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Why Healing Digestion Naturally is the Safer Option than Acid Reflux Meds

We now take 10 times more prescription meds than we did in the 50s. Many are not needed. They’re expensive, potentially toxic and taking over the long-term can make the conditions WORSE.

One condition for which meds might be making us sicker, rather than healthier, is heart burn. We’re now so used to taking pills and medications for heart burn that we think nothing of it. But unfortunately their toxicity doesnt get talked about much.

Previous generations accepted heart burn as a warning sign of bad food. A reminder that the food we were eating wasnt good for our stomachs or our heart. But now, instead, we swallow a pill to TURN OFF our body’s natural reflex system.

What this means is that our body is FORCED to stop producing stomach acid. A chemical we NEED to properly digest food. So our body pushes back. It tries to produce even more stomach acid. And then in a matter of weeks we’re dependent on the drugs to constantly keep acid reflex under control.

Taking powerful drugs like this over the long-term is now linked to dementia and death. Yet they continue to be handed out like candy without any warnings about the risks of dependence.

The good news is that heart burn often occurs due to poor gut health and eating the wrong foods. Yet more reason to adopt a gut healthy diet, like that recommended in my eBook – Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut

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