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Omelet Wraps

Is egg yolk healthy?🍳🤨

For years we were told that egg yolk was loaded with cholesterol, so we should avoid it like the plague.

But scooping out the yolk to only eat egg whites always seemed strange to me. And it turns out my hunch was right.🥚🥚

The idea that the yolk is bad for you can be traced to the Seven Countries Study done by Ancel Keys in 1958.👨‍🔬

A study designed to find out why so many Americans were getting heart attacks…💔

But a study funded by the sugar lobby. And with an agenda to find someone else to pin the blame on than processed food.

So only countries were selected to support the hypothesis that cholesterol from saturated fat was to blame. Even though countries like France eat loads of fat and have far fewer heart attacks.

Fast forward to today, and Ancel Keys’ study has been thoroughly debunked… 

Along with the idea that saturated fat is unhealthy.

In fact, the yolk of the egg is one of the most nutrient dense foods around. And actually lowers your risk of heart attack.

So do yourself a favor…

Ignore all the ‘low in fat’ labels at the supermarket and eat full fat versions instead.

The processed food companies are either far behind in recognizing the science on saturated fat…

Or they’re deliberately dragging their heels so they can load their foods with sugar instead… and make them more addictive and fattening in the process.

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