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How Kelly fixed her gut naturally with a probiotic smoothie

Fermented foods are among the best foods for gut health. But fermented foods, like kimchi, keffir and saur krauct, can be an acquired taste.

So if eating fermented foods every day doesnt tickle your taste pallete, I found a better solution for getting a daily dose of gut enriching probiotics.

Kelly is a single parent of a beautiful boy called Billy.

She wrote to me a few months ago after reading about how I “followed through” when stood at the 11th tee of the golf course.

Because you see, the same thing happened to her. Except it wasnt at the golf course, it was while stood waiting for her son at the school gates.

Like me, she’d also been suffering from chronic gas, bloating and diarrhea for a long time before her accident. And also, like me, it motivated her to find a solution.

She delved even deeper into why digestive problems happen. And discovered that it was a gut imbalance to blame.

Like me, she also developed a natural solution of her own. I wont ruin the surprise by revealing exactly what it is. Suffice to say, it offers a fantastic way of feeding your body with a daily dose of probiotics, prebiotics AND digestive enzymes.

And without having to swallow down fermented foods or waste money on overpriced supplements.

Read her story by clicking the link below:

>>>Read Kelly’s story on how she discovered a recipe for a smoothie that contains a probiotic, prebotic and digestive enzyme in one

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