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Why Vitamin C isn’t the ONLY Nutrient that’s Powerful at Fighting the Flu

We’ve always been told to top up on vitamin C when we’re sick.

Yet it’s not the only nutrient that’s a powerful flu fighter.

In fact, there’s another mineral that’s backed by science for its flu fighting powers.

Which mineral is it?


Why is Zinc such a super hero at fighting colds and flu?

Zinc helps to fuel the body with antibodies that are vital to immunity.

And with a stronger immune system, colds and flus have a harder time infecting us.

In fact, according to Medical News Today, getting 80 mg of zinc in your diet can reduce the duration of colds by a third.(1)

While Harvard Health reports that taking zinc within 24 hours of catching a cold or fly can reduce it by one day.(2)

Pretty impressive, huh?

But taking zinc once you’ve got the flu is like trying to build a wall after the invasders have already got into the castle.

There’s little zinc, vitamin C or any nutrient can do once you’re sick.

Instead, it’s much smarter to build your defenses before colds, flus, viruses and other airbone pests get inside your body.

In other words, developing a rock solid immune system.

A shield of defense that can ward off flus and viruses, and give you a better fighting chance should you fall victim.

But what’s the best way to do it?

I reveal how to do it in 30 days or less on this page:

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