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Gut Microbes Decide if You’re Thin or Fat, New Study

A huge study of 1760 elderly twins found their gut microbes controlled which was thin and which was fat. 

Think it’s your brain controlling your cravings for cheese cake, juicy burgers, and delicious rigitoni pasta?

Well, mounting research says cravings come from microbes in the gut.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, these microbes also control what happens to food after you eat it.

Because you see, it’s these microbes that decide if food gets turned into nutrients and energy, or forced into the cells as visceral fat.

This is no crackpot theory.

It’s now been proven in HUGE study of 1760 elderly female twins, conducted by scientists from Kings College London, UK.

After comparing their levels of visceral fat and composition of microbes, they concluded that it’s the TYPE of microbes people have in their gut that influences how much visceral fat they carry.

Not how MUCH they eat.

“We confirmed that gut microbiota composition and diet are both associated with VFM accumulation and that these two factors are closely linked,” the scientists concluded.

So how can you improve the composition of microbes in your gut, and reduce how much fat is accumulated as a result?

Eating a nutrient, fiber rich diet.

This was the second discovery by the team of scientists. That 
diet has a direct impact on the TYPE of microbes in people’s guts.

What they discovered is eating junk foods high in processed sugars and carbs causes the gut to be infested with fat spreading microbes.


Eating nutrient dense foods rich in vegetable fiber causes an increase in the lean type of microbes.

Even better, these lean microbes were found to improve insulin sensitivity and the pace of fat burning metabolism.

So, as I’ve often said, the gut is the CORE of all health in the body. And the foods you eat directly impact how healthy that core is.

The good news is you don’t need expensive probiotics to feed your gut with health enriching bacteria.

My free eBook ‘Eat Your Way to a Healthy Gut’ is packed with nutrient dense, get enriching recipes. You also get 2 meal plans for making the transtion to healthy eating a success.

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