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Sugar Free Banana & Almond Muffins

Do you struggle with cravings for sugary snacks, cakes and chocolate?

You’re not alone.

Sugar is HIGHLY addictive, because it triggers the reward centers in the brain, and releases ‘dopamine’ – the brain’s reward chemical.

This is the BIGGEST reason many people find switching to a healthy diet so hard – They  still crave the sweet dopamine release they get from sugar.

But here’s the thing…

Sugar addiction is only temporary.

You can wean yourself off it in as little as 2 weeks. 

And when your taste buds have adjusted to enjoying more savoury snacks, you may wonder why you enjoyed such sugary tasting food at all!

There are plenty of healthy alternatives to sugar. Ingredients with a sweet taste but without the health dangers of sugar.

My Sugar Free Banana & Almond Muffins recipe is a great example.

It gets its sweetness from almond butter, maple syrup and bananas, rather than sugar. So it allows you to enjoy a sweet treat for dessert without the guilt of sugary snacks. 

And it’s a heck of a lot less fattening too!

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