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How I Discovered My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie Recipe Page 2

My name’s Kelly (I hope you’ll excuse me using a pen name under the circumstances).

You may be wondering why am I sharing such an embarrassing story on the internet?

It’s because I know I’m not alone in suffering from the “belly plague”.

The embarrassing symptoms of gas, bloating and diarrhoea, collectively known as IBS, now affect 1 in 6 people.(1) 

But what’s worse, only 1 in 12 of them get help from a doctor!(2)

Instead they suffer in silence for years.

And I know only too well how much misery it causes… how it ruins daily life… and how disgusting and rotten it can make you feel inside.

Millions of people suffer in silence with IBS rather than get help

But the good news is my traumatic experience at the school gates did have a positive outcome. 

It led to me finally finding way to…

Relieve my gas, cramps, and bloating

And without choking down pills, endless doctor visits, or risky surgery.

In fact, the solution I created takes only minutes to prepare.

You can make it from ingredients available at most food stores. And you likely have a few of them in your kitchen already.

Even if you don’t suffer from digestive problems or IBS, the solution I’ve found can still be beneficial to your health.


Because of how it strengthens the “core” of all health in your body…

Your gut.

A healthy gut is vital for turning food into nutrients, generating hormones, and reducing the risk of long-term ill health

I only discovered it after hours of research to identify the ROOT cause of my digestion problems.

Because you see, my rumbling stomach and mad dashes for a bathroom WEREN’T from eating too much junk food…

They WEREN’T because I was carrying too many pounds…

TheyWEREN’T even from not getting enough exercise.

While these were all factors, NONE of them were the ROOT CAUSE of why my guts felt tied in knots…

A severe gut imbalance. 

Because you see, I was suffering from an infestation of bad bacteria.

An infestation that had DESTROYED my gut’s ability to turn food into nutrients and fat into energy like it’s supposed to.

And the reason my gut was in such a poor state was because my diet was low in 3 key nutrients:

Probiotics – Your gut is packed with billions of tiny bacterial organisms. Some are good, some are bad. The good guys responsible for digestion, immunity, and all round health are called “probiotics”.

Prebiotics – These act like fertilizer for your probiotics. Getting enough prebiotics in your diet is vital so that the probiotics can multiply, spread, and repopulate your gut.

Digestive enzymes – Digestive enzymes are vital for breaking down food into nutrients for nourishing your heart, muscles, brain and other organs. But, sadly, your body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes drops after age 50.

Now, as you may know, probiotics, prebotics, and digestive enzymes can all be bought as supplements.

And they’re heavily promoted as the answer to digestion problems, IBS, and even weight loss.

But while I could have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements, I did something better…

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