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Keeping the Sugar Monster at Bay – 5 Tips from a Recovering Addict

Sugar addiction can be a daily struggle.

That yearning for something sweet…it calls to us, never fully going away.

Whether it’s fresh chocolate chip cookies, a stack of buttery pancakes, or a sleeve of melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, sugar is the siren song we can’t resist.

But giving in to those cravings too often can spur obesity, diabetes, and other health woes.

So here are 5 tips for reining in the sugar addiction monster when it arrives:

1. Eat breakfast – Breakfast is prime time for sugar bombs in the form of cereal, pastries and fruit juice. Get ahead of cravings with protein like eggs, yogurt or nut butter on whole grain toast. Balancing carbs with protein and fat keeps me satisfied.

2. Have high protein snacks on hand – When a sugar craving strikes, having carrot sticks or an apple may not cut it. So keep bags of unsalted nuts, low-sugar protein bars, or plain Greek yogurt dip close to hand so you can calm your cravings without resorting to snacks rich in sugar and starchy carbs.

3. Read labels like an investigator – Sneaky sugar comes in many forms like corn syrup and cane juice. So check every label and avoid products with sugar in the first 3 ingredients. Also bein the guard for hidden sweeteners.

4. Mix up my rewards – We often use sweets as rewards, right? But rewarding yourself with a swim in the pool, a long bath, or catching up with a friend feels just as special. So try to remind yourself food shouldn’t be the only way to treat yourself.

5. Stick to food plans – Meal planning is essential! Having healthy ingredients and snacks ready to go means you don’t grab fast food in a moment of hunger. Keeping a food journal can also helps you stay mindful of every sugary bite.

The sugar struggle is real!

But with vigilance, patience and planning, you can keep addiction and cravings from controlling your life, by taking one sweet-free day at a time.

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