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3 Fruits with MORE Vitamin C than Oranges

We’re always told to eat lots of oranges when we’re sick.

And this makes sense, because vitamin C plays a vital role in healthy immune function, bone density and iron absorption.

In fact, in Wuhan (the epicenter of the COVID outbreak) doctors gave patients MASSIVE doses of vitamin C. And in New York hospitals, doctors did the same.

But they’re not doing it by force feeding people oranges. 

Instead they’re feeding patients vitamin C through an intravenous drip, so it goes straight into the bloodstream. 

Because you see, while the jury is still out on whether eating lots of oranges can PREVENT you getting the flu, studies show it can accelerate how fast you recover.

A 2013 review of studies involving 11,000 people found taking 200 mg of vitamin C can reduce a cold’s duration by about one day.

So if you want to boost your vitamin C levels, what’s the best way?

Well, it’s not from a supplement.

According to Dr. Bistrian from Harvard Health, “It’s better to get vitamin C from food, because you also get other important nutrients.”

And which foods are best?

You may be surprised to know there are 3 fruits that contain MORE vitamin C than oranges (53.2 mg / 100 grams).

They are:

1. Papaya 58 mg / 100 g 

2. Kiwi 92.7 mg / 100 g

3. Guava 228.3 mg / 100 g

So there you go.

Create a fruit salad from these 3 fruits and you can give yourself a motherload of flu fighting vitamin C in no time.

How about you?

What flu fighting recipes do you have on standby?

Let me know in the comments.

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