nutrients she needed to get healthy

X Exhausted, drained and struggling through the day

X Fall victim to inflammation spreading through her body like wildfire

Worst of all, she knew gut dysbiosis was ripping apart the walls of her immune system…

Putting her at 57% higher risk of severe symptoms if the worst were to happen.(5)

Mary knew she had to do something.

She couldn’t go on living with a gut condition that was wrecking her health… immunity… and ability to enjoy life.

So yet again…

Mary got Googling.

But her investigation soon got hijacked.

As her screen got plastered with ads for supplement companies.

Companies making bold claims about how their probiotic pills could miraculously heal her gut in weeks.

By that stage, Mary was ready to try anything.

So she got sucked in by their clever advertising… .

and bought the most impressive sounding probiotic supplement she could find.

Did it work?

Did it heck.

All it did was give her more gas and bloating than before… and an itchy rash to go with it.(6)

Sadly, Mary’s not alone in being seduced by the bold claims of supplement companies.

Bold claims the science does not back up.

Because the ugly truth is…


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