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How I Discovered My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie Recipe Page 8

This is a digital product and not a printed book

It comprises of concise, jargon free information on everything you need to know about gut health and how to restore it through food.

It’s the guide I wish I’d had when trying to solve my gut issues.

Here’s what it covers:

✅ The Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe – Discover how it’s combination of a probiotic found in the Caucasus mountains of Turkey, an ancient Egyptian prebiotic, and Caribbean digestive enzymes make it a quick, easy, and effective way of revitalising your gut in minutes each morning.

Gut Health Check – A quick test to gauge what state your gut is in and if it’s to putting you at risk of chronic weight gain, IBS and other health problems (but don’t worry. Use your first score as a starting point. You’ll be amazed how much better your score is in a few weeks time).

✅ Latest science on how junk foods destroy the gut microbiome and make you crave all the junk foods that are lethal to your health (if more people knew about this it could put the processed food industry out of business)

✅The link between poor gut health and obesity, dementia, autism, diabetes and heart disease.

✅ How a healthier gut can actually make you smarter, as well as slimmer

✅ Step-by-step instructions on making the world’s most potent probiotic from fermented milk and a secret ingredient


  • Detox smoothies x 2
  • Smoothies for Strong Bones & Joints x 2
  • Smoothies for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails x 1
  • Stress Relief Smoothies x 2
  • Mood Enhancing Smoothies x 2
  • Blood sugar and heart healthy smoothies

On its own, my Gut Health Transformation guide offers a clear pathway to revitalising your digestive system and gaining robust health.

Yet, I’m also going to give you these bonuses to go with it:

Bonus 1 – Probiotic Smoothie for Weight Loss x 2

This is a digital product

My Probiotic Smoothies for Weight Losscontain key probiotic strains known to be beneficial for getting rid of fat.

This includes the probiotic L-Gasseri, found in a huge Japanese study to trigger 8.5% loss of belly fat.

My weight loss smoothies also containprebiotics and digestive enzymesknown to assist with weight loss.

And like I said before, my Probiotic Weight Loss Smoothies are nutrient dense, helping to keep you feeling fuller until lunch time.

So you’re less likely to snack between meals or be craving carbs and sugars.

Bonus 2 – Probiotic Energy Restoring Smoothies x 2

Ever wondered why some people bounce around with energy like the Duracell bunny in the morning while most of us struggle to wake up without dousing our brains in coffee?

Scientists have discovered it’s all to do with tiny biological batteries in our cells called “mitochondria”. (22)

Your mitochondria are vital for energy and repair throughout the body.

But when you eat too much junk food, suffer from stress, and have poor digestion, your mitochondria become starved of energy.

You then feel sluggish, grouchy, and miserable as a result.

Thankfully, like any battery, your mitochondria can be RECHARGED.

This is exactly what my Energy Restoring Smoothies are designed to do!

This is a digital product

Along with fruits known or their energy benefits, the key ingredient in these smoothies is hemp seed

This is a natural type of protein that’s kinder to your belly than the whey proteins bodybuilders chug down by the flask full. 

Hemp seed also feeds your mitochondria with a natural boost of energy, for all day productivity with fewer jitters or energy crashes.

Bonus 3 – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Your IBS Questions Answered

This is a digital eBook

Here’s a fraction of the information you’ll find in this short yet thorough guide:

  • Connection between the brain and gastrointestinal tract
  • How not to confuse IBS with inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD)
  • How to tell the difference between IBD and colon cancer
  • Alarming symptoms that tell you to see a doctor
  • Telling the difference between IBS, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease
  • Why celiac disease and IBS often occur together
  • How to know if stress is driving your IBS
  • 5 unusual alternative home therapies for IBS
  • Probiotics and their impact on IBS (info you never read on the label)
  • Top 6 yoga poses for IBS

Bonus 4 – Simple Home Workouts + 30 Days of Motivation

If you’re like me and DREAD the thought of sweating buckets in step classes (or whatever the latest fad is), you’re going to love the set of simple home workouts I discovered.

Unlike most videos on YouTube, these are not workouts for bench bros or gym bunnies.

They’re for average Joes and Joannes who don’t exercise much and just want to get their blood pumping and feeling energized.

Because if the workouts are too hard, you’ll never do them.

So these videos start off easy then you can increase the intensity at your own pace.

Here’s what you get:

10 x Workout Instructional Videos – Watch how to do each simple exercise in your living room

30 Day workout Plan – This starts easy but gradually raises the intensity

30 Days of Motivation – Gain guidance and inspiration to follow the videos and workout plan and stay on track to achieving a slimmer body.

I’m hoping that as you get into the habit of doing these light exercises… feel the rush of endorphins… and notice the weight coming off… you’ll use these workouts as a springboard to more demanding exercise in the future.

Get 10 home workout videos you do can with light hand weights

I’ve been told similar video workout courses retail for at least $27 on the internet. 

But I consider daily exercise as vital to your long-term health and happiness I’m going to give you the complete set of workout videos and the workout plan FREE .

Now I’ve revealed what my Gut Health Transformation system contains and all the bonuses you get with it, I guess you’re now wondering what you’ll need to invest to get it?

Before I answer that, I’d like to ask you… 

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