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Sugar Free Banana & Strawberrry Pancakes

Sugar has a lot to answer for.🍬👹

It makes food addictive…😞

Wrecks havoc to blood glucose levels…🥴

Triggers an inflammatory condition known as ‘glycation’ (now thought to be one of the causes of Alzheimer’s)…

AND it’s the main culprit for causing a gut imbalance known as ‘gut dysbiosis’…

A condition that makes you crave sugar even MORE!

Now here’s the good news…😃

It’s possible to continue enjoying decadent desserts and pancakes for breakfast without a single teaspoon of sugar.

Instead of sugar…

My banana & strawberry pancakes get their sweetness from coconut yogurt, almond milk and maple syrup instead.🍌🍓🥞 

So you can delight your taste buds while weaning yourself off sugar addiction and taking care of your gut health at the same time. 

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