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Gut Health Predicts COVID-19 Risk (New Study)

The main risk factors for COVID-19 are now well known.

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Underlying health problems
  • Senior age

Yet a breaking study has found there’s an even BIGGER risk factor nobody is yet talking about.

The study is revealed in Psychology Today.

The study of 990 COVID-19 patients found that the biggest predictor of how badly someone suffers from the virus is…


‘Gut dysbiosis’ is a term for when a gut has an unhealthy balance of good and bad bacteria (collectively known as the microbiome).

In fact, gut dysbiosis is already linked with diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

So it makes sense that it’s linked to increased risk of a bad case of COVID-19 too.

In the study scientists examined the blood of 990 COVID-19 patients.

They found 20 proteins linked with increased risk of death.

And that these proteins are all HIGHER in people with gut dysbiosis.

In fact, people with just 10% higher levels of these proteins had a 57% higher risk of getting the virus.

Yet even more surprisingly…

they found that having high levels of these proteins was a bigger predictor of falling victim to COVID-19 than being obese, high blood pressre, sex or age.

The bottom line is this…

An unhealthy gut increases the risk of not being able to fight off the virus…

And falling victim as a result.

And if the study’s results are accurate, an unhealthy gut is the biggest risk factor of them all.

The good news is that gut health is much easier to fix than obesity or a lifetime of smoking.

You simply have to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet.

This means less sugar, less refined grains, less fried foods and less processed food altogether.

Instead, you want to eat a diet rich in fiber – The complete reverse of what most folks are eating right now.

Because fiber is like fertilizer for growing a wide range of healthy bacteria…

producing fatty acids like butyrate that heal the cells lining the gut…

and fixing gut health issues like leaky gut and candida.

So COVID-19 is the wakeup call we all need to start eating better foods.

And the good news is that when we do we can improve our gut health in a matter of weeks. 

And if you do, it may save your life.

You can find a step-by-step process for adopting a low-inflammation, fiber rich diet in my 30 day Gut Health Transformation course.

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