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I know this all sounds too good to be true…

I know this all sounds too good to be true…

I know the idea of being able to relieve gas, bloating and other indigestion issues without choking down fistfuls of pills is hard to believe.

I couldn’t believe it either until I dug into the latest research on gut health.

Research that revealed how to strengthen and heal the gut in record time. And how strengthening the gut can release a FLOOD of health benefits throughout the body. 

Benefits that include:(1)

✔ Breaking free of cravings for sugary, high fat foods

Balancing erratic blood sugar for steadier energy

Getting cholesterol under control

Relieving autoimmune conditions

Feeling more energized and alert

Clearing up skin breakouts for healthier skin

Finding it easier to get to sleep and STAY asleep

All benefits I yearned for from the day I turned age 40.

Because it was after age 40 that my gut started to weaken… get clogged up with food… and trigger embarrassing bouts of gas.

One bout, in particular, was so putrid I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole…

A moment I’ll share with you (and the rest of the internet) right now.

Like I said, my name’s Matt Ambrose. 

I’m a natural health researcher and writer. Skills I had to put to good use after suffering HORRID gastric attacks.

One gastric attack hit me at the WORST possible moment.

When I was stuck in a car…in traffic… with people I was DESPERATE to impress.

Here’s what happened…

My gut had been deteriorating for some time.

After meals I’d get explosive gas, painful bloating and diarrhea that hit me like a truck… even if I ate a salad.

The evenings were the worst.

I’d lie on my side in front of the TV, as undigested food lay heavy in my stomach. 

Then at night I’d sleep alone with my head propped on a pillow. Not that I slept much due to my stomach churning like a washing machine.

I’d given up eating at my favorite restaurant a long time ago… knowing whatever I ate would be like playing Russian Roulette with my stomach.

But then the time came when I had to make an exception.

I was invited to a business dinner with a local marketing manager and his assistant.

I did my best to plug myself with various pills. I really did.

Luckily, I made it through dinner unscathed (barring dashes to the bathroom to release buildups of gas).

Then after settling the bill, I thought it was a mission accomplished. 

But then I made a CRITICAL error.

I accepted the marketing manager’s offer of a ride home.

Within seconds of getting in the car, I knew I was in trouble. 

My stomach started gurgling… warning me of what was to come.

Within minutes we got caught at a traffic light… my guts gurgled with delight… and released a bout of gas so poisonous… so VILE… it would be a banned substance in times of war.

The car stank like a SEWER.

I saw the marketing manager look across to his assistant. A look with raised eyebrows that said, “was it you?”

The slight shake of the marketing assistant’s head told me the game was up. They knew it was me.


The next day when I called (doing my best to sound jovial) I was told they’d decided to go with a different writer. 

And I knew why – My card had been marked. 

They’d flagged me as a ‘foul air person’.

Some people say smelly gas is nothing to worry about. It’s normal, even funny.

But we’re not teenagers anymore…

People see smelly gas as a sign of poor hygiene… a lack of self respect… and someone not to be respected.

That moment in the car was so humiliating it makes me cringe to this day.

Yet the good news is it was also a turning point. 

A moment when I realized… 

My gastric attacks, painful bloating and toxic gas were all warning signs something was not right down below.

I needed help.

So I went to see my doctor to have my bowels examined. An experience I never wish to repeat again. 

First, I had to put up with awkward questions about my bowel movements… 

Before I got prodded and poked. 

But all he could do was diagnose my symptoms… 

Suggest I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)…

and send me on my way, with a shopping list of laxatives, probiotics, digestive enzymes and sleeping pills.

But I didn’t want to be clogged up to the eyeballs with various pills just to relieve the symptoms.

I wanted to be HEALTHY.

So I decided to put my research skills to good use. 

To find a PERMANENT solution to my rotting guts, rather than rely on band-aids.

Well, it didn’t take me long to discover choking down pills is NOT a smart long-term solution.

Because they can make indigestion symptoms WORSE, rather than better.

Common band-aid solutions for weak digestion include:

  • Laxatives – The Mayo Clinic found that long-term use leads to the “laxative effect” – A weakening of the colon. This can lead to the digestive tract getting leakier than a busted sewage pipe.(2)
  • Antacids – Sure, they can provide fast acting relief. But long-term use of antacids for heartburn stops the gut producing acid of its own. (3) The result is we don’t have enough stomach acid to digest food, causing the gut to get clogged up and become a rotting mess. Even worse, it can lead to more health problems from lack of nutrient absorption.
  • Enzymes – As youngsters we produce all the digestive enzymes we need for breaking down carbs and sugars. But our ability to make digestive enzymes dwindles with age.(4) There’s little evidence that topping up with enzymes in pill forms is a good replacement. Luckily, there’s a better way of boosting enzyme levels naturally (I’ll share how later in this article).
  • Probiotics – Expensive probiotic supplements are designed to boost levels of the healthy bacteria we need for digestion, to repair the gut and support the immune system.(5) But a shocking Israeli study found they don’t survive in the gut long enough to work for 1 in 2 people (I’ll reveal all the details in a minute). 

So if choking down pills wasn’t going to get my digestive system shipshape, what would?

Feverish research ensued to find out.

I already knew that passing age 40 meant I was entering the danger zone. 

And my guts would only get worse unless I took steps to strengthen and heal it.

Because I discovered a weakened digestive system can result in:(6)

X A buildup of ugly fat around the stomach

X Constipation and bloating from getting clogged up with food

X Loose bowel movements from weakened muscles in the digestive tract

X Undigested food and toxins leaking into the bloodstream

X Food intolerances and food allergies

X Chronic inflammation that can trigger blood sugar and cholesterol problems 

X Chronic fatigue that drains all joy from the day

X Brain fog so thick it makes it impossible to get anything done

X Worsening allergies and food intolerances

X Regular colds and flu due to a weakened immune system

All symptoms many of us seem to suffer from after age 40. And all symptoms from a weakened gut.

But I discovered that age isn’t the ONLY reason so many people’s guts are in a sorry state.

It’s because…

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