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Energy Drinks Increase Heart Attack Risk for 90 Minutes, Finds Study


Luckily, I’m old enough to have skipped the ‘energy drink’ phase. But I know youngsters drink them like they’re lemonade.

And I hear all that sugar and caffeine hitting their bloodstream at once makes them hard to control in classrooms.

Here in the UK, there was even talk of an energy drinks ban for young people. And based on studies I’ve been reading, they should ban them for adults too!

Because it turns out that energy drinks may be the most lethal ‘health foods’ ever invented, as they.

Increase Your Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks

A recent study by the University of Texas found that your risk of a heart attack or stroke rockets for 90 minutes after drinking one.

In the study, 44 participants, aged in their 20s, drank a 24 ounce can. Then almost immediately the width of their blood vessels shrank by half.

Why is this so dangerous?

Imagine your blood vessel is a hose pipe. When you twist the hose pipe it restricts how much water can flow through.

Your heart and other vital organs are reliant on steady flow of oxygenated blood and nutrients.

So when this gets restricted they can struggle to work properly. Or stop working altogether, as happens with a stroke or heart attack.

This explains why a review of all the studies on energy drinks found worrying links between energy drinks and increased seizures, heart problems and kidney or liver damage.

Energy Drink Blamed for Heart Attack at 35,000 Feet

One man who knows about the dangers of energy drinks only too well is 55 year old Dan Krahn.

He was on a plane on his way to a vacation in Europe when he suffered a violent heart attack triggered by an energy drink.

Luckily for Dan, he survived after the plane made a forced landing in Germany.

Yet even luckier for Dan, at the hospital he met a naturopath called Dr. Ralf Heinrich.

Dr. Heinrich isn’t widely known outside Germany.

Yet in his native country, Dr. Heinrick has won multiple awards for unconventional techniques that have saved countless lives.

One of these techniques he taught to Dan.

It’s a daily ritual that takes just two minutes… doesn’t involve going hell for leather on an exercise bike… gimmicky supplements… or some magical pill only found in Germany…

Yet led to Dan losing 39 lbs in record time, along with clearing out his arteries… lowering his blood pressure… and pulling him back from the brink of type 2 diabetes.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought the same when I heard about it.

But according to a video his son-in-law, Bruce, created it’s since helped over 100,000 people ‘fat loss resistant’ people to slim down while restoring their energy, vitality, and even their sex drive.

If you’d like to know what this two minute ritual is and whether it can help you slim down and lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke, check out Bruce’s video while it’s up:

>>>Click here to find out about the 2 minute daily ritual that’s helped over 100,000 people lose weight without restrictive dieting or strenuous exercise

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