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1. The Gut is the Core of All Health [Video]

This is video 1 of a 5 part series on why a healthy gut is vital for strong immunity, and how to revitalize it in minutes each morning without expensive supplements or platefuls of sauerkrauct.

Video 1 reveals:

– What the ‘father of medicine’ Hippocrates knew about the gut 2,500 years ago that modern doctors are only now discovering

– How the EXPLOSION in inflammatory symptoms, like allergies, brain fog, low energy, and joint pain, is DIRECTLY linked to poor gut health

– Why manistream medicine is poorly equipped to deal with SKYROCKETING rates of indigestion and inflammatory symptoms

– The TRUTH on leaky gut you’ll NEVER hear in a doctor’s office

Video Transcript:

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.”

Not my words.

Those are the words of ancient Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine Hippocrates.

He said them 2,500 years ago.

Yet we’re only now discovering just how wise those words were.

Because you see, rates of inflammatory conditions like:

  • Allergies.
  • Asthma.
  • Food intolerances.
  • Joint pain.
  • Brain fog.
  • Low energy.
  • High blood sugar.
  • And high cholesterol.

Have all rocketed in the last 50 years.


It’s all because of the deterioration of our gut health.

Because our guts aren’t just for digesting food.

They also play a vital role in our all round immunity. 

In fact, our guts hold 80% of our immune system.

And the reason so many people now suffer from inflammatory conditions is because the immune system in our guts has gone haywire.

But you’ll never hear this in a doctor’s office.

Because when you go to a doctor with an inflammatory condition… 

they’ll most likely prescribe you some pills and send you on your way.


Because the mainstream medical machine is focused on treating symptoms.

NOT addressing the root cause.

And this has been catastrophic for the nation’s health.

Because if left to fester, inflammatory conditions can trigger a chronic disease.

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults are now diabetic or prediabetic?

And this will hit 1 in 2 by 2025?

Or that heart disease now causes 1 in 4 deaths?

And Alzheimers is not far behind?

Well, as you’ll be discovering on this course, ALL are linked to a gut health imbalance.

So why has this happened, exactly?

Why are our guts in such poor states that we now face such plagues of disease and death?

It’s all because of changes in our DIETS.

A key concept I want you to take onboard throughout this course is that Food is Medicine.

The foods you eat have a bigger impact on your health than any other factor.

Because when you eat foods low in nutrition… 

or loaded with artificial ingredients studies now suggests are toxic to our health…

It starves the gut of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

And as the gut deteriorates from lack of nutrition, undigested food and toxins can seep into the bloodstream.

This is a condition known as ‘leaky gut’ syndrome.

A condition that may affect millions of people without them realising it, and may be to blame for the explosion in inflammatory conditions and chronic disease over the last 50 years.

If this is a lot of information to take onboard, don’t worry.

I’ll be talking through all of it in more detail during the course.

And I’ll be revealing how you can gain a strong, healthy gut without wasting money on supplements or a diet that’s so restrictive it’s impossible to sustain for long.

So that’s the end of today’s video.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk more about trillions of microscopic life forms living in the gut.

And the emerging science that reveals how they have vast control over our cravings, how happy we feel, and even our ability to turn food into energy instead of lethal belly fat.

Thanks for your time and attention.

I’d love it if you could introduce yourself in the comments.

Share any health challenges you need help with.

And ask any questions you have about gut health.

I’ll try to answer as many as I can before tomorrow’s video…

As we continue our journey into understanding why food is medicine, and why the gut is the core of all health in the body.

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