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Don’t believe what’s on the label

The real contents of processed food can have some deceptive names

Are breakfast cereals “super foods”?

You’d think so based on the number of health claims on the box.

It may say they’re a great sources of energy and iron. But the truth is a lot of cereals contain more sugar than soda.

I often wondered why food companies are able to get away with such misleading labelling.

And I was shocked when I discovered the reason.

Because you see, these labels arent a legal requirement imposed by the powers that be. They were actually enforced by the food companies themselves.

This was just one of the alarming things I read in “How Food Industry Corrupts Science” by Marion Nestle PhD.

She describes how the health claims on food labelling is a creation by the food companies themselves to think they’re foods are much healthier than the actually are.

The fact is that anything that comes in a can, box, or packet is going to contained processed ingredients that wreck havok to our digestive system, hormones, cravings, weight, and all round health.

Instead, the best foods are those without any labels at all. The foods direct from mother nature.

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