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How I Discovered My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie Recipe 1

How An Embarrassing Incident Led to Me Discovering a Smoothie Recipe for Revitalising My Gut Health and Relieving My IBS Naturally

Gives you a daily dose of probiotics, prebiotics, AND digestive enzymes in a single glass

Oh my god, what’s that AWFUL smell!” is what I DREADED one of the nearby mothers would SHRIEK any second.

I’d only been waiting at the school gates a few minutes before disaster struck. 

Something you only imagine happening in your worst nightmares…

Something so humiliating you can NEVER live it down!

A fierce bout of gas hadn’t escaped quietly… 

It had triggered something AWFUL.

I’d just had an “accident” in my underwear.

I froze, hoping the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

But instead, I had to wait in shame praying one of the surrounding mothers wouldn’t… 

wrinkle their nose…

turn in my direction…

point their finger…

and unleash a sh*tstorm of shame that would follow me forever.

A shame that would force me to switch my kid to another school… 

A shame that would force me to move house…

A shame that would mean living in fear of people finding out about something so embarrassing it makes me cringe to this day.

These thoughts raced through my head as my heart POUNDED so loud it drowned out the chatter of the mothers around me. 

I felt like my current life was hanging on a thread.

Until, finally, the school doors yawned opened and out rushed Billy, my son.

I managed a weak smile, an awkward hug, and then gripped his hand as I waddled to the safety of my car and home.

Disaster had been averted THIS time. 

But I knew it could easily happen again.

Because I’d been dragging my heels in fixing my gas, bloating, and EXPLOSIVE bouts of diarrhoea for months.

I needed help.

I felt like I was dying inside.

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