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Roasted Miso Potatoes

Know what’s one of the biggest causes of poor gut health?

Sure, too much sugar and regular doses of antibiotics are both bad news for our gut microbes.🍨😵

Yet another COMMON cause of poor gut health is lack of fiber.

Processed grains, like white rice and white pasta, have had all the fiber drained from them. 

Leaving you with white carbs that turn straight into glucose in the bloodstream and SKYROCKET your blood sugar levels.

Let’s fix that.

Sweet potatoes are packed with gut enriching fiber and other nutrients.

My Roasted Miso Potatoes dish gives you a sweet tasting health bomb of fiber, with which to feed your gut microbes…🍠😀

Fiber that stays in your digestive tract and unleashes a flood of gut enriching benefits.

Even better, my Roasted Miso Potatoes dish is super quick and easy to make.⏲️

Simply slice and dicing some sweet potatoes…🍠

Drizzle them in a sweet tasting white miso, yogurt and rice vinegar sauce…

And then shove in the oven.


A happier, healthier gut awaits:)

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