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How I Discovered My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie Recipe Page 6

Gareth Chruchill – Natural Health Researcher

In his email, Gareth said he wasn’t surprised my doctor had been short on ideas on how to relieve my digestion problems.

He said that while doctors have our best interests at heart, they’re too overloaded with insurance paperwork and appointments to keep track of the latest advances in gut health.

They also get practically no training in nutrition.

This is despite our diets having more influence over our health than practically any other factor.

Instead, doctors get most of their information from: 


Global conglomerates that make billions from medications that only treat the symptoms of ill health and do NOTHING to heal the root cause. 

Their business model relies on pushing pills, bottles, and prescriptions they cantrademark and sell at a huge markup.

In fact, I read in “Bad Pharma” by Ben Goldacre that pharmaceutical companies spend more on advertising to doctors than they do on medical research.(23)

So you see, the ugly truth is they have ZERO interest in promoting natural remedies.

After all, why would they support natural methods for managing health issues that may make their medications redundant?

The bottom line is that even though eating foods rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes has the potential to: 

✅Repopulate people’s guts with healthy bacteria and eradicate the disease spreading bad guys

✅Revitalize the gut’s ability to turn food into nutrients and fat into energy

 ✅Help resolve other health issues like low energy, high blood sugar, cholesterol and brain fog

ALL naturally without side effects…

But you’re unlikely to hear it recommended in your doctor’s office.

Instead, people are being left misinformed.

What’s worse, they’re spending hundreds of dollars on expensive supplements that may barely work.

Because you see I found a study that found…

Probiotic supplements may be the biggest scam of the century.

Whether it’s celebrities singing their praises or suspicious articles in Women’s Health that read more like adverts, probiotic supplements have been promoted as miracle cures for the last decade.

Four million Americans now swallow them daily.

And they’ve become the third most commonly taken supplement, with their use quadrupling since 2007.(13)


while they’re marketing with BIG claims and make even BIGGER profits for supplement companies, the latest science suggests probiotic pills ARE NOT the health miracle we’re being told.

Because you see…

Probiotic supplements may not stay in the gut long enough to do any good

The jury has long been out for a long time on whether JAMMING probiotics into a pill is a smart idea. 

Skeptics have long suspected they don’t stay in the gut long enough to do any good, and any positive results are just the placebo effect. 

This includes Matthew Ciorba, a gastroenterologist at Washington University in St. Louis.

He had this to say in Scientific American:

“probiotics are pure hype. The majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any benefits in individuals who are already healthy.”(14)

Pretty scathing, huh? 

And two recent studies published in the respected health journal Cell have now shown why probiotic supplements may barely work.(15) 

Both studies were done by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

In the first study, 25 volunteers took a probiotic containing 11 strains of “good” bacteria. 

A tube shaped video camera (called an “endoscope”) was then pushed down their throat and into their gut.

When the camera finally reached their small intestine, the researchers saw something that could spell disaster for the profits of probiotic supplement companies.

They found…

Almost NO EVIDENCE they’d swallowed the probiotics at all

In fact, the only evidence was found in the toilet bowl afterwards. 

This study backed up what the skeptics have said all along: Probiotic supplements may do little more than make expensive poo.

The second study was even more alarming.

It sought to prove if probiotic supplements could repopulate the gut with bacteria after a dose of antibiotics.

As you may know, taking antibiotics is like setting off a nuclear bomb in your gut.

They INCINERATE all the bacteria that’s down there – both the good and the bad. 

And it’s the bad bacteria believed to recover first.

When you consider that 4 in 5 Americans takes a dose of antibiotics every year…(16)


in the US antibiotics are fed to livestock on an industrial scale (in fact, 80% of ALL antibiotics produced are used to fatten farm animals)…(17)

millions of Americans could have guts dangerously low in healthy bacteria and infested with the bad guys without even knowing it.

So if you’ve taken antibiotics in the last year, you’ve got even more reason to start taking better care of your gut.

Now, back to the second study…

The participants in the study had all recently taken a course of antibiotics.

And after they were given a probiotic supplement their intestines were analyzed with a tube camera.

While it was found that the probiotics DID manage to stay in the gut long enough to colonize and spread, it had unintended consequences.

Because the probiotic supplement STOPPED naturally grown bacteria from returning.

Instead, the participants’ guts were filled with bacteria grown from a pill

Having a gut filled with artificially formulated bacteria doesn’t sound healthy to me.

And the lack of bacteria diversity may spell trouble down the road.

So based on these two studies, it looks like the skeptics in the science community have been right all along: probiotic supplements are NOT a miracle cure for gut health.

They may not work at all.

Thankfully, there’s no need to waste money on overpriced supplements that slip through your body faster than a rat down a drain pipe. 

As you can… 

Gain All the Probiotics You Need from FOOD

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