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Why My Dad’s Diabetes Led Me to Keto

It drained his energy. But worse, it took his enthusiasm for life

A few years back, my dad was diagnozed with type 2 diabetes.

We were both shocked as he ate (what we thought at the time) was a healthy diet.

But we should have spotted the warning signs. He had the energy levels of a sloth and the irritability of a grumpy bear.

He’d become a different person to the happy, care free father I remembered as a child.

Life was passing him by as he spent his days collapsed in front of the TV, too drained and depressed to move.

The doctor’s answer was to prescribe him metformin (blood sugar lowering medication).

But as we later discovered, this drug does nothing to reverse the underlying causes of diabetes.

All it does is manage the symptoms.

So it was little better than delaying his deterioration from the disease.

This wasn’t what either of us wanted.

I wanted my joyful dad back.

Not someone who spent his days under a cloud of misery worrying about if he’d lose a foot or go blind as his diabetes got worse.

It was clear mainstream medicine was short of ideas.

So we did our own research.

Now to make a long story short, my Dad’s diabetes…and lack of trust in mainstream doctors…led us to the Keto diet.

Because we soon discovered that chronic high blood sugar results from all the processed sugars, refined carbs, additives, and other chemical nasties found in foods that come in a packet or box.

That all changes when we threw out all the processed “Frankenfoods” and switched my dad to a diet high in healthy fat, nuts, fish, and greens,

Now, his health didn’t miraculously improve over night.

But as dad’s cravings for soda faded (“diet” soda packed with aspartame is just as bad) and he fuelled his body with the nutrients missing from processed foods, he gradually found the energy to get off the sofa.

Then he started going for daily walks.

Until he felt strong enough to get back into cycling.

Long story short…

He shed 27 lbs of lethal belly fat.

Best of all, he was able to throw his metformin drugs in the trash – which were never going to help him get better anyway.

My dad’s transformation is another of the reasons why I launched this website.

Sadly, too many people are falling victim to an industry that pushes treating symptoms over making healthy lifestyle changes that be result in cures.

I want to help others on their journey to discovering how they can heal their bodies from within to gain lasting health.

It’s also why I created my ‘Keto 30 Day Meal Plan + Recipe Book’.

All I ask is that if you put it into action, you drop me an email to let me know how you get on.


30 Day Low Carb Diet 'Ketosis Plan'

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