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Matcha Energy Balls

Matcha has skyrocketed in popularity these last few years.

And not just the tea variety.🍵

You can now get matcha shots, lattes, and even desserts. 🍡

Matcha comes from tea leaves, but tea leaves prepared in an extra special way.🍃

To make matcha, the tea plants are covered 20-30 days before harvest. 

This reduces direct sunlight and allows the level of chlorophyll in the leaves to go up.

Why’s higher chlorophyll a good thing?

Because chlorophyll is high in amino acids and health enriching antioxidants. 

In fact, studies show that thanks to is high chlorophyll content… 

Matcha offers benefits for the liver… heart health… brain function… and even weight loss.🤗💗

In my Matcha Energy Ball recipe you get the benefits of matcha combined with the energy lift of vanilla protein. 

With a drizzle of maple syrup, my Matcha Energy Balls offer a sweet tasting, energy and all round health booster.🍵🏃‍♀️

And because my recipes contains none of the nasty additives or sugars of energy boosting drinks, you get a purer, freer flowing energy buzz:

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