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Can this “Five Minute Gut Health Hack” Really Relieve Indigestion Misery?

Is This Weird “Five Minute Gut Health Hack” The Indigestion Breakthrough Boomers and Seniors Have Been Searching For?

How a humiliating bout of gas led to me healing my guts in record time. And without expensive supplements or weird fermented foods. Read my story below now.

“Was that you?”

I’ll never forget the marketing director looking to her assistant with that silent message.

A look that said I was in trouble… that my goose was cooked.

The marketing assistant gave a slight shake of the head.

This meant there was only one other person it could be:


Here’s what happened….

I’d been invited to a business dinner to discuss a new marketing project.

I did my best to plug my bowels with enzymes, probiotics and laxatives beforehand. I really did. 

And barring a few mad dashes to the bathroom, I made it through dinner unscathed.

But then I made a CRITICAL mistake.

The marketing director offered me a lift home. I thought it rude to refuse.

But from the moment I sat in the backseat and my guts gurgled… I knew I was in trouble.

For the next five minutes I clenched my bowels tight. Determined to make it home.

But then.. IT happened.

We got stuck in traffic.

Then as the car crawled at a snail’s pace, I couldn’t hold it in any longer…

And released a stench so VILE it would make skunks race for the hills.

There was no way for me or my putrid gas to escape.

Instead, we all sat there. Trapped.

The stench of my bowels mingling with the disgust of the two people sat in front of me.

I still cringe about it to this day.

And crumple inside thinking how people must have been laughing about it in the breakroom.

About ME!

A foul air person who STANK out the marketing director’s car.

Yet this humiliating incident was a turning point.

A moment when…

I made it my mission to heal my decaying guts once and for all.

Because I hadn’t always been this way.

Until a few years ago, I could fill my plate with whatever I liked.

I could eat a spicy curry and follow it with chocolate cake with barely a murmur of complaint. 

My bowel movements ran like clockwork, and the release smooth as silk.

But that all changed with age.

After meals, I started blowing up like a toad… I’d lie in front of the TV gripping a pillow… and sleep became a luxury as my insides churned like a washing machine.

Listen— I tried everything in the book to heal my guts:

X Eliminating pizza, cake and all my favorite foods

X Enduring miserable mealtimes chewing on salad

X Spending a king’s ransom on ‘do nothing’ supplements like probiotics and enzymes 

X Popping antacids and laxatives (which I discovered can make indigestion WORSE in the long run)

But nothing worked…

Some days, my guts grumbled so much it made me drained as a sloth…

while I could barely read a chapter of my book without falling asleep.

But want to know the WORST part?

I’m not even that old!

I’ve only just turned 41.

But that’s still 20+ years of eating the WRONG foods… rising stress of the daily grind… not pounding the pavement enough… and drinking a skinfull on weekends.

Sure, I went to my health professional for advice. 

But all she could suggest was that I had irritable bowels… and gave me a shopping list of pills longer than my groceries list.  

The good news is FINALLY found a way to relieve my indigestion woes.

And I didnt need overpriced supplements, weird fermented foods or some snake oil remedy to do it.

I found it after digging deep into the latest science on gut health.

I read through every book I could find… little known journals… and breaking discoveries on why millions now struggle with bloating, gas and cramps.

I discovered my gut issues were due to the huge amount of INFLAMMATORY ingredients in processed foods.(1)

Ingredients invented in a lab that have been found to: 

X Wipe out healthy bacteria

X Wreck the gut lining 

X And weaken the immune system

Yet, the good news is I also found out how to reverse the damage.

I discovered there are…

THREE key nutrients VITAL to a strong, healthy gut.

Yet, nutrients hard to get enough of in a normal diet.

So you know what I did?

I tracked down the BEST sources of these nutrients in FOOD.

But not in processed junk that comes wrapped in plastic or cardboard.

I’m talking about WHOLE natural foods. 

Fruits, seeds and a type of milk.

Natural ingredients available for pennies on the dollar… yet are absorbed FAR better than expensive supplements.

I then combined them to create…

The Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie

A smoothie recipe that feeds the gut with a MOTHERLOAD of gut enriching nutrition in minutes each morning.

It can start to sooth the gut within a matter of hours…

It can be made in the comfort of home…

And it costs a tiny fraction of what overpriced supplements cost. 

Now, even after all my research, I was skeptical that it could work.

I couldn’t see how it could revitalize my gut when all the pills, powders and weird smoothies I’d tried had done squat.

Yet, within a few short weeks of making it, I gained:

Twice daily bowel movements like clockwork

Be able to enjoy my favorite foods again

Relief from my allergies and blotchy skin

Improved sleep, so I now jump out of bed bursting with energy

Stronger immune defenses against colds and flu 

Even better, based on my calculations, it’s more potent than supplements and is like taking 3 supplements in 1:

✔ 20 strains of healthy probiotics (many expensive supplements only have 5 or 6) 

Key digestive enzymes Amylase and Maltase

Rich in prebiotic fibers like Inulin

Now, discovering this gut health hack wasn’t easy.

It took me countless hours of research and refinement to perfect until it was finally ready to share with the world.

Yet I want to share it with you, right here right now, for FREE!

I want to help other people avoid suffering from chronic gas, painful bloating and pongy gas… 

To stop wasting money on probiotics, enzymes, antacids and other band aid solutions that barely work… 

To gain a PERMANENTLY happy, healthy tummy…

And to feel the most energized in years.

And it gets better…

Because my ‘Five Minute Gut Health Hack’ isn’t the only solution I have to share.

I’ve also created a 30 day gut health revitalizing system.

A system that guides people in:

✔How to identify and eliminate inflammatory foods from their diet

What to do to break free of sugar addiction so healthy eating habits become easier to sustain

Simple ways of lowering stress and sleeping better at night without medications

‘Lazy’ ways to exercise and burn fat that are enjoyable and doable

How to flush all the toxins we absorb from the air, food and water.

Steps for repairing the gut wall so toxins no longer leaked into the bloodstream

How to strengthen the immune system and douse inflammation throughout the body.

In other words, it’s like working with a functional health expert yet for a fraction of the price!

So if gaining either of my gut healing, strengthening and revitalzing solutions sounds good, click the ‘Next’ button below to find more:


  1. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326256

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