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Scientists Discover Best Nuts for Brain Power

If you have a nut allergy you can stop reading now.


You may be interested to know eating a handful of nuts each day can be great for your brain health.

This was recently discovered by a team of researchers from Loma Linda University in California. 

After studying the brain waves of participants before and after eating handfuls of nuts, the researchers saw a “sequence of enhancing sensory awareness tasks ranging from cognition of past experience, visualization, olfaction, and taste.” 

In other words, the participants had clearer, more precise memories than before.

Why are nuts so healthy for the brain?

It’s because nuts are packed with…

Antioxidants called “flavonoids”. 

And these flavonoids act as a clean up crew, mopping up toxins and free radicals.

Yet, what’s more remarkable is that different types of nuts offer different brain benefits.

This was another groundbreaking discovery by the Loma Linda University researchers. They found the brain waves of participants changed depending on the huts that ate.

Would you like ot know which nuts they found to be the best for brain performance?

#1 was Walnuts. 

Walnuts were followed by pecans and cashews.

So the next time you feel like snacking, munch on a few walnuts. Your brain will thank you for it.



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