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4 Things to Check When Buying Berberine Supplements for Healthy Blood Sugar

With diabetes and prediabetes affecting over 100 million Americans, it’s no wonder so many of us are looking to berberine for natural blood sugar support.

Studies show this powerful plant extract can mimic the glucose-lowering effects of metformin. But not all berberine supplements are created equal.

Here are 4 key markers to check for when selecting a berberine supplement for healthy blood sugar support:

1. Look for Berberine HCl

Simply listing “berberine” on the label doesn’t cut it – the exact type matters!

Berberine hydrochloride (HCl) is the form used in nearly all of the promising medical studies showing benefits for diabetes, cholesterol and more. This is the gold standard extract to check for.

2. Check for a Daily Dose of 1500mg

Clinical trials demonstrating berberine’s effectiveness for blood sugar used a dosage of 1500mg daily. That’s the sweet spot you want from your capsules or tablets to achieve results.

Any less and you likely won’t be getting enough berberine to make much difference.

3. Make Sure It’s Free of Contaminants

With berberine sourced from plants, contamination is a real concern. Quality supplements will be tested for heavy metals, pesticides, mold and other toxins you don’t want regularly entering your body. So always check a supplement undergoes third party purity testing.

4. See If It Contains Blood Sugar Supporting Nutrients

Some berberine supplements add complementary ingredients shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism like chromium, cinnamon and alpha lipoic acid. This provides synergistic blood sugar benefits you won’t get from berberine alone.

While berberine offers real promise for balancing blood sugar, every product isn’t equal.

Scrutinize the labels and only purchase berberine meeting these 4 quality criteria.

You’ll notice the difference in your blood sugar balance, energy levels, waistline, and all round health.

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