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Tofu Pad Thai

Thailand is famous for its smiles, sunny beaches and delicious cuisine.

But like everywhere in the world…

Thailand’s food habits are changing. 

Every year, more people are being dragged to the darkside of fast food and processed junk.

But right now, they still have HALF the amount of overweight people compared to the Western world (one third compared to two thirds in Western countries).

They also have only 1 in 10 with blood sugar issues, compared to over a THIRD in the US (although 4 in 5 of those people don’t even know it).

A lot of Thailand’s healthier people has to do with their food, which is high in vegetables and relatively low in factory farmed meat.

This Tofu Pad Thai dish (feel free to use chicken or pork if you prefer) is packed with shallots, coconut oil, carrots, garlic peanuts and bean sprouts.

So it’s rich in flavor, packed with gut enriching nutrition and has ZERO processed inflammatory ingredients.


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