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Memory Professor Review – Can it Really Improve Your Mind?


If you want bigger biceps you go to the gym.

And if you want a bigger brain, you exercise that too.

The fact that growing a physically bigger brain makes you smarter was first discovered by a neuroscientist from Rockefeller University called Fernando Nottebohm.

After artificially inducing canaries to grow their brains in size (trust me, no canaries were harmed), they were able to remember longer bird songs.

This turned the world of neuroscience upside down.

As Nottebohm notes:

“That was a real shock, because we had all been taught that an adult brain was supposed to stay the same size, with the same cells, forever.”

His discovery was one of the biggest breakthroughs ever  in neuroscience. As it proved that if you exercise your brain daily you can make it bigger, stronger, and more powerful, just like a muscle. 

So if you’d like to boost your memory, enhance your concentration, and become smarter all round…

The key to a BIGGER brain is exercise.

Even better is doing a variety of exercises that give it a workout in different ways.

It;s for this reason I investigated a brain training system called The Memory Professor.

It claims to provide the same daily exercises harnessed by ancient greek philosophers, memory champions, and elite public speakers.

In fact, it even claims to boost your memory 500% in as little as 30 days.

That’s a huge claim.

So I thought I’d better checkout if it can live up to the hype.

neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of the University of California San Francisco, “It may not [technically] be a muscle, but you can train your brain just like you would your biceps to perform at a significantly higher level.”

 So you see, with the right exercise it can be made stronger, healthier, and higher performing.

  To the rescue is a new brain training system called The Memory Professor.

It claims to improve your brain 500% in 30 days. And in as little as 25 minutes a day.

Will it work for you?

Here’s what you need to know…

What’s The Memory Professor?

The Memory Professor provides daily brain training exercises based on the same techniques developed by the world’s greatest memory experts. 

This includes ancient Greek philosophers, Indian memory masters and modern day elite public speakers. 

The Memory Professor also features the same brain training sessions run at live corporate seminars. Except you won’t have to pay the $3,000+ fee to complete them.

Who Created The Memory Professor?

The Memory Professor was created by Kit Stevenson after her poor memory got her in trouble.

She found herself lost and shivering in the rain after arriving at the wrong hotel on a backpacking trip through Europe. What’s worse, her phone had died and she hadn’t written down the hotel’s address. 

She then spent hours wandering the streets of Madrid. 

        As Kit describes:

 “I ended up standing on a street corner, soaking wet, jetlagged, unable to move with all my luggage, in front of a shut gate in an unknown area in gloom and doom weather with no-one else on the streets.”

 Eventually Kit found the correct hotel. This experience made her determined never to get lost due to poor memory again.

As Kit says, “Being a single female traveler at the time, I have encountered a number of situations around the world, where it was paramount that I know all the emergency phone numbers upon landing in a country.”  

In the years that followed, she researched everything she could about the wisest minds in history and how people trained themselves to become smarter. 

This led to her developing her own system for physically growing a stronger, smarter mind in 30 days. And so The Memory Professor was born.

What Do You Get?

Ever read a book and completely forgot what you read in a matter of weeks? 

Well, memorising key information and internalising it is just one of the many skills you can develop from The Memory Professor.

Other skills you can gain include:

  • Legendary multi-sensory association techniques
  • Clever “Name and Face” memory encryption method
  • The breakthrough “Herigones Mnemonic System” for creating a steel vault of info locked in your mind
  • Powerful Brain Gym Quizzes and Scribe Videos
  • Little known “Memory Palace Method” for using spatial awareness to learn a long series of numbers
  • Time proven “Back of a Napkin” method – remember things in context of stories and images

Who Can Benefit

The Memory Professor offers an excellent path to a healthier brain for anyone willing to put in the effort.

This includes:

  • Students studying for exams who need to remember facts, dates, and key arguments for exams.
  • Professionals who’ve noticed their brain isn’t as fast as it used to be, and would love to feel mentally fit, energetic and on the ball.
  • People in their 50s or 60s worried about their brain decaying as they get older.
  • Seniors in their 70s or older who want to ensure they continue remembering people’s faces, names, and want to stay on top of daily tasks, like paying the bills on time.
  • Lifelong learners who want the mental capacity to learn new languages, to become better public speakers, to play new instruments, or take up mentally demanding hobbies. 

So you see, all sorts of people can benefit from The Memory Professor. And with a healthier mind comes greater enjoyment in all sorts of areas of life.

Who Won’t Benefit

In today’s world, too many people want shortcuts, hacks and fast tracks to success. But getting a smarter brain’s not that simple.

Your brain needs daily exercise and time to get stronger. So it may take 30 days or longer before you notice your memory, focus, and mental energy has improved.

The Memory Professor is also unlikely to turn you into a genius. While Kit claims it can give you a 500% smarter brain in 30 days, this sounds pretty far fetched. But just a 100% boost would still be a big improvement.

Try it Risk Free for 60 Days

If you’ve noticed your concentration, focus, and memory are getting worse as you get older, The Memory Professor may offer an excellent way of stopping this decline in its tracks. 

It guides you on what exercises to do each day. You can track your progress and enjoy the sense of achievement seeing your scores improve.

You can also try it risk free. 

If your memory, mental agility, and concentration don’t improve within 30 days Kit will refund every cent. 

She’s that confident it works.

So if you’d love a stronger, more powerful brain, The Memory Professor is worth a try.

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Disclaimer – Statements made in this article have not been approved or verified by the FDA. This information is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary. This is an advertisement and not a blog or article.  

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