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Cure for Fibromyalgia Found in the Gut? Breakthrough Achieved by McGill University

“I lost everything. I’ve lost my job, my apartment, my credit,” says Marie-Helene Champoux.

Marie-Helene is just one of the 6-12 million American women who struggle through the day with low moods, pain and depression.

All symptoms linked to fibromyalgia.

Sadly, also like millions of women, she had no clue fibromyalgia was the cause.

“The symptoms began six years ago… I had depression for almost two years and a lot of pain in my body. I didn’t know about fibromyalgia at the time,” says Marie-Helene.

It took two years of testing for everything in the medical book until doctors narrowed it down to fibromyalgia…

Even then they needed some convincing.

“There were a lot of visits to the hospital to get all kinds of tests imaginable. A lot of doctors don’t really know about [fibromyalgia],” says Marie-Helene.

Despite the billions spent on research, pill bottles and surgery, mainstream medicine has yet to find a cure for fibromyalgia.

Yet the solution could be as simple as changing our diets.

This is according to breakthrough research by McGill University.

After analysing the guts of patients with fibromyalgia, the medical researchers found pain levels are directly linked to 19 species of gut bacteria.

“The severity of a patient’s symptoms was directly correlated with an increased presence or a more pronounced absence of certain bacteria—something which has never been reported before,” says Dr. Amir Minerbi, from McGill University.

In other words, if people have too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria in their gut it risks triggering fibromyalgia.

“This is the first evidence, at least in humans, that the microbiome could have an effect on diffuse pain.” says Yoram Shir, senior author and Director of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit.

This latest study highlights the impact the gut has on our all round health.

As gut imbalances have also been linked to symptoms like chronic fatigue… uncontrollable weight gain… brain fog… nervousness… insomnia… skin breakouts… and the list goes on.

So while further research is needed before a cure for fibromyalgia can be developed…

taking care of a gut imbalance may help sufferers like Marie-Helene relieve their symptoms in the meantime.

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