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Chicken, Orange and Walnut Salad

Think oranges are the ONLY fruit that’s powerful at fighting colds and flus?


Not at all.

There’s also a bright red fruit that’s a powerhouse at boosting the body’s immune system.

In fact, it was cultivated during the times of ancient Roman times for this very purpose.

Can you guess what it is?


You may know already that pomegranate has benefits for some types of cancer, balancing blood sugar and libido.

Yet it turns out to be great flu fighter too.

This is because pomegratae contains compounds called tannins.

And these tannins help support the body’s natural defence against infections and flu viruses.

Pomegranate also contains ellagic acid, which is potent at treating viral and bacterial infections.

So there you go.

Pomegranate’s have more flu fighting power than oranges…

And my chicken, orange and walnut salad contains both.

So if you’d like an immunity boost and better gut health at the same time…

Try out his Chicken, Orange and Walnut Salad recipe:

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