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The 5 Minute Gut Health Hack

I know this all sounds too good to be true…

I know the idea of being able to relieve gas, bloating and other indigestion issues without choking down fistfuls of pills is hard to believe.

I couldn’t believe it either until I dug into the latest research on gut health.

Research that revealed how to strengthen and heal the gut in record time. And how strengthening the gut can release a FLOOD of health benefits throughout the body. 

Benefits that include:(1)

✔ Breaking free of cravings for sugary, high fat foods

Balancing erratic blood sugar for steadier energy

Getting cholesterol under control

Relieving autoimmune conditions

Feeling more energized and alert

Clearing up skin breakouts for healthier skin

Finding it easier to get to sleep and STAY asleep

All benefits I yearned for from the day I turned age 40.

Because it was after age 40 that my gut started to weaken… get clogged up with food… and trigger embarrassing bouts of gas.

One bout, in particular, was so putrid I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole…

A moment I’ll share with you (and the rest of the internet) right now.

Like I said, my name’s Matt Ambrose. 

I’m a natural health researcher and writer. Skills I had to put to good use after suffering HORRID gastric attacks.

One gastric attack hit me at the WORST possible moment.

When I was stuck in a car…in traffic… with people I was DESPERATE to impress.

Here’s what happened…

My gut had been deteriorating for some time.

After meals I’d get explosive gas, painful bloating and diarrhea that hit me like a truck… even if I ate a salad.

The evenings were the worst.

I’d lie on my side in front of the TV, as undigested food lay heavy in my stomach. 

Then at night I’d sleep alone with my head propped on a pillow. Not that I slept much due to my stomach churning like a washing machine.

I’d given up eating at my favorite restaurant a long time ago… knowing whatever I ate would be like playing Russian Roulette with my stomach.

But then the time came when I had to make an exception.

I was invited to a business dinner with a local marketing manager and his assistant.

I did my best to plug myself with various pills. I really did.

Luckily, I made it through dinner unscathed (barring dashes to the bathroom to release buildups of gas).

Then after settling the bill, I thought it was a mission accomplished. 

But then I made a CRITICAL error.

I accepted the marketing manager’s offer of a ride home.

Within seconds of getting in the car, I knew I was in trouble. 

My stomach started gurgling… warning me of what was to come.

Within minutes we got caught at a traffic light… my guts gurgled with delight… and released a bout of gas so poisonous… so VILE… it would be a banned substance in times of war.

The car stank like a SEWER.

I saw the marketing manager look across to his assistant. A look with raised eyebrows that said, “was it you?”

The slight shake of the marketing assistant’s head told me the game was up. They knew it was me.


The next day when I called (doing my best to sound jovial) I was told they’d decided to go with a different writer. 

And I knew why – My card had been marked. 

They’d flagged me as a ‘foul air person’.

Some people say smelly gas is nothing to worry about. It’s normal, even funny.

But we’re not teenagers anymore…

People see smelly gas as a sign of poor hygiene… a lack of self respect… and someone not to be respected.

That moment in the car was so humiliating it makes me cringe to this day.

Yet the good news is it was also a turning point. 

A moment when I realized… 

My gastric attacks, painful bloating and toxic gas were all warning signs something was not right down below.

I needed help.

So I went to see my doctor to have my bowels examined. An experience I never wish to repeat again. 

First, I had to put up with awkward questions about my bowel movements… 

Before I got prodded and poked. 

But all he could do was diagnose my symptoms… 

Suggest I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)…

and send me on my way, with a shopping list of laxatives, probiotics, digestive enzymes and sleeping pills.

But I didn’t want to be clogged up to the eyeballs with various pills just to relieve the symptoms.

I wanted to be HEALTHY.

So I decided to put my research skills to good use. 

To find a PERMANENT solution to my rotting guts, rather than rely on band-aids.

Well, it didn’t take me long to discover choking down pills is NOT a smart long-term solution.

Because they can make indigestion symptoms WORSE, rather than better.

Common band-aid solutions for weak digestion include:

  • Laxatives – The Mayo Clinic found that long-term use leads to the “laxative effect” – A weakening of the colon. This can lead to the digestive tract getting leakier than a busted sewage pipe.(2)
  • Antacids – Sure, they can provide fast acting relief. But long-term use of antacids for heartburn stops the gut producing acid of its own. (3) The result is we don’t have enough stomach acid to digest food, causing the gut to get clogged up and become a rotting mess. Even worse, it can lead to more health problems from lack of nutrient absorption.
  • Enzymes – As youngsters we produce all the digestive enzymes we need for breaking down carbs and sugars. But our ability to make digestive enzymes dwindles with age.(4) There’s little evidence that topping up with enzymes in pill forms is a good replacement. Luckily, there’s a better way of boosting enzyme levels naturally (I’ll share how later in this article).
  • Probiotics – Expensive probiotic supplements are designed to boost levels of the healthy bacteria we need for digestion, to repair the gut and support the immune system.(5) But a shocking Israeli study found they don’t survive in the gut long enough to work for 1 in 2 people (I’ll reveal all the details in a minute). 

So if choking down pills wasn’t going to get my digestive system shipshape, what would?

Feverish research ensued to find out.

I already knew that passing age 40 meant I was entering the danger zone. 

And my guts would only get worse unless I took steps to strengthen and heal it.

Because I discovered a weakened digestive system can result in:(6)

X A buildup of ugly fat around the stomach

X Constipation and bloating from getting clogged up with food

X Loose bowel movements from weakened muscles in the digestive tract

X Undigested food and toxins leaking into the bloodstream

X Food intolerances and food allergies

X Chronic inflammation that can trigger blood sugar and cholesterol problems 

X Chronic fatigue that drains all joy from the day

X Brain fog so thick it makes it impossible to get anything done

X Worsening allergies and food intolerances

X Regular colds and flu due to a weakened immune system

All symptoms many of us seem to suffer from after age 40. And all symptoms from a weakened gut.

But I discovered that age isn’t the ONLY reason so many people’s guts are in a sorry state.

It’s because…

The Modern World is a Toxic Place for Our Guts

To be precise…

The modern world is toxic for trillions of life forms living inside our guts.

Lifeforms called…


There are as many as 1,000 different species…(6)

And there are 100 trillion of them – a heck of a lot more than people living on the planet.(7)

Combined, the bacteria inside our gut create a 5lbs ball of matter in our gut known as the ‘microbiome’.(8)

Much of the bacteria living inside the microbiome are good for us. 

The good bacteria help us digest food… 

create white blood cells for getting rid of invaders… 

and make all sorts of hormones that are vital to our health.(9)

Whereas the bad bacteria do the opposite.

They make us crave sugary foods that make us fat and unhealthy.(10)

They WEAKEN our body’s immune defenses.

Allow pathogens to spread.

And increase our risk of falling victim to colds, flus and worse.

So having too many of the bad guys and too few of the good ones can trigger an avalanche of health problems.

Regular bloating and gas are early warning signs that the bad guys are in control. 

The medical term for an unhealthy balance of too much BAD bacteria is…

Gut dysbiosis.

Gut dysbiois is the common gut condition scientists now warn is a bigger threat to our immune systems than being obese, elderly or any other underlying health issue (more on this later).

The good news is that I have TWO solutions to share with you on how to reverse it.

Neither of which involves choking down fistfuls of pills.

Bcause you see, spending $100+ on probiotics, digestive enzymes and other potions and powders will do little on its own. 

As like I said, they’re little better than band-aids. 


ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis MUST be addressed to permanently reverse it and to gain a strong, healthy gut.

What are the triggers of gut dysbiosis?

They include:(11)

  1. Highly processed diets loaded with sugars and additives but with near ZERO nutrition
  2. Chronic stress, anxiety and poor sleep 
  3. Frequent use of antibiotics
  4. Downing too many beers and wines for stress relief
  5. Pesticides, household chemicals and air pollution
  6. Gluten, GMOs and other ingredients our digestive systems struggle to digest and that punch holes in our gut wall

So you see, gut dysbiosis is tough to avoid.

And it’s easy to see why millions are suffering from indigestion problems… weakened immunity… and the long list of symptoms gut dysbiosis can cause.

In a minute I’ll share how to disarm ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis at the same time.

First, I want to tell you which trigger does the most damage… 

Something 4 in 5 Americans take every year to protect against infections…

But wrecks terrible damage and makes the risk of colds, flu and other illnesses WORSE…

Taking Antibiotics is Like Setting off a Nuclear Bomb in Our Gut

Antibiotics have one purpose: To wipe out infections.(12)

And they’re very good at it.

A little too good.

They wipe out ALL the bacteria living inside the gut.

As Science Daily reports, antibiotics kill off both the good bacteria and the bad.(13)

The damage antibiotics do to our gut bacteria was recently demonstrated in a Stanford University study.(14)

Stanford scientists looked at nearly 900,000 stool samples from healthy people who’d recently taken antibiotics.

And they were shocked to discover their gut health hadn’t recovered even after six months!

This means that for at least six months after taking antibiotics, the gut can’t digest food properly… the immunity wall crumbles… and there’s a higher risk of ill health.

So what’s the solution?

Like I said, it’s not spending $100+ a month on supplements.

Supplement companies may LOVE to promote probiotics as a fast track to gaining a strong, healthy gut…

And they like to bamboozle us with claims of having trillions of bacteria in every cold-pressed pill…

But the reality is there’s ZERO proof that probiotic supplements work.

Not one study has clinically proven that taking probiotics in a cold-pressed pill heals the gut.

Not one!

And gut health experts have long been critical of an industry they see as generating huge profits from pseudoscience.

This includes popular internet physician Dr. Mike Varshavski. He says that:

“The average healthy person should not be taking a daily probiotic…It hasn’t been proven to give enough benefit to warrant the risks, and especially spending money on a supplement that may not give you any benefit whatsoever.” (15)

While Matthew Ciorba, a gastroenterologist at Washington University, said in an interview with Scientific American, “probiotics are pure hype. The majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any benefits.” (16)

Pretty scathing, don’t you think?

Yet when I reveal what happens after swallowing a probiotic supplement, you’ll understand why.

Because for a probiotic supplement to work, it’s got to survive a long, hard journey.

This includes a pounding from the stomach walls…

An acid bath in the stomach’s gastric juices…

And then it has to convince the microbes already living inside the gut to give it space to colonize. 

Quite an adventure, to say the least.

And no wonder most probiotics don’t survive long enough to work.

This has been demonstrated in a mounting weight of studies.

One of the most alarming studies was done by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

A study that could jeopardize the profits of multi-billion supplement brands.

A Study of Probiotics that Could Imperil the Profits of The Multi-billion Dollar Supplement Industry

The study into the healing powers of probiotic supplements was recently completed by the Weissman Institue in Israel.

And their findings were so alarming they were a lead feature in New Scientist.(17)

In the study, 19 volunteers took a probiotic supplement containing 11 strains of “good” bacteria.

A tube shaped video camera called an “endoscope” was then shoved down their throat and into their gut.

When the camera reached their small intestine, the researchers gathered around the screen… 

looking intently for signs the probiotic pills had taken hold inside the gut. 

What did they find?

Not much.

Only 8 of the 19 volunteers showed ANY signs they’d taken a probiotic at all.

In fact, MOST of the evidence was found in the toilet bowl afterwards.

In other words..

even the probiotic pills that had survived a pounding from the stomach’s walls… and a bath in its gastric juices… had been shoved through the gut before they could take hold.

Study author Eran Segal sagely said in a statement, “The benefits of the standard probiotics we all take can’t be as universal as we once thought.”

But the study did prove something.

It proved the skeptics had been right all along:

Probiotic Supplements are NOT a Miracle Cure for Gut Health

But let’s say for the sake of argument…

A supplement company invents a super-duper capsule.

A capsule so tough it’s able to survive a pounding from the stomach walls…

An acid bath in the stomach’s gastric juices…

And can convince the existing gut bacteria to give it room to thrive.

EVEN then it’s unlikely to do much to reverse gut dysbiosis.

Why not?

Because like I said, supplements are like a band-aid.

Unless ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis are addressed it can NEVER be reversed:(18)

  1. Eating too many processed foods loaded with sugars and fast foods loaded with unhealthy fats
  2. Chronic stress and struggling to sleep 
  3. Regular use of antibiotics as a quick fix for things as mild as a cold
  4. Too many alcoholic beverages after work
  5. The buildup of toxins from pesticides, household chemicals and air pollution
  6. Gluten, GMOs and other artificial ingredients our guts can’t digest properly and are thought to punch holes in the gut wall

Bottom line: There is no magic pill.

Even spending hundreds of dollars on probiotics… detoxes… weird smoothies and all sorts of wacky sounding treatments won’t work…

Unless ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis are reversed.

On the next page, I share how this can be done.

First, I’d like to quickly explain why reversing gut dysbiosis is no longer needed just to relieve gas, cramps and bloating…

Reversing Gut Dysbiosis is VITAL to people’s SURVIVAL!

This was the warning of 120 of the world’s leading scientists.

In a letter they signed and delivered to health officials, they said the evidence is compelling that “gut microbiome status can influence health outcomes in patients”.(19)

In other words, gut health was found to be the #1 deciding factor in whether symptoms from ill health go from mild to severe.

The evidence the 120 scientists are referring to is a HUGE study recently completed in China.

A study of 990 patients in hospitals due to the recent outbreak.

After assessing all their characteristics, a team of scientists found that gut dysbiosis was a bigger risk factor than “other typical markers, including BMI, blood pressure, sex, and age.” (20)

In fact, gut dysbiosis was found to trigger as much as a “57 percent higher risk of progression to a clinically severe phase”.

So if someone has poor gut health, they have more than a 50/50 chance of ending up on a ventilator.

And once on a ventilator, only 1 in 2 survives.(21)

So the evidence is clear…

Improving gut health isn’t just beneficial for digestive issues, allergies, energy, clear thinking, weight control, sleep, blood sugar and cholesterol…

It’s VITAL for protecting against the risk of severe ill health in the months and years ahead.

I know this is all alarming stuff.

And I havent yet answered the question: How can gut dysbiosis be reversed?

Allow me to answer it for you now…

I have two solutions to share with you:

The first is the 5 minute gut health hack I mentioned at the start of this article…

A five minute hack that replenishes the gut with 3 key nutrients…

Nutrients that are vital for a strong, healthy gut… yet are tough to get enough of in a normal diet:

  1. Probiotics – To support digestion, immune system and wiping out the bad bacteria
  2. Prebiotics – These are food for good bacteria that help them multiply and spread
  3. Digestive enzymes – To digest the carbs and sugars our guts struggle to digest as we get older, and cause so many digestive issues

Nutrients people spend hundreds of dollars on supplements every month to top up on…

But supplements that studies now show often go straight through the gut and into the toilet bowl.

After everything I’d read on my mission to fix my own gut issues…

I knew I had to find a better solution than supplements.

A way of topping up on all 3 nutrients in a form that’s better absorbed by the gut and for pennies on the dollar…

Through FOOD!

Because you see, after countless hours of research into the most potent NATURAL sources of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes…

I struck GOLD.

I found a collection of fruits, roots and seeds that offer a more POTENT  source of the three vital gut enriching nutrients than supplements.

And for a darn sight cheaper too!


Solution 1: The Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie Recipe

My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie is a breakfast drink that takes minutes to make…

Yet it’s packed with a motherload of probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes in a single glass.

A drink which contains:

– 30 strains of healthy probiotics (many expensive supplements only have 5 or 6) (22)

– Key digestive enzymes Amylase and Maltase (23)

– Rich in prebiotic fibers like Inulin (24)

So it’s like taking 3 supplements in 1…

yet in a way that’s better absorbed by the gut…

The Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie

And for a fraction of what 3 bottles of supplements cost.

All you need to do is make this smoothie from simple ingredients available at most food stores…

And it feeds your gut with the vital nutrients it needs to: (25)

 ✔ Increase levels of healthy bacteria

 ✔ Wipe out the bad guys

 ✔ Improve the digestion of carbs and sugars 

Relieve gas, bloating and other indigestion systems

If you’d like to gain those benefits, you may be wondering what’s in the recipe?

Well, rather than just handover the recipe and wish you luck…

I provide the exact ingredients and instructions on how to make it at the end of a FREE video course.

It comprises of 5 videos that are only a few minutes long each. 

Videos that explain what probiotics, prebiotics and digestive enzymes are and why they’re vital to gut health.

By watching the videos, you’ll have a better understanding of how important these nutrients are for gut health…

why my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie is superior to swallowing handfuls of supplements the gut barely absorbs…

And feel more motivated to make my smoothie each morning to get the gut in working order.

To get the FREE video course and my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie recipe.. 

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Yet there’s more…

Because my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie is only the first solution I have to share.

I have a second solution that’s even MORE potent at helping to heal and strengthen the gut in record time.

And a solution that can help millions of people to heal, strengthen and build a stronger immune system at home.

Because here’s the thing…

My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie will only work if gut dysbiosis is mild.

For anyone regularly experiencing symptoms like:

X Painful gas, belly bloat and gurgling bowels that trigger charges for the bathroom

X Chronic fatigue that drains all the joy from the day

X Brain fog so thick it makes it impossible to get anything done

X Uncontrollable weight gain, without any diet changes 

X Erratic blood sugar and cholesterol issues 

X Allergies and food intolerances

X Regular colds and flu due to a weakened immune system

They may need to go deeper.

My Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie offers a shortcut to revitalized gut health.

But it may not be enough on its own to provide a PERMANENT solution to gut health issues.

I discovered this myself firsthand.

Because I drank my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie every morning for a few weeks.

Sure, my symptoms improved. 

My gas was less putrid… my bowel movements more regular… and I could finally get to sleep without rumbling bowels.

But I’d STILL get occasional bouts of stomach pain, explosive gas and constipation that hit me like a truck. 

Sometimes I’d get so bloated after meals I had to unbutton my pants and lie on the sofa.

Clearly, on its own my Ultimate Probiotic Smoothie wasn’t enough to heal my weakened gut.

So what would?

I did more research to find out.

I read through a huge pile of complicated books on gut health I bought on Amazon…

I sought out the latest scientific breakthroughs in gut health…

And burnt the midnight oil reading through little known journals on new discoveries that don’t get the attention they deserve.


I pieced together the reasons why I struggled with a weakened digestive system… 

Why I got painful bloating… constipation… and all the other symptoms of gut dysbiosis.

It soon became clear that my diet was to BLAME.

My diet was the CORE reason why my guts were in such a sorry state.

Because I was eating too many processed foods that came in boxes and wrapped in plastic…

Foods LOADED with inflammatory ingredients like…(26)

X Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup

X Artificial trans fats

X Vegetable and seed oils

X Refined carbohydrates

X Processed meat

X GMOs and gluten

… and the list goes on.

I knew I had to find a way of ELIMINATNG these inflammatory ingredients. 

Ingredients that destroy the microbiome… weaken the immune system… and increase the risk of chronic ill health.

And I had to switch to eating HEALING FOODS that fed my guts with nutrition…

and repair the damage done by years of eating junky processed foods.

What did I find to be the BEST healing fods diet?

It’s not keto, vegan or even Low FODMAP.

I found it in a HUGE study called the ‘European Project on Nutrition in Elderly People or NU-AGE’.(27)

In the study, scientists analyzed the guts of 612 people aged 65-79 living across Europe.(28)

Half were asked to eat a diet with a healthy balance of fruit, veg, nuts, legumes, fish and small amounts of red meat and saturated fats.

The other half continued eating as normal.

After one year, the scientists analyzed their guts and other health markers.

And they were STUNNED to discover the group eating the diet packing with healthy foods had:

A huge reduction in inflammatory markers

Improved memory and brain function

✔ Slowed signs of physical aging, such as walking speed and hand grip strength

Reduced bone loss

Improved blood pressure and healthier arteries

Sustainable weight loss

Lower risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, depression and cancer

In other words, switching to a diet of healing foods ALONE had improved their health across the board. 

It was like they’d held back the aging clock, or even reversed altogether.

As the study’s authors said their conclusion:

“Our findings support the feasibility of changing the habitual diet to modulate the gut microbiota which in turn has the potential to promote healthier aging.”

Well, after reading this study’s remarkable findings, I knew I had to adopt a simliar diet in my masterplan for PERMANENTLY healing and strengthening my gut.

A masterplan with steps for eliminating ALL the triggers of gut dysbiosis:

How to identify and eliminate inflammatory foods from my diet

What to do to break free of sugar addiction so healthy eating habits become easier to sustain

Simple ways of lowering stress and sleeping better at night without medications

‘Lazy’ ways to exercise and burn fat that are enjoyable and doable

How to flush all the toxins we absorb from the air, food and water.

Steps for repairing the gut wall so toxins no longer leaked into the bloodstream

How to strengthen the immune system and douse inflammation throughout the body.

I worked out how to make these steps manageable and easy to follow.

And then combined them to create a ROADMAP.

A roadmap that would take me from struggling with gas, cramps and digestive misery to gaining a PERMANENTLY strong, healthy gut.

A gut that would allow me to digest food properly… reverse gut dysbiosis and… 

FINALLY heal my digestive system!

In fact, these steps worked so well they led to lots of other health issues improving… or even vanishing altogether.

Health benefits that include:

Taste buds that CRAVE healthy foods LOW in sugar yet HIGH in nutrition

Flowing natural energy that gives more ‘get-up-and-go’ in daily life without topping up on soda, sugary snacks or caffeine

A clearer thinking brain

Sustainable weight loss without the ‘hangry’ struggles of  calorie counting or restrictive dieting 

Freedom from digestive misery, heartburn, acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other gut problems.

✔  Flushing out bad bacteria, toxins and microscopic pests

✔  The freedom to eat at restaurants again and choose anything on the menu without rushing for the bathroom soon afterwards

✔  Fewer allergies, food intolerances or skin rashes

 Deflating of a bloated belly for a slimmer, sexier and healthier body

✔  Better immunity protection against colds and flus

After gaining such a transformation in my digestive system and all round health… 

I knew I couldn’t keep what I’d discovered a secret.

Millions of people struggle with digestive issues. 

Digestive issues that not only prevent them enjoying their favorite foods but (as the recent studies I shared exposed) could be causing gut dysbiosis and imperiling their immune system.

Weakened digestion could even impact their survival in the months and years ahead.

I knew I had to do everything I could to stop that happening.

But I also knew that many people have tried countless diets and health programs in the past.

Sure, many manage to give up their favorite pizza and cake for a while.

But inevitably, they fall off the wagon. And go back to eating their favorite inflammatory, gut wrecking foods with gusto… 

I had to find a way of helping these people make the breakthrough they yearned for and desperately needed. 

So they can FINALLY make healthy eating and lifestyle changes STICK.

I knew I couldn’t just hand people a bunch of downloadable guides and wish them luck.

I had to provide people with motivation… accountability… support…

and to feel like there’s someone there to help them every step of the way.

I also knew that many people would LOVE the guidance of a functional health expert. 

Someone they can ask questions and would guide them on their journey to gaining a strong, healthy gut and all the benefits it can unleash throughout the body.

But with functional health experts charging $300 an hour or more, this kind of 1-to-1 support is unaffordable to most folks.

So you know what I did?

I turned my roadmap into a gut health transformation system!

A system that provides:

Step-by-step guidance on what to do each day, so diet and lifestyle changes are gradual and manageable

Accountability that keeps members motivated to achieve their health goals

A community all willing each other on to achieve a breakthrough in strengthening their gut and all round health

1-to-1 support to answer questions and motivation to ensure every member stays on track

In other words, it’s like working with a functional health expert…

yet for a fraction of the price!

A system you can join minutes from now.

Introducing gut health revitalizing solution # 2…


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